Open thread: How do you like Apple’s iOS 7?

Apple released iO 7 today.

iOS 7 has hundreds of new features, including Control Center, Notification Center, improved Multitasking, AirDrop, enhanced Photos, Safari, Siri and introduces iTunes Radio, a free Internet radio service based on the music you listen to on iTunes. In addition, iOS 7 has been engineered with deep technical and design integration with both iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

iOS 7 runs on iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and iPod touch (fifth generation).

Apple's iOS 7
Apple’s iOS 7

So, provided you successfully navigated your way through the flood of traffic that ensued with so many downloading the new operating system for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and/or iPad mini, what do you like or dislike about iOS 7?


    1. Love it. Been using it since first beta, was great to watch the progress. I’m really impressed at how quickly they got this to GM. I’ve also had no major problems compiling for 7. Spritekit needs a bit more work but will really take off when devs start adding support for level layout etc… I think this is a great release, and will really spur a lot of excitement in IOS.

    2. Why did this get down voted?

      I love the new iOS. My only disappointments so far:

      – the Parallax is so weak, even with Apple’s dynamic and static range of images, that it really is a negligible feature. If it consumes any significant amount of energy I’d sooner turn it off.

      – iTunes Radio is playing mostly my own music or music by the artists I’ve indicated I like, even when the Tuner is set all the way on discovery… I was hoping they would at least avoid playing anything I’ve already purchased. Otherwise I love it and I know it’ll be the most used feature for me.

      – Wish I had the ability to invite contacts thought the Calander using iMessageand to strictly email. Anyone know if you can airdrop invitations to Calander events? Is Facebook the only alternative to email?

    3. Truly glad so many people love it. For my part, I’m not sure I even like it.

      My main bitch: The whole experience seems like Jony playing with himself at the expense of usability. iow, feels like my iDevices just went for smart beauties to dumb blonds.

      – too much hipster white; doing simple things like reading email, or using the phone at night is like staring into a flashlight. wish there was a basic black option for excessively Ive’d apps.

      – in practice, transparency and parallax are more silly than useful/elegant

      – moving between web pages via swipe gestures doesn’t work well.

      – app switching used to be fast, now I only see three apps in the tray and need to swipe though three pages if I want to see the same number of apps I could prevoulsly see.

      – lots of little points of laggyness (on the latest gear)

      – notifications used to show multiple info from multiple apps, now it shows one per screen

      sadly, I do like the new font treatments, but Jony pinched that from android.

      Flame away.

        1. warbux, shockme (or are you one in the same?)
          I really hope you are being compensated for ‘turfing. I’m serious. Because otherwise hanging out in news forums for a product you hate and posting nonsense would be utterly pathetic…
          Have you given a good stare in a mirror recently? Because when you think about it, neither of those scenarios is particularly flattering.

            1. I like many things about the new release, but I’m experiencing some eye issues and as a result, certain icon sizes and how things overlay, it’s often very hard to read/understand. I may be having eye issues, but think about older people with compromised sight. Is this an OS for just the middle aged and younger?
              Some examples, look at the Find Your Phone search indicators…ridiculously small. The faintness of commands/icons on the lower part of the screen (bookmarks, mic, return, Airdrop, etc) also seem to be designed for a slice of users with little visual challenge–if any.

            2. iOS# up until 6 was for all ages – accepted by ages 1 to 99 – easy to understand and use. iOS7 has improvements yet should have offered options for skinning modifications or custom appearances. Classic iOS or new.

            3. I’m in complete agreement with you. I’m in my 60s and don’t see as well as I used to. This flat interface of iOS 7 strains my eyes terribly. I can’t enjoy using my iPad anymore. Not to have the choice of reverting back to 6.1.3 is appalling.
              Why can’t you offer a choice of interfaces? I’ll definitely have to look into the Samsung Galaxy or some alternative. I’ve been a faithful customer and user of both the iPad and iPhone. Apple has let me down big time now. I’m very disappointed because obviously there’s nothing I can do about my aging eyes. I got along just fine with iOS 6 and most definitely will not be upgrading my iPhone.
              You’re about to lose a good customer through no fault of my own. You’re driving me away.
              I’ve bought iPads for four different people but now with iOS 7 I will not be buying anymore.
              Please give us a choice of interfaces.

          1. People like you ruin this forum. Totally incapable of accepting the another’s perspective on anything apple if its it line with your own.

            It’s unbelievably pathetic.

            I don’t agree with all his points, but that does not make then invalid or deserving of scorn.

            1. Oh puhlease his “problems” are all from the proverbial turfer talking point list

              It doesn’t look like android, you could make a case for it taking some styling points (the thin fonts & edge to edge) from windows mobile or even the Zune like but Android? naaaa… android has always just been a mess UI wise no one would copy that.

              The new app switcher is slow scrolling? Well except if you scroll on the app icons instead of the previews… he didn’t mention that… curious?

              It’s slower? If anything it’s noticeably quicker (at least on my 5) particularly Safari.

              Little glitches?, it is smooth and fast (better not worse than it’s predecessor on my phone and iPad) though I admittedly haven’t tried it on the 3 year old iPhone 4

            2. I hate to be rude Tess but since you are so indefatigably obtuse, here’s some truth for you: in all probability, the value of my current AAPL position is far greater than your present and future lifetime earnings.

              Still believe that I’m doing Samsung’s bidding for a 10¢ a post?

            3. Oh and I’m flying my Gulfstream 650 to hollywood tonight to my Malibu beachfront house to see my wife…. Morgan Fairchild

              You know Im not convinced you aren’t all the same person.
              Who are you going to reply next as?

          2. tessellator,
            you attack a person with insults on their opinion of iOS7

            its you who is pathetic… warbux didnt say he/she hated any product – iOS7 is nothing with out the hardware – the two things go together as a product – the main bitch was iOS7 feels Jony gave us a dumb blonde.. and gave us actual points where he/she held dislike — not hate.

            @ warbux – thx u for your honesty

      1. Sadly, I agree … I’m having a bad experience in that I’m finding iOS 7 a real eye strain to look at. This is the first time ever that this has happened to me with an Apple update.

        1. Go to Settings/General/Accessibility/Increase Contrast. Also, you can turn on bold, which helps. The whole design of iOS 7 reminds me of an appliance.

          The controls, font, and type face, and type color are similar yo my dryer and washer. They are both 5 years old, so that design may have been abandoned by the manufacturer.

          So far, I’m dealing with the changes, but miss the richness of the icons, the current layout is a little too bright to my taste.

          Would like the option to change an icon’s appearance like on the desktop.

          All that said, it still works and I like the added functionality.

          1. I tried the contrast controls but didn’t notice any difference. The hardest app to see for me is actually the phone app.. The text is a light grey on white, while other apps have red or black text…

      2. Try adjusting your brightness controls. I found I needed to turn my brightness down, which is great for improving battery life as a nice side effect.

        You can now change font sizes with Dynamic Type as well as add in contrast. There also is an option to reverse the color scheme, this may help you. I actually think it looks pretty cool.

        I don’t really like the new Calendar and the Inboxes for email accounts. I don’t see the numbers quickly and easily in Mail. This could be remedied by changing the blue number to a red circle with the number of unread emails in it.

        1. To your suggestion, I tried adjusting the brightness, but I found that I needed to take it down so far that the entire interface looked grey.

          Here’s the weirdest thing I tried that actually got me close to what I’d like to see: in Settings>General>Accessibility, there is an toggle to Invert Colors. This made my mail, phone, & calendar look exactly like I want them to look. Unfortunately, it made things like photos, videos, and many app icons look a little strange.

          So here’s my plea: any dev that writes an app that lets me selectively invert the colors (i’m envisioning toggle by app), I’ll buy your wares.

      3. Please send Jony Ive back to hardware, the only space in which his brilliance is confirmed. Skeuomorphic or not, the icons are so trite they look like they were peeled from a toddler’s sticker book.

        The “simplify” mantra is open to many interpretations; this one is infantile in the extreme, in tone as well as manner. Regarding nothing more than the visual images themselves, they invoke the patronizing voice of a pre-school teacher, “That’s very nice, Jony.”

    4. I like it but was expecting snappier. I have some lag when Bremen pressing the home button and the home screen appearing. Compared to another iPad that hasn’t been updated the difference is very noticeable.

      1. I don’t think that’s lag, I think it’s an intentional delay to make a smoother transition to the zooming effect (on an iPhone 4S). I think Apple could reduce the delay a bit and still achieve the desired effect.

    5. I am still evaluating. Some things I like… And some things I Don’t. One thing that was a huge disappointment to me is happening radio or whatever they’re calling it. As a Pandora user for years, Apple is nowhere close. Example: Sting Radio. The first song is Sting and the rest are classical. It is the same kind of mis-hits on all channels I sellect. Pandora is spot on.

    6. It is a Complete Disaster!! What market was apple targeting–the preschoolers–where we learn basic colors? My $700 iphone now looks like a $1 toy surprise out of a Cracker-Jack box. Seriously apple–you need to socialize your programmers a bit beyond pre-school.

    7. Clearly you are a 12 year old girl or fag boy who loves fairy colours and ugly horrible designed apps. Those apps are horrendous and look cartoonish and childish.

      Steve Jobs would do it better

  1. My download/installation has gone on for over 2 hours now. I’m not complaining – it’s awesome that their servers are getting pounded harder than a Jersey girl on a Saturday night!

            1. Have you ever noticed; you can go into NJ free, but if you want back out -it’s going to cost you-
              Just saying…

              I went to NJ once, and when I got back, my sweater, it smelled like New Jersey
              —Roseanne Roseannadanna

        1. Not agonising, merely making a scholarly note in my journal. These tech unveilings can reveal more about social mores than about the tech itself; sort of like turning over a rock to see what crawls out.

          1. I shall take your gallant word for it. 🙂

            Still, I find it fascinating that technology and sexuality are so effortlessly intertwined in certain minds. Freud might have talked of projection. Do you suppose it’s because computer tech (and every other product, now I think of it) is constantly being pushed by marketing types—even by Steve Jobs himself—as needing to be sexy in order to sell?

            If it really were that simple, could products just be simply rated on a scale from zero to Bo Derek? With accompanying and appropriate graphics, of course! That could save a lot of wasted words in tech reviews and cut down on pretentious blogs, and put the spec sheet boy out of business.

          2. Aahh! hjs, the good old days of wenching all the way to Canterbury! Wenching or pounding done right can lead to great creativity in writing, inventing and song writing. Wenching or pounding done wrong leads to an evolutionary dead end. It makes less of a sum total of the possibilities we can strive to achieve by returning us to a caveman mentality. ugg!

  2. The more I play with it, the more I like it. I turned on bold in the Accessibility Setting to make things more readable, and also adjusted the font size in Settings, and that has helped my old eyes. The only thing I’ve found that I can’t make work is scaling a photo to use as my home screen wallpaper. Fortunately, my current wallpaper is OK for me.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion of turning on the Reduce Motion option temporarily in Settings/Accessibility. That allowed me to scale the photo to my desires just fine. I turned it back off after the adjustment so I could enjoy the parallax motion in the Home screen.

    1. Agree with the bold type, I am seeing more and more of the superskinny type faces in all forms of advertising, change for the sake of change, hopefully a short term bling fad.

      Like the colors a little bit than I thought I might. Liveable even if a bit overdone. If I had the choice, I would tone it down just a bit.

      I like the way it operates, as someone else said, smooth operation.

      Can’t say much about iTunes, I love music but not obsessed enough to have an app that does so many things that you would actually have to be obsessed to be willing to research the 100’s, thousands? of features. Have heard that Steve was obsessed with music in his later years, and as I said I love music, but don’t want the app to be the world, too much fun going on in the real world to want to hid there. Just my own personal rant.

      1. I was just about to comment that some things are harder to read, but I’ll try your suggestion first. I think some of the new design is just ugly and feel like I’m looking at 16 bit color. Other things look nice. I just tried to check my calendar and didn’t enjoy that experience at all on the iPhone, but I’ll give it another look tomorrow. I’ll say it again, change for the sake of change…. However, I think I like parts of it better than I first thought I would, but then again, maybe a little bit of skeu

  3. Very smooth. Still playing around with features, but it feels great. This wasn’t always the case with new a iOS on old hardware (I’m on an iPhone 4, but with a 5S on the shopping list ;-))

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