Microsoft short-timer Ballmer loses over half his bonus over failure to compete with Apple

“Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer received $1.26 million in compensation for the 2013 fiscal year, missing out on more than half of his potential bonus as the company struggles in mobile devices,” Dina Bass and Ian King report for Bloomberg.

“Ballmer received a bonus of $550,000, 79 percent of his base salary, for the 12 months ended June 30, the Redmond, Washington-based company said in a filing yesterday. He was eligible for as much as 200 percent of his base,” Bass and King report. “Microsoft’s board cited disappointing sales of its Surface tablets and difficulties in the PC market for its assessment of the CEO’s performance.”

Ballmer's chair
Ballmer’s chair
Bass and King report, “Ballmer, who is retiring within a year, also received less than half of his maximum bonus in 2012 and half in the year prior because of shortcomings in the performance of business units including Windows and mobile phones. His salary was $697,500 for the past fiscal year… The company, which introduced two new versions of its Surface tablets last month, entered the market dominated by Apple’s iPad… Designed to keep its Windows software relevant as consumers shift to tablets from personal computers and laptops, the Surface instead generated such little demand that Microsoft took a $900 million inventory writedown last quarter.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tragic.


    1. You guys are being seriously unfair to him.
      As long as he is M$’s CEO he makes Apple inc. look like butter would never melt in its mouth. (If Apple inc were a person)
      He is the best CEO Apple inc never had, you guys will only realize this when the new M$ CEO comes in and Apple’s silver moon appears to tarnish a little. That is until the new M$ CEO learns how to polish Apple incs silver moon.

      Meanwhile Baldy Balmer the best chair thrower in the West will be able to sell his shares of M$ and keep just enough to receive a dividend that he & his family can live off.

      Finally, at least you cannot blame him for the government shut down! If he was running the show for the republicans, their star would be on the way up!!!

      I Just Love Steve Ballmer!!!!!!!!!! For what he has done for Apple inc.

    1. Apple should give Ballmer a big bonus instead for all he’s (not) done to promote Apple’s bottom line and heralded success. All the bad choices, the lack of awareness, the cluelessness, the lack of vision, all things Ballmer did to (inadvertently) take Microsoft down should be rewarded. He was one of Apple’s biggest ass-sets.

    2. If he failed, why does he get a bonus at all? In any sane company, failure to attain defined goals to the point of being “fired” (retired early) means no bonus.

      Since your leadership cost us a least $900 million in losses (not counting losses we have yet to write off), we can only award you $550,000 as your bonus this year.

      Yeah, that’s totally sane… 😉

          1. I’ll bet Monkey Boy is long gone before any Apple watches hit the market (if they do the product at all). By the looks of it, MS’s board has surprised Ballmy and has recently put his fat ass on the fastest train outa there.

  1. At first I thought Microsoft didn’t want to make any tablets for the past 15 years because they didn’t want to hurt their desktop/laptop sales.
    Now that I’ve seen them try . . .

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