Apple BoD member Al Gore: Tim Cook is a fantastic CEO (with video)

In an exclusive interview on Bloomberg Television, former Vice President Al Gore commented on the growth of Apple.

He spoke with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.”

I’ll tell you what, Apple is just a joy to be part of.

My fellow board members are just fantastic. I love serving with them.

Tim Cook is a fantastic CEO. Can you imagine trying to follow Steve Jobs? – Al Gore, Apple Board of Directors member

Direct link to video here.


  1. Steve was impossible to follow, Tim knows that as does everybody else in the industry, that’s why why the arseholes are circling

    But at last it’s starting to look better with decent product cycles and some decent innovation

    1. Yeah I think the hate placed on Tim is mostly just FUD circulated by trolls and the plethora of analysts and bloggers looking for hits. (What qualifies as accurate and well-researched news reporting today is in a very sorry state).

      To me, Tim seems very sharp and humble and will lead Apple for foreseeable future until he is no longer inspired or he sees a suitable replacement come along.

      1. Indeed on all those points.
        I’d LOVE it if those naysayers would point out some tech industry CEOs who they think are soooo startlingly better than Tim Cook.

  2. It’s not just Tim, it’s the whole leadership team. That’s Steve’s legacy. Please don’t forget that there are people at the top that without them Tim would have nothing to work with. And with his most recent acquisition, we know he can maintain excellent leadership. Why to Go!!! Tim gets a 5.

  3. Al Gore is on the Apple Board of Directors today because Bill Clinton dropped his pants in front of Paula Jones many years ago.

    Keep up the good work, Al – you’re a fantastic member of the Apple Board of Directors.

    1. Al Gore made a lot of money – so he’s a capitalist.

      Fixed that for you. Nothing wrong with making money, even when rallying people to fix a problem.

      Disagree with him, or agree with him, but if you are going to comment about him address whatever issue you have with him fairly and clearly.

      Steve thought a lot of him. Tim seems to as well. Al is brighter than most ex-politicians by several orders of magnitude, and a true believer in Apple.

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