Wall Street Street lauds Apple’s new iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display

“Shares of Apple (AAPL) are up as the Street offers up a fairly warm review of the company’s refresh of the iPad lineup at a media event in San Francisco yesterday, which was accompanied by updates as well of the MacBook Pro line of laptops, the announcement Apple’s software will be given away for free, and disclosure of pricing for the new Mac Pro,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Analysts today are not only reviewing the announcement but also looking forward to the fiscal Q4 report next Monday, October 28th, after the closing bell,” Ray reports. “Analysts have been modeling $36.83 billion in revenue and $7.91 per share in net profit, though some are forecasting a beat given that Apple said last month it was expecting results at the upper end of its forecast.”

Ray reports, “‘We surmise part of the higher iPad ASPs relates to the inclusion of previously a la carte software, such as iWork and iLife,’ writes UBS’s Steve Milunovich. ‘In our view, Apple’s new approach of including its software for free in all new devices should help to maintain premium pricing and is another step in software / vertical integration coming full-circle.'”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. The whores of wall street, get to know them and avoid any advice of insight they may offer you…unless you are masochistic and want to bleed in the red until you drip drip drop no more.

    It’s kinds of disappointing to see them do this. There was no huge iTV release, no sensor release, no cries for Tim Cook to be fired, no doom slaying for Apple, and the stock is up a day after the presentation.

    What could the reason possibly be. It can’t be that they are eating crow, it’s not in their DNA. Nor can it be that they are easting the fecal material they put out on the internet, it’s part of a whore street analyst’s regular diet.

    What could it possibly be, they don’t dispense that kool-aid anymore.

  2. The talking heads have the Apple story all wrong still. They still are demanding cheaper iPhones and iPads. Idiots!

    The next week quarterly report will be great. Forward projections will be even better.

    • All oversea’s money is worth more because we are killing the value of the American dollar.
    • Apple now has a MacPro that can be sold in Europe.
    • Apple is selling 64-bit iOS devices vs. older slower 32-bit Android devices.
    • China Mobile is coming on line soon with an Apple agreement.
    • Apple’s world wide network of billion dollar server farms are coming on line.
    • Free software will gut Microsoft’s cash flow.

    If you were watching the stock market getting crushed today, you will note. Apple’s stock (AAPL) is one of the only big stocks that went up.

    Have a good evening. We will know the results at the quarterly report next week.

  3. Wall Street’s extreme myopia, tunnel-vision can’t see past the next quarterly report. The opinions of Wall Street have less value than one Dong (Vietnamese currency). (1.00 VND < 0.00005 USD)

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