5 annoying things about iOS 7 and how to fix them

“After the stampede of iOS users rushing to install the newest iteration of the iPhone operating system there have been mixed reviews,” Brian Meyer writes for Apple Gazette.

“Most major issues boil down to a few tweaks that can be done easily,” Meyer writes. “Knowing this, here are the 5 most annoying things about iOS 7 and, [in the full article], how you can fix them.”

5 annoying things about iOS 7:
• Notification Center
• Automatic App Updates
• Control Center
• Battery Drain
• The Font

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Oh no! You were right, that’s why Appke included a method of reconfiguring these things to natch your “PERSONAL” taste. That’s perfection for each and every user. It, by the way, is why iPhobe users don’t have to troll Android web sites seeking perfection.

    2. Perfectly understandable that one can be peevishly annoyed by some of the changes foisted upon us by an Apple that suddenly seems aloof, diffident, arbitrary, floating.

      We got hurt, badly: fonts thinner than last night’s excuses—the unfeeling destruction of sensory cues that once anchored us in virtual reality—insubordination in colouration, as if everyone cottoned to the same candy—novel ways of doing things, as if insinuating we had been doing them wrong all along.

      The utter, overwhelming sense of presumptuousness! Awful! It must be this grating quality that so infuriates the bitter critics of Apple = that smug, know-it-all super nanny that seeks to control our lives, reduce our independence, and make us slaves to convenience; all the while defiling the holy aesthetic principles we absorbed from the Masters of Design during our academic careers.

      Damn the changes, and damn us for demanding them in the first place! Would that we had never rocked the boat! What were we thinking?!

      Bring back the stale, the bland, the stodgy. We promise not to demur. Come to think of it, bring back an ascendant Microsoft.

      It was so much easier to hate them.

      1. Wow! I guess, I mean, gee I dunno what to say. I really love all the changes, they’re a fresh and inviting face on an old love. I think they are much easier to read, and I’m 64 with bad eyesight. Change is inevitable, and not always welcomed.

      1. I don’t know how trolls like “bkire” and BLN get high votes for their comments. Have you noticed, mostly it is just one star votes. May be they vote themselves or has an association of “Trolls” who vote in groups!

    1. I actually laughed at that one. Not because its funny, but because “it’s the dumbest comment I’ve read in a long time” LOL Congratulations “bkire”. You’re now in the top running list for “Dumbest Comment Ever on MDN 2013 Pageant”

  1. iOS 7 irks me in the way an irritating gadfly irks you. It’s the small little things that Ive overlooked in his rush to revamp iOS 6 and in the process lose many of its attractions by bringing in faddish dysfunctional flat icons that are harder to read and interpret which does nothing to improve usability.

    I’ve always looked forward to every new iOS release except this one. I awaited this with trepidation and my fears were realised when I switched to iOS 7 and started using it in my everyday work. Everything about it is horrid and hateful – it’s as if Ive took a sledgehammer and destroyed an elegant ice sculpture and put in its place a couple of pieces of rusted iron and called it art.

    1. You are entitled to your opinion. However, looking back at previous versions of iOS 6, I feel now that they were dated, clunky, and lacked the smooth elegance that Ive brings to the table with iOS 7.

      This is perhaps the most excited I’ve ever been for an iOS update. So to each their own.

    2. I couldn’t agree more. Just some of the things that irk me –
      1) Mail – previously you could limit the number of emails showing on your iPhone/ipod, now you can’t. went to the Apple Store and Genius didn’t even know you could before!

      2) When closing saved web pages on the desktop in folders, and open another one in the same folder, you cannot return to the folder anymore. You have to press the home button, open the folder again and select agin.

      3) Apple Maps – On the first new version, it was annoying if you were coming up to a major intersection which you could see your route turning either to the right or left, but where it did not show enough road ahead to see which lane you may need to take in preparation, or if indeed there may be yet another change of direction not in view, you could not touch the screen to move it ahead for a clearer view like you can on almost all other sat nav’s. Now they have changed it so you can pivot the route, that’s all! Big deal.

      There are so many more backward steps that I’m beginning to hate it. So many aspects are now hidden, it’s become far less intuitive and more Windows/Android in clunkiness. Having said that, there are many good features, but for me the smoothness and ease of use in the main has been lost.

      I have had all iPhones from the 3G to the 4S, and I’m now hesitant about upgrading to a 5S. Having had Macs since ’89 and with my investment in iphone apps to date, I guess it’s a case of grin and bear it and hope Apple improves some of the poor UI in time.

      Sorry if this sounds negative, but this last update has made me hopping mad, where all previous ones, if not brilliant at first, became excellent in the end. Perhaps this will happen with iOS7?

      1. You can restore your 4s to iOS 6 if that is what you prefer. I am assuming that you were smart enough to do a full backup before the upgrade.

        Keep in mind that no one forced you to upgrade. And you can delay purchasing an iPhone 5s (or 6 or whatever is available at the time) until you feel good about iOS 7 (or iOS 8, or whatever is available at the time). So it’s all good. KEep your 4s with iOS 6 and relax.

        Getting back to your post, you sound a bit conflicted. Do things in iOS 7 “irk” you, or make you “hopping mad?” It sounds like there are a few changes that bother you. Don’t let that knock you off of your rocker. Stay calm and look forward to the incremental improvements in iOS 7 – bigger issues such as start screen security, then the smaller items. It really doesn’t make sense to get your blood pressure up. iOS 7 has a pretty strong starting point and will improve over time. Just be glad that you don’t have an Android phone – you just might have to live with that hated (by you) OS for the next couple of years until you got a new handset.

        1. Thanks KingMel for your kind thoughts. No I would never contemplate moving over to the dark side, there surely could be nothing worse, but I suppose I must cut Apple some slack as the genius at the store told me that ios7 has been virtually a complete system rebuild from the ground up, so that in itself must have been a monumental task.

          Consequently I can only hope some of the irksome changes will be improved upon asap. Perhaps I’ll try some feedback on the Apple website, but it’s unlikely they’ll take any notice once they have chosen their roadmap. Anyway, my iPhone upgrade is due in December, and like you say, I’ll try and relax and go with the flow – not as a sheep I might add, as Fandroids might say, but I know the iphone is still tops in spite of some hiccups!

          1. You sound like a reasonable person, deanbar. I agree that there are several things about iOS 7 that need improvement. I find it somewhat harder to reliably activate some of the “touch buttons” and I find myself inadvertently activating other functions. As an example, my habit is to drag upwards from the bottom of the screen – in iOS 7 I keep opening the quick access controls. But I will adapt and iOS 7 will evolve and everything will be OK.

            We got through the Dark Ages of the 1990s. We made it through the 68040 to PPC transition, the classic to Mac OS X transition, the PPC to intel transition, and so on. Change often brings a little bad with the good, at least initially. But we all need to maintain our perspectives on what is truly important, what is merely irritating, and what can be ignored. In this case, an iPhone or iPad with iOS 7 is far preferable to the absence of those devices. I happen to like iOS 7 quite a bit, especially after I changed the accessibility option to bold the text.

        2. I’m getting used to ios7 on my iphone5. My wife has a 4s that I upgraded to ios7 — and wants to go back to iOS6. Where do I go to do this for her phone? I’ve been unable to find the source and steps to do it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

      2. I use Maps all the time and love the fact that it has night mode now. Your tail of not seeing the intersections ahead reminds me of a runway I once flew into as a co-pilot. The pilot in command was unfamiliar with the area and was astounded by how short the runway was. On final approach, he decided to land as short as possible (just skimming the trees and the fence) with full flaps and nearly full power. The moment he touched down, he called for full reverse pitch on the props and nearly stood on the brakes. We over shot a bit and required a tow back onto the runway to taxi to the hanger. He commented to me that “It is sure a short runway!” to which I commented “Yes, but it is certainly very very wide!!!”

        The moral of the story is: Turn your iPhone so that it is in portrait orientation rather than landscape. You will be able to see what is coming up rather than what is beside you.

        1. I do always use it in portrait mode. Unfortunately you cannot always see what is coming up especially when the route turns sharp left or right just off the edge of the screen at a busy intersection.

          I have six other sat navs, which I use depending on whichever finds a particular location. Not all of them can find a specific location, so I choose whichever can. But all of them allow you to move the map with your finger to clarify the direction out of view, except Apple Maps.

    3. Enough of the icons! Icons this…icons that. They are just buttons that you click to do something. Click and forget.

      If everything in iOS 7 is “horrid and hateful” then you have a problem. Because there is a lot that works pretty much the same as in iOS 6. So you are either engaging in hyperbole or you have an inconsistent view of reality.

      You are an anonymous troublemaker and speak with a forked tongue. We do not hear your words.

      1. Yes, of course how silly of me. We should put our faith on the words uttered by Borat the Clown.

        By the way who are you again? Are you an Android user clowning around?

      2. The main function of icons is immediate recognizability. Some of the new icons are a huge step backwards (take photobooth, the previous icon at least hinted at the name, the new one DOESN’T. Skeuomorphism for icons isn’t necessarily bad).
        Also the icon labels are hardly readable, because no attempt is made to have high contrast. Only the grayish text background is offset with the underlying background. Functionality of this=zero.

    4. The only thing that “irks” me are some of the grid lines are so white-gray as to disappear into just white like in Notes and Calendar. If your vision isn’t spot on it (as in need some glasses) can melt away. Not enough contrast.

        1. @Believe in liberty,

          OK, so;

          “Everything about it is horrid and hateful”
          “iOS 7 irks me”
          “my fears were realised”
          “awaited this with trepidation”
          “Ive took a sledgehammer and destroyed an elegant ice sculpture”

          Dude, you really need to put down the bong and go breathe some fresh air… you sound so angry about software that was free to download and, more importantly, YOUR CHOICE TO INSTALL!!!

          1. Is everyone who frequents this website a school going teenager? Am I the oldest here at 32? No wonder you like the childlike iOS 7. Wait till you find a job and work for money in real life son, rather than depending on mummy to buy you a new iPhone every year.

            1. Hmmm… let’s see… I’m 67 as of this Friday. Been an Apple user since 1983. Mac since 1984. Own a company with offices in Australia, Hawaii and headquartered in Switzerland. Do OK financially. Have had an iPhone since day one and always moved up to the next iteration.

              I feel that iOS 7 is the best mobile operating system so far. Why? It get out of my way… most of the time.

              Irks? yep. Wish when an updated it didn’t become part of a never ending list to take up headroom. Hmm. That’s about it. Everything else I wanted/needed to adjust for my specific needs/wants/desires was easily changed in “Settings”.

              Hmmm funny that.

              Id iOS 7 perfect? Nope… probably will be about the time we see iOS 8 pop out of the digital birth canal.



            2. Far from it. I’m twice your age at 64. I like iOS 7. Yes, there are some minor irksome things, but I tweaked the font, increased the contrast, and a couple of other things. . . but overall, the improvements make it much better.

  2. The only annoying thing about iOS7 is that my iPad now crashes and freezes several times a day, including while simply trying to synch with iTunes. My friend has the same problem.

    1. I really believe you. I really believe you have an iPad. I really believe you have a friend. I really believe you and your friend have problems with your iPads. I absolutely do not believe you are a Microsoft/Google/Samsung troll. Seriously.

    2. Huh. My iPad 3 has worked flawlessly since upgrading the day the upgrade became available. As has most I would wager. Perhaps you think you have an iPad when in reality it’s an Android tablet and you just can’t tell the difference.

  3. I was also dismayed with the skinny fonts on light backgrounds. I simply adjusted the font size and turned on bold and I’m now fine with the interface. I also agree that the light gray lines on white backgrounds (e.g., Calendar) are problematic, and I miss the horizontal lines in Notes, but the many functional improvements in the OS are a major plus. Change is stressful, but I’ll carry on. I’m 66.

    1. Hey! Hey! A member of the old F.A.R.T.s club (Fathers Against Radical Teenagers)… Found the same useful tools. Funny that. It is so difficult reading and not being spoon fed.

      I hope your not having dizzy spells with all of that animation and spinning stuff.


  4. Anyone having problems with Notes in iOS 7? The last two days I touch, it opens long enough to see my list and then it closes. It’s on my iPad mini. I updated to iOS 7 on 21 SEP. I can’t delete and download a new copy because it’s a Apple app.

  5. 5 annoying things about iOS 7:
    • Ugly assed flat icons on way too much white.
    • Cheezy assed fonts lifted from Windoze 8.
    • Battery Drain- like a wino hitting the sauce.
    • Worst. Mobile. Browser. EVER.
    • Gawdawful mail client.

    5 MORE annoying things about iOS 7:
    • Bold font enlarged to improve legibility jumbles up and renders improperly- even on Apple sites.
    • Ugliest Calendar ever seen on this or any other planet.
    • Cheezy zooming folders on home screen- no turning them off.
    • Color scheme somewhere between Hello Kitty and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
    • Tacky animated game center balloons are as gimmicky as fake felt.

    Tim & Jony need to retire and let the adults take over.

    1. I like a lot of the improvements in iOS7 but I have to agree with a lot of this. When I have talked to others about iOS7, the thing that jumps out is it is soooooo white. Overly white. The calendar is rough. The thin, 1 pixel, line buttons on the bottom of things like the browser are a beating and Bold Text doesn’t help that.

      1. I think he or she doesn’t mean “Google, Bing, or internet” search, but the option to search an specific word inside a website. And yes, it was there upper right of the keyboard in Safari.

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