Apple’s Tim Cook calls companywide meeting, says Apple has never been stronger, solicits questions

“Following Apple’s earnings results for Q4 2013, which includes a record iPhone sales number for the September quarter, Apple CEO Tim Cook has emailed employees to congratulate them on the results,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Cook says that Apple “has never been stronger,” and highlights the products being released this fall,” Gurman reports. “‘I am happy to report that Apple’s business has never been stronger, and we are heading into the holidays within amazing lineup led by the new iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, the stunning iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display,’ Cook says in the memo.”

Gurman reports, “In addition to referencing the company’s new products, Cook tells employees that he will be holding a company-wide communications meeting tomorrow morning. The meeting will be broadcast to Apple employees across the globe, and employees have been asked to submit questions to be answered during the communications briefing.”

Cooks’ full email in the full article here.


    1. It’s standard at most companies to have an all hands meeting after reporting numbers. It’s happened at every Fortune 500 company I’ve worked. And normally there is a Q&A session.

  1. Nice; riddle deterich and mcman, a trio of trolls who’s hatred compels then to hang out on a news site for apple (who’s products they loathe) and post stupid quips.
    Thanks guys, but you might want to consider hanging out on the windows super site or the ‘roid forum (I’m sure there are many)
    Ya know now that I think about it, I note that these three trolls often post together, perhaps it’s just one idiot (with serious issues)
    (mmm…. OR perhaps all of the trolls on this site are just a couple windiots or ‘roid boosters with dozens of accounts… the mind reels)

    1. I’m not being negative towards apple, I want to be surprised and wowed at events but Chinese leaks spoil it. I love apple. Apple just needs to be a bit more strict with suppliers and punish them for leaking products

      1. Tess speaks some truth. I doubt many regular (non-troll) posters here go hang out on sites dedicated ONLY to Microsoft and Andriod news? And I don’t mean posters who read and comment on tech articles on a general news site, we’re talking going to a site that is ONLY about Droid ‘n’ Sloth news. This is MACDailyNews. So you have those that see an opportunity to provoke and come here with their sharp sticks just to poke. Been on this site for many years and seen ’em come and go. (Where is that ppeterson these days? Gone or transformed to some new troll name?)

  2. How did you as CEO lose your balls and turn yourself into a balless wonder and allow yourself to be steamrollered by Ive into releasing absolute shit like iOS 7. Sad but true.

  3. Tim has been reading the writing on the wall. He needs to be allowed a graceful exit somehow but that’s the problem. How do you gracefully exit from a company you have reduced to ordinary that was once greatness? Legacies: sissified iOS, declaring “great new products” when they were simple, expected and ordinary updates, dumbing down the most important software the company has to offer, and MOST OF ALL, seeing the value of the company’s shares completely collapse. Yeah, very difficult to find a graceful exit from such a legacy in such a short period of time.

  4. Jim Cramer on CNBC said that there was a headlines bashing Apple before the conference calls which caused a selloff yesterday. I was sweeping the leaves on driveway and thinking of what he got to say, then I realized there is an organized attacking on Apple. It is time for Apple to do something about it. Those who sabotaged Apple need to face consequences.

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