Like wildfire: OS X Mavericks adoption passes 7% in less than 24 hours

“Less than 24 hours after OS X Mavericks launched for free in the Mac App Store, roughly 7% of Mac traffic is already coming from machines upgraded to the new operating system, according to a live tracker hosted by analytics firm GoSquared,” Eric Slivka reports for Mac Rumors.

“The tracker shows adoption sitting at around 0.5-0.7% yesterday until beginning its upward march upon the public release,” Slivka reports. “While analytics data is difficult to compare between services, last year Chitika found 3% of Mac traffic coming from OS X Mountain Lion as of 48 hours after its launch. ”

Slivka reports, “Unsurprisingly, GoSquared’s data hints that Mavericks may be seeing significantly faster adoption compared to Mountain Lion due to the free nature of the new upgrade. ”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Bill” for the heads up.]


      1. If you think all Mac OS releases are trouble-free, you’re the one who’s being unrealistic. Mac articles for months now has been telling everyone how to “get read for Mavericks”. What step has ALWAYS been included in their lists? Oh, yeah, BACK UP your existing startup drive. It’s definitely not just a Windows thing.

      2. … untrusting, so negative.
        @Sarasota may just be an (ex?) IT worker and that’s what they do. They box up new versions in a sandbox until they are reasonably certain there are no “gotchas” included. Maybe “you can’t see through the Dock” is hugely important! Maybe there is a great need for “Recently Opened” to come up first. Maybe there is a raft of third-party software that might break with a new OS. My step-daughter has been kicked by THAT horse more than once and now refuses to upgrade the OS … EVER … and my Webmistress has some outdated software her business/livelihood relies on but that will not run on a newer OS.

  1. Ha! I was so excited about this release that I used Splashtop while at work to get mavericks installed. 🙂

    Gotta say I like it. I only wish they would give me iWorks free (since I bought my MBP in march) Oh well.

    The new iCloud of iWorks is AWESOME. Logging into and being able to work on any pages/numbers/keynotes file from any system anywhere you log in is phenomenal!

    1. I have a mid-2011 iMac and had purchased iWork 2009 on DVD. iWork doesn’t show up in my purchased apps in App Store, and I normally see prices on the app buttons in the Store (rather than “download”, “open” or “upgrade”).

      I went to buy all three apps today, but they somehow came up as an upgrade after I installed Mavericks! Shhhhh, but I have latest versions of all three iWork apps for free!

  2. Installing Mountain Lion was a pain in the ass for everyone still using Snow Leopard. The ‘free nature of the new upgrade’ obviously helps, but is not the main reason.


    Some people (like me) already experienced when upgrading that when it come to “less than a minute” installation, it actually takes way more than a minute.

    If that happens to you JUST LET IT GO. It did not crash. it will eventually go through. You don’t need to restart the computer. Patience is a virtue.

    I hope this helps.

    So far, Mavericks works like a charm.

  4. Upgrade my laptop and mini server. Went smooth. Email services didn’t change much but I did have to reconfigure dovecot for managing my shared folders again.

    I must say I really like it and my laptop rand for about 8 hours on battery power doing normal stuff. Very nice.

  5. … updating now. It took longer last night (different system) while the server was being hammered.
    Asked the Genius Bar guy – after learning he’d been in Beta with it – about the see-through Dock. “The what?” He hadn’t noticed that change, had not checked. (was in to get the hinge tensioner replaced)
    iWork is being updated … no mention of a cost. The App Store still lists it at $19.99 each – damn near free! Uh-oh … problems! OpenType fonts “don’t work” in latest version. No provision for RTF in latest version. No more Inspector?

    1. incorrect. “OTF” does work in the new version of Pages.
      So happy I forgot to check RTF. I DID manage (by accident) to determine that “Open Previous” may no longer be the default, but it is certainly still a working menu item.
      Question is … are these minor errors? or troll-poo?

  6. … previous dealt with Pages, this deals with Numbers. Also … not all negatives are mentioned, just the ones that effect MY work flow.
    Open Recent is no longer the default – may not exist. And it seems like they’ve gone pure 2D – no multiple-sheets option.
    Neither of these is A Good Thing for me.

    1. … sheets are NOT now 2D. Multiple sheets are available with the click of a button … a “+” button. OK, this computer doesn’t have easily identified OTF fonts. Can’t check to see if that works here. Still, a spreadsheet is typically much more about the data rather than the format of the content. So … hardly a big deal, there.

  7. Downloaded and installed while watching 3 episode if Breaking Bad on Netflix , no problems with install. Used all day, no problems at all. All Apps updated this morning, no problems at all. Thank You Apple

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