Analyst: The iPhone 5c customer is currently in an Android phone contract and will steadily move to Apple over the next year

“Apple Inc. sold a record 9 million iPhones in the weekend debut of two new models,” Adam Satariano reports for Bloomberg News. “Sales almost doubled from the previous record even amid supply constraints for the iPhone 5s, the higher-end version of the two smartphones, Apple said in a statement today. The results also led Apple to say that quarterly revenue and gross margin will be at the top end of a prior forecast.”

“Apple’s shares rose 5 percent, the biggest jump since July, as the sales exceeded even the loftiest analysts’ projections of less than 8 million,” Satariano reports. “‘The rumors of Apple’s demise are severely exaggerated,’ said Laurence Balter, an analyst at Oracle Investment Research in Fox Island, Washington, whose clients are Apple investors. ‘Those numbers blew away anything I could have imagined and just show that they are still producing the best-quality phones in the industry.'”

“The results underscore how Apple has upended the global technology industry since the iPhone’s 2007 debut. Based on $581 for each iPhone sale — about what Apple made on average last quarter — the company probably generated $5.2 billion in sales in three days. By comparison, BlackBerry Ltd., whose phones were once the smartphone standard, reached a tentative agreement to sell itself to a buyout group for $4.7 billion after losing ground to Apple and others,” Satariano reports. “Of the 9 million Apple said were purchased during the weekend, about 3.5 million were iPhone 5c models that the company sold to global wireless carriers, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. The cheaper version will attract owners of devices that run Google Inc.’s Android software, according to Benedict Evans, an analyst at Enders Analysis in London. ‘The 5c customer is under contract with an Android phone and will steadily feed into sales over the next year,’ Evans wrote in an e-mail.”

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  1. Hopefully, these Android settlers move completely to iPhone. I don’t trust Android’s use of PRISM technology. Android is just another tool used by the NSA, and it’s puppet companies to gain information about you.

        1. Samsung makes the 64 bit chip that Apple uses don’t you know! Without Samsung Apple would be in deep doo doo.


          Calm down everyone. I am not a troll. Merely stating the stupidity of droidfans who confuse “chip design” with “chip manufacture”.

  2. I agree. The 5c will sell great, slowly but surely. It is not a device for the first adaption tech geeks, but the regular casual consumer who doesn’t know or care about the finer aspects of either Android’s open or a 64 bit A7 processor.

    1. I think the iPhone 5c could be good for Apple and newbie smartphone users, but we still need to concern ourselves with those damn carrier salespeople pushing Android smartphones for spiffs. I understand why they do what they do, and there’s no way for Apple to stop that sort of practice. It’s not fair for carriers to be biased but I guess they don’t want to be stuck with a new bunch of Android smartphones in inventory every month. Besides it would still be almost impossible for Apple to manufacture that many iPhones to replace all those Android smartphones being sold.

  3. Interesting aspect touched on in this article: a lot of the phones are sold from Apple to the Wireless carriers. That’s of interest because the Tim Cook haters blame him for underestimating demand, but the actual situation, brought to light here, is more complex and involves the carriers placing their bets correctly.

    1. wait a second…

      Of these 9 million sold in a weekend, “about 3.5 million were iPhone 5c models that the company sold to global wireless carriers, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster”

      these were not consumer sales, (these are numbers like we all laughed at Samsung for saying were sales but actually were shipped to just sit in kiosks and micro stores; never actually into the hands of the public” — the 3.5 million handsets were purchases made by CARRIERS to later sell to the average joe.

      careful now

      1. dougless i was on line at the att store Friday they had one 5c in the store for display 25 phones on hand for 100 people on line . i got one and my second one is already on the truck (delivery 8 pm tomorrow) i really don’t think back stock is a problem .

      2. “about 3.5 million were iPhone 5c models that the company sold to global wireless carriers, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster”

        Said the “analyst”, not Apple themselves. I’d rather here the real stats from the company, not another conjuring, entrails reading prognosticator, no matter who they are.

    2. Analysts/investors were mainly worried about iPhone 5c’s higher prices being sold in China and other BRIC nations that don’t offer subsidies. There was no worry about selling iPhone 5c models in developed countries or where there are subsidized smartphones. I believe Apple knows consumers far better than most analysts. Apple couldn’t be where it is today if it depended on analysts telling them how to run their business.

      All the analysts and Wall Street are mainly concerned with is high market share. Profits take a distant second place. 80% Android market share is something Wall Street believes can’t be overcome. I believe, in time, Apple can make it so even if Android has 90% market share, Android profits will continue to fall. If it wasn’t for Samsung, I think the Android platform would be just a huge empty market share shell with nothing of value inside.

  4. Since Apple does not break down sales numbers, how can Munster boldly assert that 3.5 million 5Cs were sold without some caveat like “we surveyed some buyers over the weekend and this is our best guess.” So much reported as fact these days is pure speculation.

    Also, I think that blanket statement that the 5c is what Android users will switch to is based on some faulty assumptions as to why people buy Android. I think a great many Android switchers will buy the 5s because for the first time they are truly making a comparison of phones. And when they do that, I predict that more than Munster is guessing will opt for the better value that is iPhone 5s.

    1. You make some very good points. Based on what I have read today, the 5C sales were more in the 2 mill range. Those reports were based on more than speculation, but also faulty due to the usual caveats.

      With regard to Android, I am sure there are some comparison buyers at the high end, ie 5S, I do accept Munster’s point, however exaggerated, that there is a component of the Andrioid clown posse that will consider the 5C based on price. Those are not mutually exclusive since Android chases so many segments in the market.

      Overall, it seems that Apple had a very different idea about a low cost iPhone than the analysts and other financial ne’er do wells, which is SOP at his point. It will be interesting to see which how it distributes.

  5. The average Android settler wouldn’t know a good value if it bit them on the ass. They will buy the cheaper 5C predictably on their second round purchase because it’s cheaper.

  6. In spite of the technological advances of the 5s, there will be some 5c users and in the long run, the 5c will probably pick up some steam as this article suggests. My daughter in another state told me that she will sell her 4s and get a 5c in a couple of months when her current contract is up. She is pragmatic and on a somewhat tight budget. She can sell her 4s, switch companies to a contract that allows her to fit her contract closer to her usage, and then save at $20.00 a month $480. over two years. To some, this is not enough to justify going to a 5c over a 5s, but to others, it is. New phone with not cost (after she sells her 4s) and less monthly contract.

    It matters to some. Looks like this is who Apple is targeting with the 5c.

  7. >>It is not a device for the first adaption tech geeks

    The reason the 5S did so well right out of the gate is the pent-up demand / “I gotta have the new iPhone first” attitude of many Apple users. People who wait in line for hours (days) aren’t going to settle for a 5c. They want the best and they want it first.

    Keep in mind the market for the 5c. These are the people who would have bought the 5 if Apple had continued their usual MOD of making this year’s model the new mid-range model next year. As I seem to recall, the 4s continued to sell well once the 5 came out. Certainly, the 5c will do just as well this year as the 4s did last year.

    It’s not like there was a hell of a lot of 4s phones sold over the first weekend the 5 was available. Comparing sales of the 5c and 5s is almost like comparing 5 vs 4s (note quite, as the 5c *is* new, but close)

  8. This is obviously an Apple analyst. The more they talk about the 5C potentially doing this or that the more attention they bring to the fact that people would rather go to the 5S.

    When Apple cranks up the production line for he 5S you see the 5S numbers go up and up. Users of other platforms will be drawn to Apple for the powerful iOS 7 and the iPhone 5S; not the $100.00 cheaper 5C.

  9. It won’t be long before the ‘Droid’ settlers abandon ship and gravitate to the ‘Apple’ garden. It’s just a case of how much more punishment do they want to collectively endure.

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