The media is lying to you about Apple

“If you take a step back and consider what has happened in tech over the last several weeks, it’s difficult to deny that there’s a hate campaign, even if exists in some collective subconscious, against Apple,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet.

“iOS is the only smartphone operating system that gained market share in the most recent reporting period. In terms of hardware market share, Apple, without a new phone in approximately a year, still gained ground. Samsung grew just 0.9% points faster than Apple with myriad devices aimed at low-hanging fruit,” Pendola writes. “I’m as concerned about Apple’s long-term future as much as the next guy. I don’t have confidence that Tim Cook can doing anything that even resembles a repeat of Steve Jobs’ magic. But I don’t let this interfere with my ability to interpret and honestly report present reality.

Pendola writes, “There’s no producer of technology who creates more of a buzz, captures more mindshare and, most importantly, generates massive margins and profit on a it will stand the test of time ecosystem than Apple. Not one. This media hysteria we’re seeing results from laziness, unoriginality, group psychology, jealously, a toxic Wall Street environment that few are willing to challenge and spoiled brat syndrome. Apple spoiled us. We assign ourselves Steve Jobs-level genius and then hammer Apple for not showing it to us at every turn.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Not unlike its author, that last sentence has issues, but we’ll let it slide for a moment since the Tim Cook-hater seems to have gotten at least a few things right this time around.

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  1. Pendola goes through a hit whoring hate campaign , then posts pro Apple stuff to appear “balanced” , then goes back to hit whoring again. I have seen him do this many times. He doesn’t give a shit about apple or innovation or anything but page views really.

  2. The media lies to you about pretty much anything. And when someone dare to tell the truth — Snowden, Assange, Manning, whoever else — they hate it with passion because their only goal is to serve as a giant press secretary of government. If mass public would count how many pieces “journalists” wrote and declared on TV about those “treacherous” men, how they should be put in prison or even killed — they would understand how well established the Orwellian Ministry of Truth is already.

    Mainstream, established media is a curse of our society, and capitulation of free speech in favour of brainwashing and manipulation in favour of giant corporations and government, which are tied in corrupt coition that we can not break.

    Just look at CNN, which, among other things, constantly manipulates and distorts all kinds of matters and issues, including Apple.

  3. I don’t read any hatred for Tim Cook there, just disappointment that the Apple CEO hasn’t got Jobs’ ‘magic’, for which read a strong and dominating personality, with tremendous vision. But there are very, very few who possess that combination, and none that I’m aware of in the tech industry, so he seems to be being realistic about his disappointment.
    That last sentence is a very good one, to my mind; the ‘we’ is the media, that seems to know better than Apple what Apple should be doing, the ‘Steve Jobs’-level genius’, and when Apple fail to come up with whatever fanciful new product that the ‘geniuses’ in the media have magicked out of thin air, then all the media bloggers, etc, who have given themselves this ‘genius-level creativity’, the equal to that of Jobs, start bleating about how Apple have lost it, are doomed!
    But talk is cheap, and there isn’t a single media commentator who could envisage one single thing that Apple have created over the years, let alone all of them; about all they’re fit to do is empty the waste bins at Cupertino and sweep the floors.

  4. Apple doesn’t brief analysts or journalists, and both groups resent not being fawned over. Wall Street is corrupt and lies are the “stock in trade” of broking firms (no pun intended) who make money by manipulating stock prices.

    The US constitution protects the right to lie. So it is no surprise that, especially where money is involved, lying is endemic.

    If you want to filter out the lies, read only those reports about Apple which are based on facts, after the event. The rest is guesswork or just plain lies.

  5. I think the lat sentence presented here is dead on without any issues

    Pick anytime of Apple – but in this case the redo Jobs era – EVERYONE kew what Jobs should do. From Dell to shut it down to Wall St and tech people all KNEW what Apple “needs” to do. And EVERY ONE of them was WRONG. Telling Jobs what he MUST do to make Apple work. And Jobs listened to how many of these ‘ecxerts in their own mind?”. ZERO

    And with Jobs dead and gone – all these “experts” are even more sure of them being “right” on Apple. And so far even in the Cook time – still they have all gotten it wrong.

    Apple even at it;s lowest – all other tech companies had to wait to have Apple deliver a product so they could “innovate” – I mean copy Apple in computers. And now “smart phones” – Samsung, Google Microsoft (laugher of the iPhone) innovate? Nah – wait for Apple to release something – and scramble to “innovate – COPY”. Schmidt had to steal. And Samsung, being the manufacturer of the iPhone at the beginning – they to just stole what Apple created, phone, building and manufacturing ability – and made a Android joke,

    Even now – now of these people see what Apple is doing for their future with the 5s – just look at right now crap. All of these people don’t even have eyes to open to see the future – but they all are experts. But they can’t create a produce, run a company or build a device – but know what the most successful tech company has to do now.

    It’s such a blast to watch.

  6. ” The media is lying to you about…”

    Where have we heard this before? Oh yea, Beck, Rush, fox news and don’t forget that war on Christianity.

    Nobody has been condemning Apple, only one particular product, the iPhone 5C. Not because it’s a bad product, just it’s so overpriced that it makes the top end 5S more of a bargain.

    This author forgets that Apple is a computer and software company and always will be. They make more than just phones. There is no better innovator than Apple.

    Apple provided ammunition when they didn’t release any pre-sales figures on the 5C. Not that people needed any considering the cost of the 5C. There is no conspiracy just a misstep by Apple.

    We’ll know soon enough next week as we await to see what sells numbers if any Apple releases for the new iPhones.

  7. Although the news media claims Apple is no longer relevant in the mobile industry, they sure spend a lot of time trying to prove it over and over. If they’re so certain that Apple is rapidly falling behind and dying, why not just let it die quietly instead of voicing every reason in detail why Apple is dying, hour after hour, day after day.

  8. it’s not hard to figure out. Apple thinks of what your most likely to want to do and sets up the software to do that. Plus there are 5 ways to do every task so if you like open windows to drag and drop fine you like menu items they are there you want keyboard shortcuts learn them. everybody gets to work the way they like to with no secrets behind the curtain . just try to take a screen shot in windows in one step I dare you .

    the job of media as they see it is to report that someone said what ever drivel they found or heard of . once it is reported there are now 2 sources for the drivel the original drooler and the parrot who uncritically “reported ” that the drivel exists. now with 2 sources the main stream media can report that “it’s going around” that drivel drivel drivel is being said about apple for instance. if The Palm restaurant has a hot dog cart in front of it and the Palm serves 250 dinners a night with drinks and the hot dog stand sells 500 dogs a day do you invest in the hot dog stand because it has “market share” or The Palm because it is making a fortune on only 250 sales? pass me a fork my soups getting cold .

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