Apple’s next-gen 9.7-inch iPad casing revealed in ‘Space Gray’ and Silver

“An array of new photos featuring alleged rear shells of the next-generation iPad in ‘Space Gray’ and silver have been posted by Australian writer Sonny Dickson,” Husain Sumra reports for MacRumors.

“The photos, which also depict some of the internals of the iPad, come two weeks after Apple debuted a new space gray color to replace the slate black used on both the iPhone 5 and iPod lines,” Sumra reports.

“The new photos also emerge just under a week after a purported second-generation iPad mini shell was spotted in the same space gray color,” Sumra reports.

Apple's 5th generation iPad in "Space Gray" (photo:
Apple’s 5th generation iPad in “Space Gray” (photo:

Full article here.

Tons of photos via here.

MacDailyNews Take: Legit.


  1. Dear Mr. Tim Cook.
    Do you think you could spare some change to hire a decent plumber?
    Your ship seems to keep springing up leaks all over the place especially in the regions of Asia and Australasia!

      1. We don’t know which this is, controlled or not. I miss the old surprise days of Apple. The Chinese are obviously incapable of keeping a secret. Hard to track down leaks over there.

        1. Apple is the world’s biggest company today…cellphones will forever be everywhere and it’s inevitable that these kinds of pics will abound.

          Apple can still hide many pieces of the entire picture, since it controls the entire business, R&D, software and hardware development process…evidence the egg on all analist’s faces after not even getting a clue about the magnitude of iPhone 5S 5C launch…

          Even now with it all behind us they still don’t get it…

          Apple will concede the inevitable, but rest assured, it still has many surprises up it’s collective sleeve and remember that Tim Cook learned many secrets recipes from the master in person, which will yet yield many booms…

      2. On this stage, not even Jobs was able to control it.

        The only way Apple controlled anything is when they announce totally new product months before it comes to mass production. For example, like it happened with iPhone 1, iPad 1, Mac Pro (not yet released).

    1. Am I becoming a bit too sensitive to everything or are they purposely avoiding to refer to this particular colour as black?

      Or does Jonny Ive refuse to lump all shades of black/gray into the same basket? For us ordinary folks, it may all be black, but he may prefer to identify the difference between charcoal gray and space gray.

      I know my wife fumes when I say “I like that purple dress” and the colour is actually fuchsia…

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