Portfolio manager: Apple is really going to gain market share this Christmas

“A few retailers appear poised to outperform their peers this holiday season, Durbin Capital’s Steve Kernkraut said Tuesday,” Bruno J. Navarro reports for CNBC.

“‘Apple … is really going to gain market share,’ he said. ‘The iPad Air is going to be huge and the [iPhone] 5S is going to be huge. And I think, frankly, it’s going to take a lot of dollars out of other retailers’ pockets,'” Navarro reports. “On CNBC’s ‘Halftime Report,’ the portfolio manager and former retail analyst said that Apple and such companies as Samsung, Amazon and Wal-Mart account for the lion’s share of their respective markets.”

Navarro reports, “But the reality is that if you’re a customer, you can just use your mobile device and you can order all the Black Friday specials you want,’ he said. ‘I think traffic is going to be down, and I think business is going to be strong on the Internet.'”

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    1. I’m actually concerned about this kind of talk: Apple preferring profit share over marketshare. Not matter how I look at it, Apple still needs marketshare in order to get profit share. I hope part of Apple’s plan is also to expand their presence in the market and not think of profits only. The competition is really heating up, and their focus should also be on countering this.

      1. We’ll you can sell 1000 products at $100 and make $10 profit per unit, or you can sell 200 units at $500 and make $200 profit per unit. Who would you rather be? Apple will always maintain a 20 to 40 percent share in tablets. Knowing that, their strategy isn’t going to change any time soon. Android has a long way to catch up with Apple. Personally, I don’t think Android is capable of ever matching the quality of Apple hardware and hardware because of its nature. Too many variants, forked OS’s, lack of good support, apps developed for the lowest denominator, etc. For those who can only afford the cheaper stuff, they’ll go to Apple’s competitors. For people like me, there is no way in hell I’d go with anything but Apple. I want the best period, and that’s Apple.

  1. Last night “60 Minutes” did a segment on the Lamborghini line of sports cars, the magnum opus of which they built only FOUR units (the Veneno). And will make no more!

    Damn. I wonder what their market share is? Pretty poor, I’d wager. Stay away from them; they must be losers!

      1. The most important thing to developers is “purchase” share, not market share of the host hardware relative to the entire population of customers. A software developer wants paying customers – people who actually purchase software rather than pirating it. That is one of the reasons that developers make more money in the iOS ecosystem, a fact that is in diametric opposition to recent mobile device market share trends.

        A 100% market share of freeloaders results in a bankrupt company.

    1. I can assure you that no one sees the iPhone as the Lamborghini of smartphones. There are plenty of critics who say that Apple’s high-priced Lamborghini (iP5s) is no better than Samsung’s low-priced Lexus (GS4).

      The argument is that hardware-wise no iPhone is better than any other high-end Android smartphone. They say they all use the same components and assembly workers, so Apple’s product CAN’T be any better. There are claims that Android OS is BETTER than iOS and both ecosystems are about equal. I’m only saying there is no one who will agree that the iPhone comes close to being any Lamborghini-type product.

      Apple certainly isn’t even being valued by Wall Street on the basis of being a Lamborghini type of company despite Apple’s fairly decent revenues and profits. Remember, Wall Street only values companies based on large market share and potential growth of which Apple has neither.

      1. “…and potential growth of which Apple has neither.”

        I had to laugh at that one. What percentage does the iPhone have out of the total world wide market? Not even close to having switched everyone to iPhones.

        The iPad? probably even bigger market because there was no popular tablet before.
        Yes the Windows Slab existed for 10 years before, but it wasn’t popular.

        Apple is as close to printing money as any company can get. (Except for the federal reserve.)

      2. You haven’t used the iPhone 5s and the competition hasn’t torn apart the iPhone 5s or you all would know iPhone 5s is way out in the lead.

        P.S. Most of those on Wall Street are legally brain dead.

  2. It doesn’t surprise me that Apple’s popularity will continue to incline. There is a short lull between Back to School and the Holiday season, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Apple product sales as well as market share will go up in the next coming months.

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