Liberty Global cable chief: ‘I don’t think Apple is going to build a TV’

“Liberty Global Plc Chief Executive Officer Mike Fries, who runs one of the world’s biggest cable companies, said he doesn’t expect Apple Inc. to sell its own television, disputing speculation among analysts,” Alex Sherman and Adam Satariano report for Bloomberg News.

“‘I don’t think Apple is going to build a TV,’ Fries said today at an investment conference in New York,” Sherman and Satariano report. “Apple instead is talking to U.S. cable providers about revamping the interface for pay-TV services, he said.”

“Analysts such as Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray Cos. and Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald have predicted Apple will release a television set, vaulting the company into a new market,” Sherman and Satariano report. “Apple has been negotiating with Time Warner Cable Inc. to give subscribers of the cable service access to their channels via Apple TV, people familiar with the talks have said.”

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    1. Samsung Boss: Quick!, lets build an Apple TV before Apple does!!!
      Samsung Engineers: Good idea! Lets set our Apple gadget cloner to Apple TV before the holiday season!!!

          1. Since they have nothing good to say about their android tech they have to put down Apple. iTard should tell us why he thinks android is better instead of dumping on Apple products, but of coarse he can’t. iTard is showing in words that he is a very dark green of jealousy.

        1. iTard: Your proclivity for profanity perpetuates your preponderance of pitiful proclamation from your pea-sized pate. Your disrespect for women is indicative of the mentoring you did not receive as an infant. No matter your age, you have yet to advance mentally, emotionally or spiritually above the EQ of a rock. (My deep apologies to all of the rocks, who will now write nasty letters to MDN.)

  1. Actually, this makes sense to me. TVs are commodities. Apple really isn’t in the commodity business. It makes much more sense that they will make a new Apple TV box (with camera and microphone built in) to work with iOS and cable providers. You buy the TV you like and just connect their box with their GUI. Practical, elegant and affordable.

    1. Really, do you purchase your computer, phone, tablet, 20′-30″ monitor to “dispose” of it in a short time? The White Goods market (a consumer commodity market) averages a product life of 5 – 10 years, sometimes longer – depending upon the demographic. The Consumer Electronics market (yet another “commodity” market) looks at a life cycle of 2 – 5 years. Hmmm… I rarely use my refrigerator to watch television. But I do buy a new TV monitor of whatever is the current technology about every 3 to 4 years. About the same lifecycle as my desktop computer.

      Does that help you see the potential of an Apple TV beyond a hobby box?

      I believe that Apple has been had a hobby of the AppleTV to get the tuner capabilities ironed out before they put a “box” on the market that will ask 2-3 Grand to put it in your living room, den, family room, bedroom and office.

      No market there, aye?

  2. Here is the thing…..

    SJ didn’t say he was going to build a TV. Instead he said he believed he had a solution for TV’s or finally cracked the TV issue. Same goes for this watch thing everyone keeps talking about. What is the point of that exactly?

    It just can’t be that simple. As I’ve said in previous posts, I need Siri to move around in my home or office and somehow be connected through WiFi to my devices. Be that a Apple TV, desktop, iPhone, iPad, home stereo or whatever. Siri needs to be able to either hear and respond to me where ever I go inside my home/office. Now, how would that happen? Some kind of listening device that I wear or is connected to me is the only thing I can think of. Is it a watch? I doubt it but maybe something that can worn around the wrist, a lanyard, a clip or something like that.
    This device connects to Siri, which is loaded on my Airport basestation, desktop or Apple TV. This should mean that I can control any devices within the WiFi range and maybe more.
    “Siri, change the station to 97.7 KIC FM. Siri, turn on the football game”. Siri, remind me of my dentist appointment tomorrow.”

    This makes much more sense then Apple making a bunch of electronics that I throw away or get stolen the next time someone break into my home.

    “Siri, call the police. Siri, call the fire department. Siri, what time is it”.

    Personally, I don’t think it’s a TV or a totall useless watch.

  3. Exactly. It terrifies me that analysts like Munster keep talking about this. He’s a pretty decent guy as analysts go, but he should stick to trying to get his numbers right, not trying to be a lousy version of Nostrodomus.

    As others have intelligently noted above, Apple is not in the commodity business. Why this isn’t obvious to analysts, and why the drive-by media keeps running this blather absolutely terrifies me.

    Instead, analysts should be using what grey matter God gave them and ask questions such as:

    Why is Apple focusing on an Apple TV instead of a television? It’s kinda obvious.

    What deals might be in the offing from Eddy Cue and his team? TV is a commodity. The content within it is where the money is.

    Apple put a lot of effort into the M7 chip in the new iPhone 5S. It’s good not just for tracking your running at the gym – it can track all types of movement, as in GESTURES. If an iPhone can track your gestures, what can it do with that? If an iPhone can communicate wirelessly with an Apple TV and can harness movement and gestures, what might an iPhone be able to do to use gestures to control a TV via an Apple TV? How could a more intuitive user interface be created to find content, change channels and control what you want to see and do on a TV instead of the terrible interfaces we deal with today?

    Going one step further, gestures, movement and TV would make a perfect pretext for games, exercise and other activity combining a human, a TV, an Apple TV and an iPhone, or even a yet to be developed wearable Apple device.

    These are but a few examples. There is a world of opportunity for Apple to make a lot of money in the living room, and it does not need to build televisions to do that. Content, gesture control, intelligent interfaces, connectivity with other Apple devices, connectivity with the Internet, connectivity with the Apple Store, the iTunes Store, with an App Store for Games and other commerce opportunities would be a gold mine, and help keep customers in the Apple ecosystem.

    Anyone in Asia can make a cheap TV. It’s a low turnover, low-margin business. If a schmuck like me can realize that, why can’t the analysts?

    Of course, the media would never interview a mere carbon-based mortal such as myself. But they’ll quote Rob Enderle and Gene Munster all day long.

    We live in a strange world indeed.

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