Gartner to enterprise: ‘Game over’ for BlackBerry

“Gartner is set to recommend that all BlackBerry enterprise customers find alternatives to the struggling vendor’s smartphones and enterprise management software over the next six months,” Matt Hamblen reports for Computerworld. “Garner’s advice to users comes after BlackBerry today confirmed that it expects to lose $965 million in the second quarter amid slow sales of its Z10 smartphone since its unveiling in March.”

“On Monday, BlackBerry had announced plans to sell the company to Fairfax Financial Holdings of Toronto for $4.7 billion. That came just days after BlackBerry disclosed plans to lay off some 4,500 of its 12,500 workers,” Hamblen reports. “‘Gartner recommends that our [BlackBerry enterprise] clients take no more than six months to consider and implement alternatives to BlackBerry,’said Gartner analyst Bill Menezes in an email interview on Friday. ‘We’re emphasizing that all clients should immediately ensure they have backup mobile data management plans and are at least testing alternative devices to BlackBerry.'”

“Many large companies, including some U.S. government agencies, have already replaced BlackBerry devices with Apple iPhones and iPads or Android smartphones,” Hamblen reports. “For all the second quarter, BlackBerry sold just 5.9 million smartphones, the company said Friday. Meanwhile, Apple on Monday reported that 9 million iPhones were sold over just three days after the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C went on sale last Friday. ‘BlackBerry totally whiffed on the smartphone and consumerization of IT trends that Apple hit out of the park and that Android successfully has exploited,” Menezes said on Friday. ‘BlackBerry failed to make timely moves and product introductions to keep itself in the consideration set for consumers who in the age of BYOD increasingly are shaping enterprise device and platform choices. Once it became clear to IT that iOS was a viable choice, it was game over for BlackBerry.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gartner is much better at stating the blatantly obvious than they are are envisioning future outcomes (see related article below).

RIM. Dead Company Walking.MacDailyNews, August 5, 2010

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James Wigg” for the heads up.]

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            Maybe true. But sad. “When I wuz yung” the poorly educated thought of what was called “improving yourself” — at least where I lived. The phenomenon of being PROUD of being a small-minded, shrivel-hearted bigot is something I find quite revolting and pretty scary.

          2. @FakeSeamus, your eloquence, and command of the more subtle aspects of the English language astound me, I’m almost speechless with admiration.
            I have a suggestion; have a look around, and find yourself a nice, splintery stick, a nice quiet corner somewhere, and sodomise yourself with it.

        1. At least they’re honest, unlike a lot of the pseudo enlightened whites in this country. When push comes to shove most of us are “bigots” in someones else’s eyes, in one way or another. That’s life in the real world, so get over yourself.

          1. @Realist

            “Everybody’s a bigot” doesn’t excuse that crap.

            To simplify:

            One kind of person has some attitudes they grew up with that they gradually realize are destructive, harmful, poisonous, etc. Yes, those ideas in them don’t suddenly disappear. But the person doesn’t act on them, flaunt them, revel in them. Perhaps they gradually become a more compassionate person. Civilization advances over the millennia. It does NOT advance by increasing hatred of “other”. (And not everybody who wants to get over their upbringing is “pseudo enlightened”. That’s just a facile and specious dismissal of no consequence.)

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            3. And back to the headline, SADLY, I bet most Blackberry users go to Android because Apple DOES NOTHING To gain support in enterprise. NOTHING. DELTA Airlines just equipped their 20000 plus employees with the SURFACE 2?????? WTF? It’s not even out yet, But the IPAD without more simple functionality, like a usable file system, or removable discs, OFFICE, etc etc Didn’t compete. Ipad is mostly used for web surfing. games.
              Apple had it’s chance. As my stock slowly sinks. NONE of us will see Apple dominate Enterprise in our lifetimes. Think about it. At best, 80-20… They blew it with the Iphone IOS domination as well.

        1. The first amendment to the U.S. Constitutions protects freedom of speech, offensive or otherwise. The politically correct speech police obviously have a different interpretation and delight in nothing better than ruining an exceptional lifelong career by uttering a single word THEY deem offensive. Just ask Paula Deen.

    1. At the current money losing rate of Blackberry, they have about 4 quarters to go before their stock is worth less then the ink its certificates are printed with. If you want to buy stock at a fire sale, wait till the flames go down a little or you will get burned….

  1. How timely. I should forward this article to our IT department. I was just talking to them the other day and asked if there were plans to move away from BB. The answer was a resounding NO and that we will never move away from BB. We are only a small division of a very large company (190K employees globally) so our IT guys may not know. He’s also not very informed as he said the US government doesn’t allow non BB devices on their networks. He also has no clue about Apple configuration and that iPhones can be centrally manager. MS has really brainwashed him to never think or even look out of the box you are in.

  2. Another coffin nail for the IT hegemony. My tender heart bleeds.

    IT workers make up the last bastion of defence against the encroaching millennials with their postmodern outlook on computing, business, art, social life, and living:= they’re a blend and it’s pointless to make rules trying to segregate them.

    The millennials are the emerging workforce of the world, and they must be accommodated, like it or not. They do not fear technology and fumble with computers, as previous generations did. The IT brand of shamanism has been superseded by the maturation of technology to the point that babies and animals can operate it. We don’t need a witch doctor any more.

    IT workers revisit a spot on the Trail to Obsolescence once traversed by many past professionals: smiths, scribes, masons, hatters. Those worthy craftsmen all found new work, or retired, or gamely adjusted to the sea change. Grumblers and obstructionists didn’t last long, and even the labour unions left those holdouts for dead after the obvious became real.

    We are witnessing the beginning of the end of an era. Good riddance.

    1. I don’t know what you have against witch doctors or shamans hannajs but I would rather be treated by one of those than a psychiatrist, some of whom are unable to keep their shlongs in their longs so end up in prescribing rohypnol to their patients in order to take advantage of them, others worse still contrive to empty the wallets of their patients by claiming that they have to keep visiting them for unnecessary consultations. Give a good theatrical display of bone rattling, shell throwing and fire dancing anytime!!! Works a treat

      1. Um. I have to consider some of what you say, Crabapple, to be deliberate humor. I also know full well that there are scum in the world in EVERY profession. I had a crap psychiatrist for years, lost years. Then I had another crap psychiatrist. At last I had battled my way up the chain of dreck to the top and found a BRILLIANT psychiatrist who literally saved my life. I also consider him a loyal friend. That’s extraordinary, and also possible amidst the chaos.

        AND I also appreciate the saner side of wicca, the folks who don’t make stuff up and restore real folk medicine and thinking. The ones who don’t fall for the demons-out-to-get-you rubbish.

    2. For the first time I disagree with you. Every field of human endeavor needs experts, and IT is one of those fields. I suspect we agree that whereas in the past they could dictate the terms, now and into the future successful IT will be recognized by an attitude of service towards the user rather than ruler over the user.

      1. That’s a more reasoned way of putting it than mine. I expect IT will serve a critical function going forward.

        The past, though, for too many of us, is a trail of hurt through tangled underbrush. Macs were scorned and conspired against, their users belittled, careers distorted. The scars still show.

  3. It’s amazing that BlackBerry STILL sold almost 6 million smartphones in the recent quarter. Nokia sold something like 7 million, and that was apparently good enough for Microsoft. Motorola’s number is significantly less than BlackBerry’s, and Google hasn’t shut them down (yet).

    I guess the “institutions” need to replace the BBs that break or get lost… Any consumer who bought one recently must be ticked off and feel stupid; BlackBerry may not even be around when that contract expires.

      1. In recent experience it is 5.9 million IT people still buying Blackberry under legacy contracts last quarter from a Dead Company Walking. My largest client has been trying to get out of a Blackberry supply contract for two years. They have their alternative infrastructure in place, have picked their new corporate phone, have ways to support BYOD users, yet are still having to pay for Blackberry devices.

        The contract ends in January. Rest assured it won’t be renewed.

        As for Gartner, they’re only noticing this now? Fuck me, what are their analysts paid for? The rest of the world saw this coming five years ago.

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