Are Apple and Universal Display finally ready to tie the knot?

“It’s time to brace yourselves, Universal Display (OLED) investors, because the Apple (AAPL) OLED rumor mill is back in full force,” Steve Symington writes for The Motley Fool.

“This time, it’s the folks over at DisplaySearch speculating Apple could be working on building a flexible AMOLED screen for its widely anticipated iWatch, which they think could be pegged for launch late next year,” Symington writes. “Specifically, the DisplaySearch report states that, based on their supply chain research, they think Apple is planning to revamp almost all of the displays in its products over the next year, with the list culminating in either a 1.3- or 1.63-inch 320×320 pixel flexible AMOLED display for its iWatch.”

“Unless Apple somehow shocks the industry by decking out its iPhone and iPad lineups with OLED screens, don’t expect the iWatch to move Universal Display’s revenue needle anytime soon,” Symington writes. “But that’s not to say such an agreement would be all bad. At the very least, Apple embracing OLED in any product it makes would both validate the technology and spur broader consumer adoption as other electronics manufacturers take note. If that happens, it’s safe to expect Universal Display shareholders will be handsomely rewarded.”

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  1. So after redesigning iOS into a form whereby the predominant background colours save battery life when used with LED displays Apple are about to switch to AMOLED whereby the same colour scheme reduces battery life?

    File this report in the round cabinet on the floor.

      1. Problem is with oled they use pentile pixels. pentile pixels have fewer sub pixels than ips displays. Petile oled’s have 2 sub pixels per pixel, ips displays have 3 sub pixels per pixel.
        Because of this oled’s are not as bright as ips displays and do not have as wide a viewing angle. Pentiles are getting better but to compensate for the low sub pixel count they up the main pixels as in the GS4’s 441 pixels per inch. To make it comparable to the iPhones 326 pixels per inch.
        If you want detailed info about lcd displays visit Its a great sight and they rate almost all mobile phone displays out there and are one of the best respected color calibration companies in the world.

  2. They’ll be going for IGZO displays for iPads and iPhones and MacBooks due to it requiring a reduced backlight power and thus yielding increased battery life. The OLED display would be great for a watch because it can be curved and if you’re using a GUI with a predominantly black background you only need to light the pixels displaying data. Also with a watch display you’re not going to worry about the saturated colours that are common with OLED.

    1. IGZO is what Apple will go to next. They are far better on battery life and very sharp and clean displays. Apple is just waiting for the yields to get better.

  3. I want a display that doesn’t get washed out in sunlight. It’s aggravating trying to take a picture or even make a call in some circumstances.

  4. If AMOLED displays significantly improve drop fracture toughness, then it’s a step in the right direction. If Apple needs to increase battery size and/or increase the thickness of its gadgets, that’d be great too. There is nothing worse than seeing an iPhone’s screen shattered due to predictable use & abuse.

    1. Mike, WTF are you babbling about?
      Internal display fractures are rare in iPhones (very rare)
      Cover glass fractures are what you normally see. And that is just what the state of the art in gorilla glass is and common to all mobile touch screens.
      Now the B&W LCD e-ink displays, (used in many ebook readers) are a different story (those commonly suffer internal fractures)

    1. Ah! I note your post above JB!
      Never mind.
      After all the efforts with the Apple Retina Display technology, they’re not going to go backwards in color quality with AMOLED… Except on something as innocuous as a watch where color accuracy isn’t a BFD. Therefore…

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