Couple sells baby to pay for Apple iPhone

“An unemployed couple will stand trial in Shanghai for allegedly selling their baby and using the proceeds to bankroll an online shopping spree, including the purchase of an iPhone,” Tom Phillips reports for The Telegraph.

“The couple, named only as Mr Teng and Ms Zhang, began posting online adverts for the child in June this year, Shanghai’s Jiefang Daily newspaper reported on Friday,” Phillips reports. “The adverts suggested they would be willing to part with their unborn baby in exchange for up to 50,000 yuan (£5,070). After a home birth, designed to cover-up the crime, they handed over the baby girl and received a large cash payment into their bank account on the very same day.”

“Mr Teng and Ms Zhang reportedly told prosecutors they were acting in their daughter’s best interests, claiming they had hoped to place her with a financially stable family who could provide an education,” Phillips reports. “However, prosecutors believe the couple’s bank records clearly show they had in fact hatched a ‘sinister conspiracy’ to profit from the child’s sale. One credit card bill shows that immediately after ‘trading’ the baby girl, the couple spent large amounts of cash on the internet, it was reported. Among their purchases was an iPhone…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, now, there’s a Shanghai Surprise.

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    1. He also is putting regulations prohibiting smart phone memory larger than 32GB, because people who consume more than 32GB of memory are wasting too much time on their smart phones, and therefore NYC must regulate them for their own protection.


  1. If you devalue life enough, it falls below the value of an iPhone.

    China’s one-child policy encourages couple to break the law in order to have sex-selective abortions. This practice is widespread. Yes, the Chinese murder their baby girls in the womb because they are not boys. China performs over 25 million abortions per year.

    In the world over, there are approximately 125,000 abortions per day. According to the WHO, there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions per year. In the U.S. where abortion is legal, 22% – nearly 1 in 5 – of all pregnancies end in abortion.

    Again, if you devalue life enough, it falls below the value of an iPhone.

    The karma on this sickening, pervasive infanticide will not be pretty.

    1. “Again, if you devalue life enough, it falls below the value of an iPhone.”

      Yup. If you devalue life enough you might even
      – launch huge, expensive wars on trumped up evidence of WMDs.
      – sell death sticks, KNOWING your product is addictive and kills massive numbers of people
      – continue to sell that product, even after you’ve admitted in court that you know it kills that massive number of people. (Why they’re not all up on conspiracy to commit mass murder is a crime in itself.)
      – drill deep in the Gulf of Mexico, knowing you have no technology in place to fix any problems
      And much, much more.

      Socialism? China? Well — no.

      1. You left out continuing to permit the sale of alcohol, permitting motor vehicles to travel faster than 25 mph, continuing to allow older buildings in earthquake-prone regions like L.A. to exist, deforestation, and not requiring inflatable fire-proof protection bubbles in every seat on every airplane.

            1. Nope, sorry, I don’t answer to you, asshole. You are SO fucking angry and so bitter; why do you even come here? Go hole up in your bunker with your guns, your MREs, and your gold.

            2. I have no gold, I have no bunker, I have no guns, I have no MRE’s..unlike yourself, I have the utmost respect for all life. That is the difference civilization and barbarism. That is the difference between you and I.

  2. I am reminded of the ancient pagan god ‘Moloch’ to whom people would sacrifice their babies in order to bring good fortune.

    Toss the baby down the chute into the fire below and
    YEAH! Let’s hit Los Vegas baby!

    De-Civilization. Dehumanization. Short term thinking, long term disaster. Poor kid.

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