Tesla hires Apple VP of Mac Hardware Engineering Doug Field to lead development of new vehicles

Tesla Motors has hired Doug Field to be its Vice President of Vehicle Programs, responsible for driving development of new vehicles. Doug is an accomplished leader and engineer of innovative, high-technology products, most recently serving as Vice President of Mac Hardware Engineering at Apple. Doug led the development of many new products at Apple including the latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac. Doug began his career as an engineer at Ford Motor Company.

“Doug has demonstrated the leadership and technical talent to develop and deliver outstanding products, including what are widely considered the best computers in the world,” said Elon Musk, Tesla co-founder and CEO, in the press release. “Tesla’s future depends on engineers who can create the most innovative, technologically advanced vehicles in the world. Doug’s experience in both consumer electronics and traditional automotive makes him an important addition to our leadership team.”

“Until Tesla came along, I had never seriously considered leaving Apple,” said Field in the press release. “I started my career with the goal of creating incredible cars, but ultimately left the auto industry in search of fast-paced, exciting engineering challenges elsewhere. As the first high tech auto company in modern history, Tesla is at last an opportunity for me and many others to pursue the dream of building the best cars in the world—while being part of one of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley.”

Doug has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a BS in Mechanical Engineering with highest distinction from Purdue.

Source: Tesla Motors

MacDailyNews Take: Alternate headline: Brain drain leads to battery drain lead.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. MDN. Your take is embarrassing and the saddest thing I have read today. Saying rotten things about people, is that really new or entertainment or you showing how immature you really are? Your setting nice standards for your readers..

    1. Reech,

      Don’t comment on things you do not understand. Further, don’t accuse others of improper speech when you haven’t the faintest idea what was said.

      Talk about embarrassing and sad.

    2. I’m confused by the headline too. It sounded negative to me at first, but now I just have no clue what to make of it. Anyone want to help?

      I get that brain drain isn’t an insult – it means intelligent/talented people moving from one company to another. But how does that lead to battery drain? I think that has something to do with Tesla cars and/or Apple products running on batteries, but just don’t see how that’s connected to Doug Field moving from Apple to Tesla.

      1. “Brain drain leads to battery drain lead.”

        Doug Field leaving Apple is the “brain drain.”

        Doug Field heading up development of new vehicles for Tesla is the “battery drain lead.” (Tesla makes electric cars whose batteries drain as they drive).

  2. Look, Tesla is important to California and USA. If things work out, Elon Musk, will foster our future ventures in to space. Look Tesla isn’t stealing Doug Field, in as much as they are borrowing him. Hopefully there’s a bright and beautiful relationship between Tesla and Apple in the far future.

    If Steve ever started and owned a car company, it would have been Tesla… Leave it at that.

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