New iPhones draw lines around the world; the annual holiday for Apple fans has arrived

“The annual holiday for Apple fans is here. The new iPhones went on sale in the U.S., China and seven other countries Friday, and throngs of people lined up around the world to be among the first to snag one,” Julianne Pepitone reports for CNNMoney. “Outside Apple’s flagship New York retail outlet on Fifth Avenue early Friday morning, the line wrapped around the store and then stretched for more than three city blocks.”

“Some people even paid line-sitters by the hour to grab an early spot,” Pepitone reports. “Ana Ramirez, who began waiting on line in New York at 4 a.m., said she was excited to try out the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the 5S. ‘I get the iPhone every year. It’s just the best phone, hands down. Apple made it, so I know it will be the best,’ she said.”

“Not everyone waiting in line will get an iPhone on Friday. Apple Stores usually have the most in stock, but they also draw the longest lines. The gold iPhone 5S seemed to be the most popular choice for the iPhanatics,” Pepitone reports. “Scores of Apple fans in London went home disappointed after the iPhone 5S sold out at the city’s flagship store in under two hours. The gold version of the 5S was first to go as several thousand people lined up outside the store on Regent Street.”

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  1. Of course people are swarming. Wonka has released a new candy and people have to have it… Now that Apple released the real deal people will get up early or days in advance to buy the real thing and not some cheap clone of the real thing. Its worth standing in line for. I will buy online and get it in a day or 2 (Crossing fingers)

  2. Now Bloomberg news is trying to say that all these numbers really don’t mean much…
    And that most people online are just there to sell their wares…

    How lame today’s media and their believers are….

  3. How on earth can this kind of news translate to AAPL being in the red with daily average volume almosr reached this early???

    Samsung and other eveil incompetent Apple enemies shorting/selling to create down momentum and attract the herd…

    At the end of the day, we get the last laugh for being invested in an undeniably solid tech oracle – Apple Inc.

    1. Dont be alarmed there are a swarm of fake journalist who woke up from their comas this morning and realized that the FUD that they were regurgitating was false. Unfortunately most knew when they originally wrote it that is was bogus drivel handed to them my ad agencies and marketing firms its call (Pay for Print and it goes on every day). What passes four journalism these days is a joke. The headlines should be tomorrow.. Apple kicks googles teeth in. Google outclassed, Samsung in shock as Apple plays chess with checkers players. As far as Financial AnalCyst go they do what they do best and that is manipulate stock prices for their own personal gain or the gain of the scumbags they work for. Its all false propaganda as usual it will always come out in the end that they were playing games. Will the real SEC pull their heads out of their asses.

    2. In the end, the self-destructive will manage to kill themselves off. Samsung et al.’s self-induced demise cannot come quickly enough.

      What we require instead are REAL competitors with Apple. There are folks out there bright and ambitious enough to do it right. Let’s make it happen! Apple always requires competition.

  4. In England in a visit. Popped into a O2 store since they had 5S’s 5C’s on display. Thought I’d check out how they feel.

    Kid walks in with his mum wanting an iPhone. After commenting on how people were lining up all around the world he goes on to say how this was all just hype created by intentionally having a shortage. Then he drops this whopper……”everyone thinks these are the best phones in the world, far from it, they are OK”.

    My blood was just boiling. I wanted to say things like, “so why can’t everyone create lines using this method”, and, “for what reason is it not the best in the world considering….build quality, 64 bit speed, security, camera, Eco system”. I knew I was going to creat a scene so I quickly left before I got arrested.

    This is same tactics sales guys used to use when selling Apple computers along side PC’s. the answer was creation of the Apple Stores. A similar answer is needed here against these moronic carrier sales guys.

    1. Soooo déjà vu. I recall EXACTLY the same rhetorical vomit being spewed at innocent shoppers at CompUSA (now deceased) when I occasionally filled in at the newly created Apple Store within the store.

      Ignorance and Apple-hate. What a combination. It’s nothing new. Customer abuse via these bozoids is also nothing new.

  5. Unfortunately not just fans profiteers as well. At my store over 100 people being herded by guys with “fancy headgear” to purchase their allotted two phones hand them in the store immediately to the herders then walk out the store..

    That’s where a lot of the gold and silver Phones are going. Most likely overseas.

  6. … That’s a few MILLION middle fingers point up the rectal pores of the so-called “Apple Bear” bullshitters. Over and over. That’ll get them all excited and hopefully SHUT THEM UP.

    But I doubt it. Apple-hate is perennial, the same as Tech Tardiness.

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