iTunes 11.1 will have new iOS app organizer

“Last night Apple seeded the eighth Developer Preview of the upcoming OS X 10.9 Mavericks,” Michael Grothaus reports for TUAW.

“While there were no significant changes since the last build, this release does include the next version of iTunes,” Grothaus reports. “The app screen organizer in iTunes has received frequent criticism since its inception, and iTunes 11.1 features a revamped iOS app organizer with a more logical home screen page layout, so users don’t have to drag apps via a vertical layout anymore.”

Grothaus reports, “Instead, home screen pages will appear side by side.”

Read more and see the screenshots in the full article here.


  1. I’d be happy if I could just see more than six books at a time when looking at what’s installed on my iPad. Why can’t it just be a list like the Books section that shows what’s in the library? That whole ‘what’s on the connected device’ chunk needs work, but it looks like they just worked on the eye candy part.

  2. It drove me freaking nuts when my iPad backup was corrupted (thanks Apple, wonderful software!) and I had to re-sync my iPad. All my goddamn apps were spread out all over with none of the folders I had spent so much time organizing. iTunes and the pathetic backup process suck big time. Apple does such a 1/2 assed job in so much of their software its a bloody joke.

    1. Use iCloud. I created a pass code that I must have mistyped twice. (Don’t ask) To reset it I had to plug it in to my Mac. Once it was reset I unplugged it and went through the normal set up as if I just purchased it. 30 minutes later it was exactly as it was when it backed up the night before including the web pages I had open at the time. More details here.

      1. Why should anyone be forced to use iCloud? That’s no answer. ITunes 11 is two steps backward and a half step forward. It still hasn’t restored all the features removed from iTunes 10, and app management is just one of many areas that need serious attention. Apple needs to give the user control back. One of the first things that would be nice is a control panel option to eradicate iCloud. For the many of us who can’t use it, or won’t use it for many good reasons, there is no reason to even see it.

        soap box:

        Some of us — the smart ones, anyway — will always ensure that the master data backup is on a server or hard drive he controls, not saved to some “cloud” service owned by some other corporation in some unknown physical location using unknown security protocols, ever-changing privacy policies, and with who knows what employees or government contractors having unfettered access to it.

        … and no, this is not paranoia. People need to wake up and realize that the vast majority of the computer industry has gone to the evil side, hell-bent on sucking every bit of data from consumers it can. Some companies don’t even consider its customers as “users” or partners — they are treated as data commodities to be sold to advertisers. Sadly, Apple is right there in the middle of it too: Bing and NSA collaborator, iOS datamining, Maps user tracking, and iAd-pushing are not initiatives that improve the user experience.

        I’d really like Apple to Think Different and offer its users an “Off” button to the datamining, but Apple isn’t being led by product development guys anymore. My unbridled enthusiasm for Apple died the minute it announced iAds. Despite some hardware development advances, Cook & Co have done nothing on the software side to alleviate my disgust.

        1. Nobody is forcing anyone to use iCloud, you can backup your iPhone to your local drive. Next iTunes 11.1 is not officially released, you might be jumping your emotional gun.

          Remember your banking, healthcare, insurance company, the list goes on, is all on the web they all data mine. Also, data mining is used by grocery stores, department stores, drug stores. You might as well be disgusted with all of the above and thousands more. Do not cut off your nose…

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