Experts say iPad Air will be healthy for mobile payments growth

“Apple’s iPad Air will be good for business, and not just its own,” Michael Essany reports for The Examiner. “According to a growing number of analysts and experts in the payments processing space, the iPad Air could be a major boon for mobile payments.”

“The 1-pound device delivers a 9.7-inch Retina display, 10 hours of battery life, and the smallest bezel ever delivered in this product category,” Essany reports. “Within hours of the iPad Air’s formal unveiling, countless small business owners expressed their excitement for the new tablet on their blogs and in interviews with the media.”

“Why? The lighter and more powerful the tablet, the better the future looks for mobile payments and the convenience they afford to small business owners,” Essany reports. “According to the latest industry estimates, mobile payment transactions are projected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2017.”

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  1. It still won’t be healthy for the ones who live in a suburb, or worse, a Hee haw small town. Everything is WAY too far away for even a simple walk. You are telling me you have to drive ten minutes to the nearest grocery store to get milk? Screw that, I can walk 5 minutes to do that and more! I can go to a theatre, see art, and hear great music all in my fabulous Chicago neighborhood, while you s urbanites and Hee Haw Android settlers have nothing in your boring “neighborhoods”. I doubt your hick towns even have an Apple Store, and you have to get it at Wal Fart or on the Internet, and wait forever for it to come in the mail…oh wait, most Hee Haw small towns have NO Internet. No iPad Air for you, hicks! (Besides, since there is no Internet, an iPad would be practically useless in the boonies)

    1. What started your animosity towards the suburbs and small towns, Wayne? Is this some demented way to feel superior to others? Enjoy your polluted environment of buildings and concrete along with noise / light pollution.

      I have a friend who lives in a “hee haw” town. It’s a beautiful place. At night, he can see the milky way galaxy in plain sight. His children aren’t dying from pollution and crime. Also, they have FAST internet and cable in a town of 500 people.

      You belong on the south side of Chicago with the crackheads and endless death. 🙂

    2. Wow!

      I used to live the city life in New England and I always wondered how my rural friends could make it so far away from stores and “civilization”. But when I moved to rural Oklahoma, after about 3 months of “detox” from urban life, I found it so much more fulfilling. I live an hour from any large metro area, and a half hour from any decent-sized city with malls etc.

      I live in a town of 450 people, but we have 4G cell service and hi-speed DSL.

      Sure the nearest Apple store is 1 hour away (actually there’s two within 60 miles – Tulsa and OKC).

      But, in addition, I have the peace and quiet of the country and rural communities have a greater sense of traditional American values, community, respect, and honor.

      The “hicks” in flyover country aren’t dumb or poor. Many are asset rich, land rich, but certainly values rich and there are as many or more iPhones per capita here than in the crime-ridden, rudeness-infected metropolitan center you hail from!

      1. BRAVO DMac!

        I have a similar story – I grew up in Metro Detroit, and always prided myself on not being “from the Country”, I was enamored with local malls, movie theaters, Metropolitan “civilization”, etc., etc. just like Wayne. About 5 years ago, because my life lead me here, I ended up moving to a farming community about an hour south of Detroit, and half an hour north of Toledo OH. I LOVE it down here! I live in a county exactly the same size as Wayne County (where Detroit is located) but with 1/10th the population – and yes the corn fields and diary cows do out number the people here. But there are no traffic jams, very few rude people, everyone knows everybody, lots of nature and wildlife, AND believe it or now … 4G LTE, and the fastest internet and cable I’ve ever seen – I LOVE it! When I do have to go back up to Metro Detroit I HATE it now! Too many people, too much traffic, too much dirt and grime, just too much.

        The drive to an Apple Store twice a year to buy the new iPhones and iPads isn’t all that bad, especially when I’m driving it at 4am to get in line. It’s amazing that people will rail against something they’ve never experienced. But I usually find the most ignorant people, are the ones that have experienced the least.

    3. What a bunch of crap. I live in a major metropolitan area like you. But my in laws live in a very small town, population around 100 and they have broadband internet, wifi ac in all of there homes, and there living on farms. All of them have Apple iPhones (the 5s and 5’s) and all of them have iPads. Get with the times man. Broadband is available almost everywhere.
      By the way there 45 miles from the nearest major city.

    4. Wayne, I can’t help but feel sorry for you. You confuse the availability of amenities such as museums and music performances, most of which (but not all) are in major metropolitan areas, with the choices people make as to where they want to live. I’ll wager that I’ve been to museums in Europe over the past few years more often than you’ve been to museums in Chicago.
      I’ve been to museums in Chicago. But I wouldn’t want to live there.
      For many years I worked in a metropolitan area, with traffic congestion, madding crowds, concrete everywhere and all the other trimmings.
      Now that I work on the Internet I can live anywhere in the world I choose. I chose a log cabin in the woods and hills of Brown County, Indiana. My cabin is located on a narrow (one car width) gravel trail, with a sign at one entrance that says Hikers Only! The population of the county is 15,000 and the county seat has a population of 900 year-round residents. But because of the scenery, art galleries and shops this is a tourist center, with restaurants, hotels and theaters. There are music festivals that attract visitors from all over the world.
      Indiana University is only 20 miles away. Many years ago I spent 10 years there and was familiar with Brown County (I had a log cabin here at that time).
      I’ve got lots of windows in the room where I work. I never tire of the woods outside, and of the constant wildlife activity. Deer are frequent visitors. The march of the seasons is marked by the changing colors of the forest.
      Yes, the supermarket where I shop is 5 miles away, and I drive there to stock up on groceries two or three times a month. But I do have broadband Internet access, wireless data connections, more HD TV channels than I watch, and a good classical music FM station. I’ve got a large collection of music to listen to whenever I wish. The cabin has central heat and air conditioning and is well stocked with Macs, iPads, iPhones and related gadgets. And lots of books, print and digital.
      The nearest Apple store is 50 miles away, but I usually order direct from Apple and get delivery to my door by FedEx or UPS. There are malls in two cities within a range of 20 miles, but I find larger choices and easy shopping at Amazon, with free second day shipping.
      The people who live here are different than those who live in Chicago. Their default behavior on meeting a stranger is to be friendly. There is more trust in interpersonal relationships than is common (or safe) where people are crowded together. Some are wealthy, some are well educated, some are not. But almost all of them merit being called Good People, and I enjoy getting to know them.
      The public school system is good. Unfortunately, the public education systems in many of our major metropolitan systems are disgracefully bad.
      I rate the health care facilities well, both in the local family medicine center managed by a nearby hospital, and the hospitals with 20 miles.
      The crime rate is very low. Except for the first few weeks after I moved back here, I don’t lock the doors to my cabin when I leave it. I’ve been doing that 7 years now, without a problem. Would you do that, living in Chicago?
      If you wish to call the place I live Hee Haw land, feel free. But I’ll take it over Chicago any day.

    5. Here in central Virginia, the “urbanites” have to drive pass 4 or 5 Walmarts to get to the Apple Store which is in the far reaches of the suburbs about 20 miles from downtown. But, we are all happy to do it. We realize that no one has everything and where one chooses to live is a personal choice. What you choose doesn’t make you a better person. It makes you someone who may or may not live near me.

    6. I am shocked and appalled at your blatant ignorance of everything outside your own personal bubble. You are just as ignorant as the rural “Hee Haw Hicks” that you deride. Me thinks you doth protest too much.

    7. for someone as condescendingly ‘hip’ as you are, you seem to know an awful lot about hee haws, hicks and boonies. what fabulous neighborhood are you really from? pathetic!!

  2. According to new crime statistics released this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Chicago had more homicides in 2012 than any other city in the country.

    There were 500 murders in Chicago last year, the FBI said, surpassing New York City, which had 419.

    Number of Apple Stores in our “Hee Haw” small town last year – 0
    Number of homicides in our “Hee Haw” small town last year – 0

    1. That’s because it is a large city. By your logic, the USA is a very violent country because we have 300 million plus people…some of which who are violent. I never felt threatend at all when I live here. This is one of the best cities in America. I think it is best that you stay in your Hee Haw town. We don’t need you here.

      1. Go across the border to Canada which has gun laws that would astound many Americans.
        In Canada we can usually extrapolate by using 10% of whatever in the US as a guideline for how things should be in Canada.
        But despite being about 10% of the population we have nowhere near 10% of the murders.

        NYC had a low of 414 in 2012.
        Canada – all of it – had 598 in 2012 – most with knives.

        Using the most recent CDC estimates for yearly deaths by guns in the United States, it is likely that as of today, 10/26/2013, roughly 28,477 people have died from guns in the U.S. since the Newtown shootings.

        Thats nuts.

        1. you’re nuts:

          • Chicago Shootings Spike 49% In November Despite Strict Gun Laws:
          • Chicago finished out 2012 with a bang, as it passed a major milestone hitting over 500 murders. Chicago has started off 2013 on the wrong foot, with this past week’s murder rate outpacing 2012’s.

        2. Don’t confuse botvinnik with facts. You have to realize that this is a ‘fact free’ forum here and any loony with an internet connection is free to post here. The less they have to add, the more they have to say (in general).

        1. A lack of comprehension regarding the wording of the 2nd amendment causes a misunderstanding of its intent.

          Militia was not, as it seems today, a gun-enthusiast club like the ones that today are painted by the media to be a bunch of fringe wackos. On the contrary, it described every able-bodied, adult (at the time, males only), who could be called upon to act for the defense of the nation. Much like the minutemen of the American Revolution, they are simply the citizens of the country.

          Well-regulated did not imply, as it does today, government regulations and gun laws. It meant simply that the militia be trained. That is that the citizens should have weapons for personal and general protection, should be ready to act in the national defense, and should practice using their weapons, so their actions to defend are effective.

          Gun ownership, safety and respect is the constitutional mandate of the 2nd amendment, not gun bans, registration criminalization.

      2. Are you kidding me? You managed to turn an article about the new iPad Air into a rant about gun control? Every single thing is political for you. Can you please knock it off? For the 100th time, this is “Mac” Daily News, not World Daily News. Say it with me: Just because the site has the word “News” in it’s name, does not mean I can complain about Republicans, Democrats, Obama, Syria, or whatever topic-of-the-week issue that has absolutely nothing to do with Apple. It would be funny if it was not so pathetic.

    1. Diversity Rulz? So it’s okay to come here and talk about how great Google/Samsung/Microsoft are and how Apple is inferior? You don’t have a problem with that?

  3. Wayne is just trolling for “hits” (comments), it seems — just like some of our beloved AAPL “analysts!” Wayne, get a job or hobby or something — too much free time!

    1. Hey, back off Smiley, we don’t want any of that iPad talk here. This is all about small town hicks and guns and that crazy s.o.b Wayne. You’ll have to find a real tech site to find out about that electricity stuff.

        1. They don’t call them an asstray, they are called a seat, and they are quite useful on a motorcycle. As for the comment not being useful, I didn’t get a whole lot out of yours either.

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