Morgan Stanley: ‘Apple is becoming a clean story again’

“Three months ago, Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty predicted that Apple (AAPL) would sell 34.5 million iPhones in the quarter that ended Sept. 29,” Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune. “In the note she sent to clients Friday she stuck with that estimate — even though she writes that demand last quarter was probably closer to 37 million.”

“Except for the “supply constraints” that she believes limited the number of new iPhones Apple shipped, Huberty likes almost everything the company did in its last fiscal quarter of 2013 — a quarter she calls an ‘important inflection point,'” P.E.D. reports. “Her Friday note begins: ‘Apple is becoming a clean story again with upside to our estimates, signs of meaningful innovation in iOS 7 and 5s, strong positioning for the next computing cycle, and rebuilding of the management bench — all signs of a positive trajectory in FY14. We are buyers into a strong Sep Q print.'”

P.E.D. reports, “She ends by listing four ‘catalysts’ for the current quarter…”

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  1. Yeah, Apple’s becoming a ‘clean story again’ after the NYT, Bloomberg, Reuters, WSJ, WashPo, et al., spread their obfuscations, innuendos, misinterpretations, and flat out lies about Apple for the past year or so.

    Our “Liberal” and “Right Wing” media are in essence two sides of the same counterfeit coin.

  2. Mainstream modern jouranalists and whore street analysts have long demonstrated their inability to write a clean story, it’s all about manipulation.

    Now stories about FUD FUD FUD, Apple stock media manipulation and other inaccurate and manipulative propaganda spins, that’s more par for the course.

  3. Katy Huberty has probably the worst track record of any analyst following/predicting Apple for the last decade. She is constantly so wrong, that I have trouble understanding why anything she says on Apple is credible to anyone.

    1. I’ve been an Apple investor for about 10 years now, following Apple news and analysts daily. Huberty is one of the least reliable people out there when it comes to Apple analysis. She’s been wildly wrong time and again, though she’s gotten somewhat better recently.

  4. Good God! It’s the stock market. It’s about gambling. No one wants to admit it and everyone wants to blame everyone else. All the rumors and FUD are the same superstitious crap as a poker player not changing his lucky socks. APPL is the best investment I have ever gambled with, but it’s still gambling.

    1. Traders try so hard to make the stock market look like it’s based on reason and math. They read off numbers, calculate ratios and indexes, and draw a ton of graphs. As much as they want it to look like it’s all about numbers, the game is really all about human emotions: specifically greed and fear, the insatiable desire to make more money eternally fighting the traumatic fear of losing money. Numbers and facts can only influence emotions. Narratives, often based on misinformation, are far more influential on the stock market than traders would like to admit.

  5. At “34.5 million” units the story is overwhelming demand for the new iPhones is limiting availability.

    It’s good to see Apple meet 93% of demand given recent history.

  6. Apple has been on track and clean the whole time. Only the stupid Anal-ists were off track. This story is non-sense from the stupid Anal-ists that wrote it. Apple is the only innovator. Proof is spilling all over the place that Samsung will lie, cheat, steal anything it can get its hands on and use there copy machines to call it there own. Even there lawyers are crooked and hopefully we’ll see some real punishment come down hard with that soon. Tim Cook is not the bad guy and Apple hasn’t changed and is still working harder than ever to bring the most innovation to everyone. However innovation doesn’t come over night just because you would like it to be like the Anal-ists. The original iPhone took 7 years to create and bring to the market. Apple has been doing just fine this whole time. Only the stupid stock market is blind, deaf, and dumb to understand it.

  7. Translation: “We have our positions established at the artificially depressed low price. now we want you to put your money in and run the price up, so we can manipulate the price again and steal it from you.”

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