Apple remains silent on iPhone 5C preorder numbers

“Apple launching two new iPhones at once is not the only unusual thing about this year,” Josh Lowensohn reports for CNET.

“For the first time since the 2009 introduction of the iPhone 3GS, Apple appears to be keeping quiet on just how many devices it presold in the first 24 hours. In the past, the company has published the first-day figures in an early-morning press release on the Monday following the Friday start of sales,” Lowensohn reports. “That’s an unusual change in habit for something that has become bragging rights for Apple, which has more than doubled the number of preorders it’s received each consecutive year.”

Lowensohn reports, “One likely reason: in contrast with other iPhone launches, Apple is now selling two new devices… Yet the 5C is the only device up for presale, with Apple planning to begin sales of the 5S model at 12:01 a.m. PT on Friday, Sept. 20, as well as through its carrier partners.”

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    1. They do not announced not necessary because the numbers are bad, but because they did not intend to from very beginning. There is no sense to spend marketing efforts on just one phone.

      I suppose that Apple might not release preorders/sales on iPhone 5C/S separately.

    2. The 5C is not supposed to be their flagship smartphone, the 5S is.

      That the “cheap” 5C is only slightly better in specs from the 5, one of the best smartphones on the market, is not really much of an indictment.

    1. Exactly… all Apple has to do is mention: “Samsung shiped x amount of S4’s, we did even better with the 5c alone.”

      The iPhone 5s is what people will stand in line for… that camera is amazing. And if you need an iPhone NOW, you would want something forward compatible (64-bit) abled for apps we have no idea will exist in the future.

      In any case, the analysts are missing the boat. The 5c will drop in price next year to replace the 4s, when the 6 comes out.

      From then on the 5c will be the phone that garners the low end. So all the current inventory of the 5c will not be useless… they will all be sold in time.

  1. Apple’s investors, there is good news at the horizons. 🙂 So hold on, don’t be despair!.

    China Mobile hasn’t sold a single iPhone, but it already has 42 million iPhone users on its network.

    China Mobile doesn’t even sell Apple’s iPhone lineup yet, but a new report claims its network already provides service to more iPhone users than AT&T and Verizon Wireless combined. Ahead of the likely iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c debuts on China Mobile later this year, a report from Sina Tech claims that the network is currently home to as many as 42 million iPhone users. This is a shockingly high figure, if accurate, and it represents just under 6% of China Mobile’s massive subscriber base that totaled 740 million at last count. Earlier this month, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5s and 5c were approved for use on China Mobile’s network, further supporting reports that a launch is imminent.

    1. Investors are pretty happy with Apple

      Speculators want their fortune NOW cause Cramer said they should get it. They could care less if Apple crashed and burned.

      Just a thought.

    1. The second iPhone is only part of the new multi day start up surge. The other is the trade-in option. People will want to bring their iPhone in, get the trade-in value then decide to keep or say good bye to a trusted working iPhone. Anyone that did this on line in the past, will now walk into the store when they can. I may hold on to mine incase I brake my new iPhone 5S.

  2. Boring. They already sold 5 million units in the first 3 weeks, back when it was called the iPhone 5. Why should I cares how many of them they have sold recently? Get back to me when the iPhone 5S preorder sales are announced.

  3. Apple will be releasing it’s numbers in due time. The 5S has not yet been sold and Apple does not break down sales units by model. It never has and I see no reason to start now. They will likely release a combined number after both models officially go on sale the first weekend. After that, we will get the quarterly numbers. Both will understate demand as Apple supplies will simply not be able to keep up on initial launch with huge demand.

  4. Apple Investers are dumb -ucks for selling now. Ill just continue to enjoy those dividends as assholes panic and sell. Guess those stupid shits are buying stock in Nokia or even Kodak?? Hahahaha.

  5. I find the uproar about the “disappointing” 5C/5S announcement really amusing. Look back to the 3G to 3GS, 4 to 4S, and now 5 to 5C/S. Apple’s biennial “S” upgrades have ALWAYS been incremental upgrades compared to the change in numbers 3 to 4 to 5. So this 5C/5S upgrade is right in-line with Apple’s typical upgrade path. The uproar is fueled by media frenzy that is ignoring what Apple historically delivers in their iPhone upgrades. For those wanting a “reinvention” of the iPhone wait until the iPhone 6. For those who want to enjoy the amazing iOS experience we’ve all come to know and love or for those looking to enter the iOS world, the iPhone 5C/5S will provide everything you need!

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