The launch pad is prepped for Apple’s rumored iWatch

“Apple’s got a shot at blowing us away with its take on the smartwatch,” Roger Cheng reports for CNET.

“At this point, it’s really not a matter of if Apple releases its long rumored iWatch, but when. The latest rumor now calls for Apple’s eventual device to incorporate a plastic OLED screen that can bend, as well as for models to arrive in three different sizes: 1.3-inch, 1.4-inch, and 1.5-inch,” Cheng reports. “A prototype of the 1.5-inch version has already been made, according to Korean publication Chosun, citing unnamed industry sources.”

Cheng reports, “Given the tepid reception for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and the modest adoption of other smartwatch projects such as Pebble Watch, the door is wide open for Apple to revolutionize this area. These companies demonstrate that there is indeed interest in this kind of “wearable” technology. If Apple employs its usual polish and finish on a smartwatch, that timepiece could be its next hit product… Given the muted reaction to the existing world of smartwatches, the road is paved for the iWatch. Apple just needs to wow us one more time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: All systems go, Cupertino!

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      1. Biggest thing for me would be charging if it only lasts a day or so before charging that would be a drag… Would be great if it could have a small gyro built in that powered the watch so no need to charge whooo bring back the seventies, those watches were all the rage then !

  1. Meh. I’m sure there are those who absolutely HAVE to be up to date with their emails, phone-calls, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, WhatEver, but honestly, unless you’re a business type needing to be up-to-date with your communications, nobody needs something like this; it’s just another irritating toy to bleep at you at all hours of the day. Pointless, quite frankly, it’s the media that seems to be driving the demand, consumers really don’t appear to give a shit.

    1. Agree on the media type… Hey they need to write articles …. Bloomberg West show needs to fill up the airwaves. But if history proves me right, Apple will WOW us. Hopefully Steve had talked with Mr. Ive on this sometime back …..

    2. I’m a consumer. And I can’t wait.
      I haven’t worn a watch for YEARS, but I’ll get one of these. Being able to glance while out biking or boarding, driving to a meeting and more. Being able to do some basics without fishing out the phone. I think all those little bits of ease and time saved will be well worth the price.

  2. Certainly seems that it will be an integrated band rather than a souped up traditional watch like the Samsung pile of shite. Needs to be a Serious advance on existing designs or at least Tesla type application of sophisticated accumulation of existing tech to be a wow any time soon mind.

  3. Yeah, I’m not sure how besides while you’re jogging or biking that you would need this in addition to an iPhone 5S which already has a new chip for movement.

    Cook needs to start more rumors in any event. I can’t wait to see their iHeadband, iBelt, iShoe when they come out early next year…

  4. I have a Kickstarter Pebble and I like it but will get an iWatch which I suspect will be better .The problem with the Pebble is the limited production and marketing .I hope these young guys survive .
    For me the most useful function is caller ID on the watch so I can keep my phone silent and see who is calling and decide whether I will answer or let it go to voicemail

  5. I can see a use for this watch, mainly for business but consumer as well. Seeing notifications would be cool and useful instead of pulling out the phone. For exercise would be good too to be able to visually see the songs and change them. It can be done now but many just buy a nano for jogging, now they can sport a watch that has more use and keep all the gigs of music on their current iPhone while they run

  6. As a health maintenance device, this could be the “next big thing.” Given the direction institutionalized healthcare is going, we’ll need all the help we can get to manage our own fitness and general health.

    The key will be sensor technology. Wrist-borne chemical assay of secretions to look for cancer markers and disease signatures.

  7. i would like my new iWatch to resemble a gorgeous bracelet. one day ruby. second day emerald. third day blue sapphire. fourth day pearl. and an inscription on the back that says, ‘i like our plan. i like it a lot’ teeheehee

  8. Get real, Apple is NOT building an iWatch. This is one rumor that just will not die. Mr. Cook said it was interesting, that’s all – you’re all reading far too much into this. The GEAR is the ONLY iWatch Apple will ever produce, and by their lame proxy at that.

    I could be wrong, but if I was a betting man, I wouldn’t put any money on this horse.


  9. Those three display sizes are too close. Apple may be experimenting with those sizes to decide which one is best suited, but I doubt the final product will be available in three display sizes that only vary by a tenth of an inch.

    I’m expecting something that resembles Nike’s existing FuelBand in appearance

    Apple already worked closely with Nike on recent announcements related to the M7 chip. “iWatch” will be the primary result of this collaboration.

    1. Well, women’s watchs are usually smaller then what men wear. It makes sense that there may be several size form factors for it. Apple is damn good at keeping its developements under wrap. Can’t wait to see what they’re showing off later this month. Oh boy!

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