Samsung announces plastic Galaxy S4 ‘Gold Edition’ phone

“Just days after Apple’s new gold iPhone 5s went on sale, Samsung has announced the new Galaxy S4 ‘Gold Edition,’ though the back of the device retains the same plastic design as other models,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The new devices will come with a gold plastic trim on the outside, while the front glass will be available in brown or pink,” Hughes reports. “The handsets were announced on Wednesday by Samsung Gulf, the company’s Middle Eastern outfit. The advertisement from Samsung even refers to the ‘elegance’ of the new color option. When details on Apple’s gold iPhone 5s were leaked in August — almost a month ahead of the device’s announcement — the color was also described as ‘elegant.'”

Samsung Galaxy S4 in Gold Brown or Gold Pink
Samsung Galaxy S4 in “Gold Brown” and “Gold Pink”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung, you need to drill more holes into the top face of your plastic flagship phone. There aren’t enough.


    1. This could actually be damaging to their brand. Those phones are going to wear horribly.

      Are they ever going to make a phone that isn’t cheap plastic? I don’t think it’s on the horizon for them. Their power will be diluted on the low end of they can’t differentiate.

      1. AAPL is likely down this morning due to the introduction of all of the revolutionary new Kindles that will continue to allow Amazon to lose more money. I actually heard someone on CNBC declare that Bezos is the next Steve Jobs!

    1. @ hannahjs, I did when I said that Samsung will fire up its cloning copiers.
      But you are right in that I did not see them wait for the analysis of which colours sold the most, Gold and Pink!!!

    1. And unfortunately fools will buy this crap.
      I previously wondered how long it would take shameless Samsung to throw out another piece of crap. Ugh makes me sick! No ethics and no taste.

    1. No! No! That is Samsung innovation at it’s best! I expect nothing lest than their best and once they had something to copy, their innovative juices were pumping.

      However, in the end, a gold colored turd is still just a turd. Speaking about turds, is Microsoft going to supply gold colored Windows phones and is someone spray painting that Surface 2 in gold paint too?

  1. I was going to say cheap as a one-toothed crack whore but these phones might actually be worse. Gold and brown? Gold and pink? Who came up with those color combinations? A care bear?

    1. Maybe screw holes pulling that crap sandwich together? Someone must have decided not to screw it on the shiny gold side.

      In the end, the Samsung customers were getting screwed somewhere.

  2. I looked at URL — nope, not “The Onion” — checked calendar — nope not April 1st. So this is real?? OMG! Have these people no shame? Oh wait, they are innovators – I keep forgetting.

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