Why 2013 will herald an ‘iPad Christmas’

“Apple shipped its new iPads worldwide just last Friday and there’s already a series of strong signals saying company CEO, Tim Cook’s predicted ‘iPad Christmas’ will be a reality,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Google Trends (which shows how often a particular search-term is entered relative to total search volume across various regions of the world) confirms that US search traffic seeking information about iPads has spiked in the last few days, with November heading to setting a new record for interest in the product,” Evans writes. “App marketing service, Fiksu, has been tracking adoption of Apple’s products. It’s most recent datashows the iPad Air’s share of overall iPad activity is already five times that of the iPad 4 and three times that of the iPad mini following their launches last year. The company also believes 71.2 percent of total iOS devices are already running iOS 7.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Folks might tolerate the odious iOS 7 either from familiarity with the iOS ecosystem or motivated by the desire not to leave it because of the time and money they have invested in the apps. And that’s an understandable reaction. Once you’re buried knee deep in an ecosystem, you’d be loathe to leave it without a fundamentally sound reason.

    It is true that iOS 7 tries to continue in the tradition of iOS 6. But it fails miserably because it addresses the designer’s concerns over the user’s concerns. I have no doubt that the iPad will sell well but when people begin to realise that there is an alternate ecosystem out there where the difference in OS quality is not as marked as before, then it makes jumping over or not adopting iOS that much easier.

    Cook’s strategy of making iOS 7 look like Android to befuddle people into thinking that they’re the same is going to backfire on him.

    1. So you favor an Android ecosystem…which one? Because Google is attempting to restructure its app environment to be very similar to Apple’s, and anyone who is forking Android against the wishes of Google has to build their own. So, again, I ask “which one.” If it is Google, then you have just entered into a death spiral of illogic.

      You will not convert anyone on this forum with your “opinions” about iOS 7 and Android. No matter how hard you attempt to sow discord over iOS 7, you will fail to entice us over to the new “dark side.” Whatever its flaws, I have every confidence that iOS will continue to evolve and improve according to Apple’s long term vision, as it has since before Android even existed. In contrast, I (and many others) wish to maintain my distance from the Google ecosystem in which the customer is the monetary product under the microscope. Android users may outnumber us (many of them oblivious to the fact that their low-cost phone actually runs Android), but that really does not matter in the least.

  2. Apple can keep ignoring Android marketshare at their own peril. Sadly, growth is in low end of the market which is where Android excels in (the so called hee haw demographic.)

    1. Tata motors thought a stripped down mini-car for the masses would succeed just like some other small car attempts, but wallah … even though voted one of the best small cars in India, even the low income buyers want a better car.

      “They don’t want to be seen as buying low.” They want more respect, is my opinion.

    2. There is growth in sales #s at the low end of the market but no growth in profit. Apple is slowly and steadily eating away the top end away from Android-copy-cat, which will inevitably end up being seen as the cheap-knock off that it is. Apple will make it impossible to make a profitable high end iOS copy by enforcing their patents and squeezing their suppliers.

      Only losers will own Android. But don’t worry Android fans, there are plenty of losers out there for you to hang out with!

  3. Apple builds an entire package that overall is superior to competitors. From packaging, to design, craftsmanship, software, and ecosystem, it is all designed for perfection. To compare one item against another ignores the bigger picture and direction Apple is steering the technology world.

  4. LOVE my new iPad air. i originally planned on getting 64gig wifi only but thanks to T-mo and the the apple marketing machine i ended up getting the 128 wifi+cell w/ t-mo

    i think it will absolutely be an iPad Christmas. imagine when the retina mini comes out and it’s the Air all over again, i know several people chomping at the bit patiently waiting for little brother to come out.

    P.S. on a sidenote – is anyone else using the Air in portrait mode now vs. landscape? with the prettier bezel I now enjoy and use portrait mode more which I never really did in the past.

  5. Apple may introduce the equivalent of the iPhone 5C for the iPad line and discontinue the iPad 2 and older mini. Phones will likely wait so two year contracts are up.

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