Google laughs at Apple’s new iPhones or something

“Google’s management team is dancing around its new KitKat statue today, having dodged what could have been a competitive bullet or two from Apple, such as a new iWatch, iTV or even a new laptop. For heaven’s sake, they didn’t even announce a new iPad! There was nothing new from Apple [on Tuesday] that stops Google’s market share march forward,” Anton Wahlman writes for TheStreet. “Another company that’s having a field day today: Nokia. Apple’s new iPhone 5C is seemingly a flawless copy of the Nokia 620 that’s already been available for several months.”

“Fingerprint sensor? You mean the same thing I got on my Dell laptop in 2007? And on the Motorola trix Android smartphone in January 2011? If Apple’s latest claim to fame is to having copied a Dell 2007 laptop and a January 2011 Motorola smartphone, then Apple is in trouble,” Wahlman writes. “Which is why Google is celebrating today.”

“Back to the plastic iPhone 5C for a moment: Isn’t the point about this kind of plastic that it’s supposed to be relatively scratch-resistant, compared to the regular iPhone 5? No sooner did Apple show the 5C, before it also introduced cases for it,” Wahlman writes. “Gee, that’s a sign of confidence! NOT. For those of you who have recent Samsung (SSNLF) smartphones, whether the 2011 Galaxy Nexus or the newer Galaxy S3 and S4 models, you know that they are resistant to scratches and don’t require special cases. Have you seen anyone using a Samsung with a case around it? Me neither.”

MacDailyNews Take: Since you usually have to pay actual money for a case, why would you expect any fragnamdroid settler to have one?

Wahlman writes, “You know what’s better than the best customer service in the world? No need for customer service in the first place, that’s what. This is what Google offers with Android and Chrome. Google doesn’t need stores for customer service, because their products don’t require any customer service. They’re so easy to use, and they don’t fail. Synchronization is automatic. There is nothing complicated to set up!”

MacDailyNews Take: From which planet is this blatant hit-whore transmitting his link bait?

Wahlman writes, “Look, Apple’s hardware is pretty good. It’s beautiful stuff, and it’s quality. In other words, just like Nokia. Apple just happens to have far more apps, which is the crucial difference.”

MacDailyNews Take: Apple “just happens to have far more apps.” Because they invented the modern day smartphone — upon which Android is heavily based, no less.

Wahlman writes, “If these two new iPhone 5 models is [sic] all that Apple has, Google will now run all over Apple in the coming months.”

Full article — Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this mess was meant to be satire, not just poorly-written tripe under a link bait headline that claims something about which no proof is offered.


  1. The new phones are a joke. I desperately want to defend this company but it is very hard to do so. I should pay a premium for a fingerprint sensor? Clearly I’m not the only one not happy as investors are taking profits and getting out!

      1. Google isn’t dancing the fallout over yesterdays announcements are just confirmation to Google and the Android lovers that they are now the new “Windows”. Google’s monopoly though isnt the same as Microsoft’s. What money is Google actually making here? If their total net profits are 1.5 billion and 90% of that is Google Search ad revenue what does Android make them at all? Google has market share but because of their fragmented state allow Apple to be premium. I see the smartphone world more like the automotive world not the PC world. Volume alone is not what will measure success in the new world. Remember everyone Google’s two “poster childs” of success are Samsung and Amazon. How loyal are those two companies to Android really.

        1. Yup. Just wait until the first botnet is discovered, AFTER it stole millions of bank account information, sent premium text messages, and crashed Android phones everywhere. Then you’ll see the mass exodus from Android to the iPhone.

    1. It’s sad to see how Apple has become all about money and no innovation.

      Just look at iOS 7 designed by a 7 year old. Worst than Android look.

      Used to be my favorite company, now just bullshit.

      1. I have been on record for months saying iOS7 is NOT designed. It is a copulation of borrowed 1920s Bauhaus art movement icons and modern tweaks combined. It is visually hideous and opens up criticism from MS and Android to be a me-too derivative copy, sorry Apple.

            1. “Jdub & goeb….. I guess in your lifeless world, your idea of fun is going to sites of things you don’t like?
              What a couple of losers”

              Painfully obvious you are not a judge, lawyer or journalist by profession. Most likely, a politician.

              Where are your facts we live in a lifeless world?

              Where are your facts of my idea of fun or sites I dislike?

              I’ll be kind one time. You are way off the mark attacking on a personal level. Disagree on the comments and points made, not the messenger.

              Got it?

    2. Actually, Matt, you should actually READ the article. Over 60% of the comments stood by Apple and noted solid advances in the phones and not just a larger screen that no one is buying.

      Commentors seem to be getting smarter. Weird hah?

    3. Regrettably, I agree with you.

      Two new iPhones and free iWorks. That’s all? Contrast that with product announcements from September 2012.

      Seems Tim is all in with the cash cow iPhone focus – China announcement today. If true, fasten your seat belts for another visionary company gone the way of profits, product indifference and Wall Street rust …

      1. I agree that I think that the big wildcard here is China.

        Given that:

        China is an utterly HUGE market
        the iPhone hasn’t been really in that market yet

        the potential for a huge amount of pent up demand is equally huge.


        In the face of huge pent up demand, on just what planet should any company pre-discount the product at initial launch?

        Oh right: in bait-click-land!


        1. Certainly, China is a HUGE market for Apple’s bottom line. My concern is for the rest of Apple products like the staunch Apple loyalists that NEED a new MacPro and for the rest of us that would welcome MORE backwards compatibility.

        1. Absolutely correct. Cook learned that too many products announced at one event is not better, especially when one of those products (iMac) was not really ready to go.

          Apple will announce other products at separate events. I suspect AppleTV will get its own event as it moves into bei g a significant part of Apple’s media strategy. iPads also deserve their own event.

          Seeing as the iMac and Mac Pro was just updated, they won’t receive much more than spec updates for quite awhile. Therefore no event.

    4. Troll is back I see. “Oooh, I like Apple products, but here are some oddly specific talking points that Samsung gave me the disparage Apple…”

      Don’t forget to upvote your own comments this time.

    5. This article is obviously biased. But, I can’t help but feel that Apple stumbled yesterday. They released a cool looking plastic phone, but expensive. Sorry – but is about great products, not just the stock price. And I feel that they went after profits. Sorry, but that Apple Magic that is oft referenced, is a fragile thing, and it may have just showed a signs of cracking.

      1. This article is obviously biased. But, I can’t help but feel that Apple stumbled yesterday. They released a cool looking plastic phone, but expensive. Sorry but Apple is about great products, not just the stock price. And I feel that they went after profits. Sorry, but that Apple Magic that is oft referenced, is a fragile thing, and it may have just showed signs of cracking.

            1. Apple may be looking at the future. In the past when they introduced a new phone, the ‘old’ phone sold cheaper. This time they introduced a cheaper, plastic phone, and discontinued the ‘old’ phone. So when next year and new iPhones arrive, Apple can discontinue the ‘old’ phone, the iPhone 5c is reduced in price, and a new ‘c’ model is introduced. The Flagship iPhone is always replaced, and the ‘c’ models address the lower price/profit markets. 🙂

        1. I just can’t take it any more. Puleeze! Apple, like every other company is not in business to come-up with kool features, they ar in the business to make MONEY! lots of it! often!. That being said they have managed o pull this off by their own brand of innovation, not merely adding junk for junk’s sake… a tablet sized phone? Get real! all that other bjunk added to Googles phones? But with minimal quality, and very little of REAL WORLD innovation. Don’t forget that QUALITY, in and of itself is also a huge innovation. Just go ask LEXUS, BMW, Rolls Royce, Rolex how valuable QUALITY is. When it comes to SmartPhones Apple continues to innovate in this area like no others while also adding the occasional, proven next tech gadget when useful.

    6. Ah poor baby, no built-in transporter, replicator and warp drive in there yet for you? Love the dopes out there who want something extra magical that they themselves have no idea about. And if fingerprint sensors have been around (like many technologies have been and who cares?) a while it’s Apple who put one in the modern smart phone effectively first along with 64 bit and dual LED’s for photos. At this point we are probably not going to see paradigm busting smart phones like we did with the 2007 iPhone but incremental improvements going forward. The car you used back in the 70’s is still essentially today the same device whose main function gets you around, with improvements under the hood. Electrical cars being the same kind of paradigm changing improvement like the 2007 iPhone.

    7. I’m scratching my head and I don’t really know what people expect from a mobile phone-computer exactly. An iPhone that drives your car for you? An iPhone that prepares your morning coffee? An iPhone that takes the wax out of your ears each time you make a call and analyze it with inside sensor in search of infections? An iPhone that improve your breath with a spry from the home button? The iPhone is a marvel of technology, you morons. Poor of your spouses and girlfriends, they don’t give you pleasure, no matter how hard they try.

    1. Yes, however Steve Jobs was in charge of Apple at the time. Investors will have Cook’s head on a pike if Apple does not release something other than mediocre refreshes to its iPad and Mac lines later this year.

      1. BT,
        The day Tim Cook runs the company to satisfy speculators (not investors) , Apple is a dead company walking.

        Icahn was a speculator, to hell with Apple, he just wants his quick money. Big difference there.

      2. Apple did not constantly put out a new category changing product back in Steve’s time either. Critics are harder on Tim than they were on Steve because Steve would kick their ass if the garbage they are dumping on Tim was said to Steve.

        1. This still is Steve’s ‘time at Apple’ and I think we all know that. I believe it’ll be a NUMBER of years before we’re seeing anything from Apple that Steve didn’t have his hand in.

          That being said, Apple has a brilliant culture with the greatest of pedigrees. No fear here.

  2. MDN’s take is clearly that of anger, disappointment and let down. Yes, we were all hoping for more and better and WOW. We got Tim Cook. Some tweaks for the phone and a cheaper phone that isn’t really cheap and hype about the new sissy-look of the about to be launched iOS. When is everyone going to realize that the once great company isn’t going to recover its wonder until the post-Tim era.

    1. You are either a snobby hipster who hates that Apple is making something for the masses, or a Phandroid who is spreading Apple FUD. This new iPhone is going to be a hit, and you know it. Go back to rooting you ScamShame GagLazy, and putting the latest version of Linsux on it, you lazy neck beard.

  3. Looks like Steve jobs will be rolling in his grave, just because your competitors make cheap copies of the iPhone , apple shouldn’t try and make a cheap copy of its competitors. What happened to the iphone5 ? Why dump the iPhone 5 and keep the now out dated iPhone 4S! I Allways skip the iPhone s as I’m on a 2 year contract maybe when they release the iPhone 6 they might be some thing to upgrade for… Just upgrade the iOS on my iPhone 5 till then

    1. Did you actually watch the presentation or just read the headlines??? OF course you will skip the 5s as you are on a 2 year contract. Then next year when its THE THING to Have, I am sure you will begrudgingly update. PS, free update on iPhone 5,,,, did you miss that…. when was the last update on most android phones???

      Just saying.

  4. I wonder if Buffett is buying. This seems to fit the pattern wherein a stock drops despite very good fundamentals and despite Icahn’s buying in.

    I wonder if we will have another segment with Becky tsome early monday morning at the poor excuse of a business network, that goes like this “you got me Becky, I bought xxxx”. Where xxxx is apple. Then zoom apple runs 300 points and you know who cleans up.

    1. Must be all the Muslim Obama piss that everybody is sipping at Apple that is eating up their brains.

      Just sad!

      Steve Jobs away dead wrong a few things and Timmy must be one of them.

    2. Still asleep at the keyboard iron eye lid??? lol

      Not sure how well the plastic cases (steel reinforced by the way) will sell but the price is right and the power is that of the iPhone 5 so we will see.

    3. I love them … can’t wait to get one, but then i’ve been with Apple since 1978, through the up’s and down’s and have come to realize that Apple is indeed… for the REST OF US, those not willing to simply follow the latest gadget for gadget’s sake, but understand that Quality, and genuine USEFULNESS are in themselves great innovations, outlasting the useless tablet sized phones, the follow my eyes gimmicks, and all the other gotcha gimmicks on competing platforms.

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