Why Apple will buy beleaguered BlackBerry or something

“BlackBerry was once the most popular smartphone maker in the world. But things did not last long,” Rizzi Capital opines for Seeking Alpha. “The company is now a money bleeding mess, having lost almost $1 billion last quarter alone, with revenue dropping by 45%. It’s a sad story for what was once the most valuable company in Canada.”

“BlackBerry gained it’s massive following not because of it’s appeal to regular consumer users, but because it was the communication device of choice for millions of corporate users. BlackBerry focused on delivering secure communication services over its private enterprise server network and this allowed it to win over enterprise customers worldwide,” Rizzi Capital writes. “This is exactly the same technology which will come to its rescue again and it’s the precise reason Apple Inc (AAPL) will soon see fit to enter negotiations to purchase the company.”

“Let’s make one thing absolutely clear, Apple does not need to buy BlackBerry. Apple has it’s own iMessage service which is comparable although not identical to the BlackBerry messaging service,” Rizzi Capital writes. “It can be argued that most services offered by Apple are already better and in fact more established than those offered by BlackBerry. Regardless of this, there are some very compelling reasons for Apple to spend a tiny fraction of its immense cash hoard and buy this once great company.”

“The main reason that Apple should buy BlackBerry is simply to keep it out of everybody else’s hands. Does Apple really want to see Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook or Google takeover BlackBerry and gain an instant position in the competitive smartphone market? With almost $150 billion dollars just sitting dormant on its balance sheet, Apple could casually toss BlackBerry a few bones and put it out of its misery,” Rizzi Capital writes. “Even if they shuttered the company and never sold another BlackBerry smartphone, they would eliminate a competitor and keep a valuable property from getting into a large competitors hands.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If the main reason why Apple should buy beleaguered BlackBerry is the very same reason why Apple should’ve at one time bought beleaguered Palm, beleaguered RealNetworks, beleaguered Creative Technology, beleaguered ad nauseam, but didn’t, then your logic is fatally flawed.

If BlackBerry was “a valuable property,” they’d still have a future instead of dying on the roadside after being steamrolled by Apple.

Apple’s so-called competitors can scrape up all of the iPhone roadkill they desire. They still won’t be able to compete with Apple. Period.


  1. If the purpose of Apple buying Blackberry is to keep it out of the hands of competitors then the purchase would be an illegal restraint of trade by the market’s dominant player. There are still plenty of valid reasons why Apple could scrape up Blackberry (and plenty more why it shouldn’t), but if Rizzi Capital gets paid to advise people and companies to commit illegal acts then it ought not to be in business.

    1. Quite simply you’re wrong.

      First,Apple does not dominate the smartphone business, particularly from an international point of view and both companies are international. Since Blackberry currently does better overseas you could easily argue Apple was making itself more competitive outside N. America. Second while keeping away technology from others would happen buying Blackberry would have real use for Apple. BBM integrated into iMessage could certainly be a plus and Apple would also have sole, or part, ownership of at least some patents it uses.

  2. Working at Goldman Sachs with a BlackBerry is such a pleasure. I tried using the iPhone 5S but the worse than useless iOS 7 gave me the jitters. The iPhone is a good phone hardware wise but it’s terribly crippled by the OS which makes for an unproductive phone, something I don’t need here at Goldman Sachs.

    1. May I call Bullshit?

      Since I know and use iOS 7 on three different gadgets, I know you are full of it. The OS is even better than iOS 6 and that is saying something.

      If BlackBerry is so damn good why is the company circling the bowl?

    2. Mr Wolf, I would suggest that if you get the jitters using a phone OS like iOS 7, you should cut back on the recreational pharms, they’re obviously doing you no good at all. All that Bolivian Disco Powder might enhance your aggressive market dealings, but nothing else.
      And if you find it crippled now, then explain what wasn’t crippled before, because I can see no essential difference in the day-to-day usage of 7 over 6.
      I just think you’re full of shit.

    3. Lol.. You are funny and pathetic.Yesterday u posted under a different id spewing the same garbage out about ios7. Lol
      Give it up bozo!
      Who is paying u to write garbage! ?

  3. Using the same logic, Apple should buy Microsoft, Yahoo!, the UK Blockbusters chain, numerous music and video companies and of course it’s own recycling company to deal with all the dead physical assets it would acquire.

    I would say the chance of Apple buying Backberry is 0.0000000000000000000001%. There is probably more chance of Apple buying Intel and Blackberry.

    1. The only reasons I can think of for Apple to buy Blackberry would be (a) IF they have valuable patents that Apple could leverage, and (b) IF there are still any good engineers left that Apple would get in the acquisition.

      Note that those are two big IFs. But if either or both are true, then Apple may very well do so. I doub it, though.

  4. MDN’s take is right: too many Anal-ysts use flawed logic to advocate their position. Blackberry is still a decent product and it actually could still have a decent share of the smartphone market. But the reason they don’t is because the company was horribly mismanaged by their various CEOs, and that is why they are now in a buyout position.

    Apple doesn’t need to acquire Blackberry. The only reason I can come up with for Apple to even contemplate such a purchase is if they felt they needed the Blackberry brand to make inroads into the Enterprise/Government Market. But the iPhone and the iPad are doing this nicely, on their own. So no need to own Blackberry.

    1. Or, or.. What iffff BB buys Apple, which is just about as likely to happen. Apple’s already poaching BB’s mismanaged talent. Not much else they need besides possible IP which probably isn’t worth much.

    1. Indeed Apple should have scooped up Nokia when it had the chance. Apple needs the in-house manufacturing capacity and the additional distribution channels more than ever.

      Plus, it would be fun to see corporate raider Elop dumped on his fat ass while Ballmer pouts about not getting his way.

  5. Apple owning Blackberry? There is a certain symmetry and karma with both fruit companies under the same roof. iPhone as the consumer brand, and Blackberry as the no-nonsense less colorful work phone. I would love a less colorful no-nonsense iPhone.

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