Report: iPhone 5s out sold iPhone 5c units 3.7 to 1 globally on launch weekend

“According to a report issued Sunday by Localytics, a Boston-based mobile analytics firm, Apple sold 3.4 times as many units of the higher-priced iPhone 5S as the 5C during the first weekend of U.S. sales,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Globally the 5S outpaced the 5C by a factor of 3.7 to 1,” P.E.D. reports. “In Japan the ratio was even steeper: 5:1”

P.E.D. reports, “By Sunday evening, according to Localytics’ count, the iPhone 5S represented 1.05% of all iPhones in the U.S. and the iPhone 5C just 0.31%. If those ratios don’t change after the early adopters have purchased their phones, Apple may be under some pressure to lower the price of the iPhone 5C.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You heard it here first:

It seems to me that Apple is using the iPhone 5c as a tool to push buyers to the 5s (well, at least those buyers who can grasp a simple value equation). Once Apple gets the customer to the websites or into the stores and the prospective buyer can see and/or hold both phones and learn that they’re only separated by a mere $100, my guess is that Apple figures they’ll have plenty of upsales occurring. Upsales that will boost Apple’s iPhone margins nicely. Oh, BTW, Apple’s going to sell a boatload of both models (and millions of 4S units too)! Are you listening, margin-loving Wall Street?SteveJack, MacDailyNews, September 10, 2013

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  1. I don’t think it’s the mere $100…more like why would I but a 5c when I could just buys case for my 5 and have the same thing? Year old tech for $100 less.

    Cant wait for my gold 5s to hopefully arrive before the end of time

  2. Good. The iPhone 5C is just a toy compared to the real thing. Come to think of it, Mac OS X is just a toy compared to its older, more sophisticated brother, NeXTStep. God, how I loved using NeXTStations back in the 90s. And on my break, I would pop in an LFO CD, and just chill out (with headphones of course!) It seems like all hope and happiness died out when the 90s ended. It’s pretty telling when something like 9/11 happens literally right after the 90s ended.

  3. Now that some numbers prove a super successful iPhone launch, the magnitude of which will eventually spell another record sales event, the pundits need to marginalize and spin some FUD and more dumbed down supposition about the 5C and of cousre play down the 5S.


    Apple’s 5C and 5S are more than making a dent, that will shortly be evident…

    1. FUD must be spun against Apple. It’s now the American way. The news media, tech industry and analysts will find some way to discredit Apple’s launch weekend and how it really doesn’t change anything about Apple’s global market share decline. They’re going to spin it as to how Apple used more countries this year on opening weekend than they ever did before and that made the jump in numbers. The iHaters are going to have to find some way to bring down Apple’s huge weekend achievement.

      This weekend must have resulted in about a $4 billion payday for Apple. I’m really, really surprised.

        1. Only a supply chain genius will make 9million iPhones available on hand and in the stores not five million as analyst claim iPhones wil sell in a saturated and “highly” competitive market. Surely the genius will figure out how to crank up his supply to satisfy the immigrating android owners.

    2. The FUD is here. It’s it the article about some group getting around the Touch ID. Since that article was published,Apple stock has been dropping.

      Oh, and not having enough 5s satisfy demand is bad. Only 9 million sold? They could have sold 11 million if they had enough iPhones. Or some such nonsense.

      And don’t forget the article about Apple purposely under manufactuing gold iPhones thus creating as false shortage.

    1. I talked with my daughter yesterday in another state. She said that when her upgrade time comes, she would get a 5c. I couldn’t believe it. She has been an Apple product user since a kid when I gave her my hand-me-down macs. Today, she is strict and disciplined with her money. She said that over two years she could save enough (nearly $500 with the c over the s) to invest in something else. The fingerprint and other advantages didn’t outweigh the savings for her. She is a very pragmatic gen Xer.

      Some people are that way. It made me thing that in the long run, maybe the 5c will sell OK.

      1. How does she save $500 over two years? The service plans cost the same. The only difference is the initial cost of the device itself, and that difference is $100. Could she please show her work? What am I missing?

  4. Apple will not drop the price of the 5c. A smarter move may be to raise the price of the 5s! But, they won’t. When will people realize that Apple consumers are willing to pay for quality? Artistry? And enjoyment? Look at iTunes.

  5. So Apple sold just under 2 million 5C’s worldwide. It’s interesting the figures released was for global sells. I wonder where the majority of those 5C’s were sold. Therein lies the future of the 5C.

    If Apple hadn’t have run out of the 5S, the ration would have been much, much higher. I don’t think the 5C will be around next year as the 5S will then be the lesser model making the 5C even less desirable, price wise.

    1. It will be interesting to see how Apple moves forward with its models. They broke the pattern with the 5c and keeping the 4s. Will we see a 6s and 6c? Will they drop the the 5c or 5s or put the 5s in plastic? Will they keep the 4s again (maybe with some updated internals)? Will there be a bigger screen on the 6?

      Next year will be even more frenzied than this one.

  6. No trace of this on the google finance web page???
    On friday I was already irritated that to find something negative about the 5S/5C lauch they had to delve up some obscure Nigerian website…

  7. Both will sell just fine. Remember we haven’t even reached Christmas season. The color phones will absolutely decimate the Iphone 4s which is what the “C” is competing with. When the 4s users come off contract I guarantee that is the phone they will go after. Right now we are just going through excitement and that is “if” the ratio is accurate. Other element is people can order the IphoneC and attain it easily whereas the 5S is bitch to get right now. Unless you have 1500.00 for the gold one on Ebay 🙂

  8. Articles like this are full of duh. The brand new 5s outsold the basically re-skinned year old 5c and this surprised people. Early adopters who line up to buy things on release day are always going for the latest and greatest not the older and cheaper. These percentages will change as the masses start to replace their old phones and cost is a factor. There are tones of people who are still using iPhone 4 or even 3Gs too whom the 5c will be a massive upgrade.

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