Uncover OS X Mavericks’ 43 secret wallpapers

“When Mountain Lion was released, a bunch of fantastic wallpapers were hidden away and only used for screen savers,” Lifehacker reports. “It turns out Apple hid those wallpapers in a different place this time with Mavericks, but users over at StackExchange have managed to find them again.”

Lifehacker reports, “To grab these, just press Command+Shift+G from your desktop to bring up the ‘Go to Folder’ menu and type in: ‘/Library/Screen Savers/Default Collections/'”

More details in the full article here.


  1. And the 2 that are still elusive..
    Right on Apple’s website selling the 13 and 15″ MBP’s, the blue one with the “fish” swarming around, and the lake with the mountains in the background.

    Someone on Macrumors found them in smaller sizes though..

  2. Random pictures from iPhoto, change every 5 seconds … even if I only catch a glimpse of the picture while in an app, I can usually figure out where the pic was taken … on a great vacation or event with family and friends.

  3. This won’t be news for anyone who regularly uses the Terminal application, but you can use the tab key to auto-fill the path. Once you open the pop-up window to enter the directory path, type ‘/L’ and then hit the tab key and it will will in the rest of Library. Similarly, if you then type ‘Sc’ and hit tab, it will give you the next folder. If you just type ‘S’, you will wind up with the ‘Sandbox’ folder filled in. You can figure out the last part.

    I was surprised when I first tried it to see if it could work, but then I realized that if it made sense to me, then some other smart person at Apple had figured this out a long time ago and I was just getting to it.

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