T-Mobile USA’s crazy iPad plans could be a big boost to Apple

“T-Mobile’s new plan could do a lot to offset [iPad] pricing pressures,” Sam Mattera writes for The Motley Fool. “On Thursday, the carrier said it would begin selling tablets, including the iPad Air, in monthly installments.”

“Starting next month, if you own a tablet compatible with T-Mobile’s network, you can bring it in, and for the cost of a SIM card, T-Mobile will give you 200MB of data a month for the rest of the tablet’s life,” Mattera writes. “But as most mobile users know, 200MB of data really isn’t much. T-Mobile hopes that, by luring customers in with a bit of free data, many of them will purchase larger data plans. Perhaps some of them will even switch their smartphones over.”

“But more interesting than free data is the new monthly purchase plan. Going forward, Customers will be able to buy tablets from T-Mobile and pay for them with monthly installments,” Mattera writes. “[T-Mobile] will eventually sell Apple’s full-size iPad Air for 24 payments of $26.25.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. Hey, Delbie;
        The ONLY thing that has given this country the health, wealth and longevity it has now is due to unrestricted innovation due to limited (as opposed to restrictive) government.

        The people who came to this continent were often the ones who were limited or oppressed back in Europe, so they knew what caused problems in life and business.

        Get real.

    1. The free market will be turned upside down in a few years when automation threatens manufacturing and other industries even more. In 50-100 years, when we are (mostly) replaced by machines, you may not be singing the praises of capitalism so much.

      1. The “free” market also requires perfect, open, complete information provided by companies who would never distort the truth for their gain or advantage, and a market made up of rational, emotionless human beings who would never be manipulated by propaganda and never make buying decisions based on emotion. Good luck with that.

      2. That is the sort of language the Luddites were using.

        Someone has to design, make, ship, repair, maintain, resell and modify the changeable parts of the automation systems. Those are going to be very well compensated positions.

  1. Nice try, T-Mobile, but I’m not buying it. I’m fine with Sprint. Unlike most carriers, they actually cover my region well. I hated getting dropped calls when I so much as leave my ZIP Code. I’m sticking with Sprint.

    1. HTML420, that’s an interesting nickname. So you must be very interested in Adloph Hitler’s birthdate, or the Columbine anniversary. It can’t possibly have anything to do with the police code for “illicit drug”, and if it does, I doubt you have even tried weed. I doubt most of you even know where the term “420” even originated from. Posers…

  2. That’s not the point. It’s that hipsters like to take established facets of culture, and “mainstream” it like it’s the latest fad. They already took the British wartime posters that said “Keep Calm and Carr On” and ruined them by turning it into the fad-of-the-week type of ephemera that the Millenial generation is so fond of. Glad my generation (Generation X) never had cheap throw away fads like this. Sometimes I feel that the 1990s were the last time anything was authentic.

    1. This was actually supposed to be a response to HTML420 about his name. This was meant as a response to a comment above this one. Sorry if there was any misunderstanding.

  3. Another baloney of a story paid for by the shysters of WS. Best buy has always offered 18 months 0 percent financing. Tmobile has rescinded their no downpayment. Like the 250 mb free – entirely laughable but serves the shysters purpose for justifying price movements of shares.

    Maybe, ou of topic, but it is incerdible that the shysters are able to proclaim that a button to call customer support on the kindle is the greatest invention since slice bread. Omoaring this to the genius bar is even more laughable. In the end the reason for the button is really because users of the kindle need help using the device. The iPad, entirely intuitive.

    Amazing how the shysters always win.

  4. I like TMobile iohone plan. Unlimited Data, Tesxt, Voice and Tethering your other devices like the iPad or even MacBook. Price? about 90 bucks a month with the purchase of new iPhone 5S. That sure kicks ATT butt big time. When it’s time to switch and it’s still available I’m dumping my grandfathered ATT plan and heating over to TMobile.

  5. I wasn’t planning on running out and getting a new iPad Air, but with this plan it seems like a no brainer. Plus, as much as I really wanted one, I was not planning on getting one with a radio in it, but again, with this plan it’s a no brainer, even if T-Mobile’s network is a bit challenged. It’ll be interesting to see if this year the lines are longer at T-Mobile than Apple. 😜

  6. Oh yeah, I forgot, if this T-Mobile thing is legit and I actually have the opportunity to buy one, I really will be buying two!!! One for me, and one for my wife. And that’s the secret sauce with this promotion for Apple!!!

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