Apple rises on upgrade, Twitter picks NYSE over tech-heavy Nasdaq for IPO

“Shares of Apple Inc. extended their winning streak Wednesday on the heels of an analyst upgrade while Twitter Inc. was attracting attention ahead of its initial public offering,” Sue Chang and Saumya Vaishampayan report for MarketWatch.

“Apple Inc [AAPL] shares added 0.5% to rise for a sixth session. The stock’s buy rating was reiterated and its price target raised to $580 from $560 at Canaccord Genuity,” Chang and Vaishampayan report. “‘Our global handset sell-through survey work indicates a significantly higher sell-through mix of iPhone 5s versus 5c that should benefit near-term [average selling prices] and margins,’ Canaccord’s Michael Walkley said in a note distributed late Tuesday.”

Chang and Vaishampayan report, “Twitter Inc. [TWTR] said late Tuesday that it has picked the New York Stock Exchange over the technology-heavy Nasdaq for its $1.5 billion initial public offering. The social media company also said its third-quarter revenue rose to $168.6 million from $82.3 million but its losses widened to $64.6 million from $21.6 million a year ago.

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    1. @Raymond: Investing should be a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t worry about Apple’s stock price next week. If you are truly focused on long-term results, one day should not matter.

      I grew up watching my father drive himself crazy with the daily ups and downs of stock market. I knew what mood he’d be in just by tracking the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P 500. But to someone who intends to hold his or her investments in a company’s stock for many years, that’s irrelevant. If you believe the companies that you invest in will continue to grow, and if you reinvest your dividends (if the company whose stock you own pays a dividend), years hence, you will smile.

      Yes, investing CAN be that simple.

      You don’t lose your mind watching a tree grow day by day. But if you stand back and see how a sapling grows over a number of years, suddenly, it all makes sense.

      THAT is how to look at your investment in Apple. Ignore everything else, especially the day-to-day CNBC BS.

  1. Apple rises on upgrade?!!!!!!!!!!!! Eff that.
    NASDAQ up 45 points
    Dow up 200 points
    Google up $14
    Intuitive Surgical up $12
    Amazon up $4
    Priceline up $13

    What’s Apple’s amazing rise?
    Apple up $3 (on upgrade) Apple is stuck in the mud. YTD still down 6%. It’s going to take an atomic bomb to lift Apple shares.

    1. It’s not how many dollars per share they are up, it’s what percentage. Percentage is what matters. And yes, those stocks are up and most have been up greatly for quite some time. Investing is about growing your money. There is no timetable. It may take you one month or one year to increase your investment 10%. 10% is 10%. Or it might take you 10 years to make 10%. Now that wouldn’t be a wise investment strategy would it? No, it would not. So never believe anyone who tells you that you should stay in a stock or investment forever. That makes no sense at all. You invest to increase your money and that is only done with discipline. Establish a goal,set parameters and follow them strictly. The biggest problem investors have is knowing when to sell. It’s easy to buy, it’s difficult to sell. But not when you have strict guidelines to follow. Those who will tell you to stay in a stock for years and years regardless of its performance are fools. That’s what they have done. It’s difficult to sell when you are ahead and it’s difficult to sell when you are underwater. But no one makes money on every investment. Remember, you don’t have to make the first 10% or the last 10% in a stock gain. Bragging about holding a stock forever is just plain silly. At some point when you are ahead, by whatever percentage you establish, you have to sell that investment. Same applies to a losing stock. Because all stocks go up and all stocks go down at some point. You don’t invest to brag about owning some company’s stock like it’s a badge of honor. You invest to grow your money and the only way to do that is to sell at a preestablished point. And apparently you are passing by all these good investment opportunities in other companies.No one can help you there if you are aware of it and fail to act. Opportunity lost! Remember, never fall in love with an investment. Buying a company’s product and buying a company’s stock are two entirely different things. Learn to keep them separate and you will succeed in investing. You don’t have to be a day trader, that’s dangerous. But you don’t have to hold a stock forever to make money either. Don’t be greedy. Don’t be foolish. Have rules, know when to sell and you will come out just fine. And buy utility stocks if you want dividends, they are much less volatile. I learned these things the hard way years ago. I lost my ass! But learn I did. That’s why I sold AAPL last September at $700. That’s over one year ago. I have invested that money in some of the stocks you just mentioned. Unfortunately, many here are way underwater in AAPL. That’s unfortunate indeed. Hopefully they will be more disciplined investors going forward. You too. Good luck.

  2. Please release a 1) Retina iPad mini and 2) an iPad with Touch ID. Personally I think they should just put it on the retina mini model if there are supply constraints. And sell the darn thing for 599 at least. People will pay a fortune for a Retina Mini (with Touch ID). Just sell it. 999 if necessary. You will still sell millions.

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