Tim Cook sends email touting new products to Apple employees

Apple CEO Tim Cook today sent a companywide email to employees following Apple’s special media event in Cupertino which unveiled iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Here is Cook’s email, verbatim:


Today is an important day for Apple. Many of you and your coworkers have been hard at work developing the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, which are the result of incredible collaboration between hardware and software which only Apple can deliver. In the weeks and months to come, especially as we approach the holidays, our Retail teams will help millions of customers experience these amazing products for the first time. We are also thrilled to be launching iOS 7 next Wednesday.

In addition to the stunning new user interface you saw previewed at WWDC, iOS 7 has been engineered with deep integration with both iPhone 5s and 5c including advanced 64-bit technologies in iPhone 5s. iOS 7 will ship with iTunes Radio, our free Internet radio service, and we are making our mobile iLife and iWork apps available as free downloads for anyone who buys a new iOS device so they can do amazing things with their photos, videos, documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

We made these announcements in Town Hall here in Cupertino this morning. It is a small venue which limits our ability to show the keynote live across campus and to other locations as we like to do. The event is now available to stream on apple.com, so I hope you will take time to watch it. We’ve also posted a Q&A with Greg Joswiak on AppleWeb about the new products and the work behind them. I hope you are as excited about the new iPhone lineup as I am. Our teams do an incredible job taking complex, cutting-edge technology and making it simple for our customers. That’s something everyone at Apple can be proud of.


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      1. No, it wasn’t an iPhone event. It wasn’t so announced ahead of time either. No one knew for sure what was going to be announced at the event. Anything could have been announced besides the two iPhones. Duh! Talk about stupid!

      2. Wow you really are a special kind of asshole aren’t you? Because Apple NEVER releases multiple things at their events do they, Jackass.
        I’m sure you would take that very same tone if I were standing in front of you and you actually had to speak your words instead of typing them. Have a little class, if that’s possibly.

  1. Oh how sweet, talk about Macs during an iPhone announcement.

    Dude, this isn’t Mac World, they can have any number of “Town Hall” meetings throughout the year and announce new products, when they are ready…

    So today is about and only about iPhone. That’s why we didn’t see AppleTV and other iOS devices.

  2. Oh great, Tim is again whistling in the dark. I feel like in the late 80ies, when Comrade Honecker started to speak. Tim may be the right guy in the second position, but not as a CEO. Compare the presentation with even the worst one by Steve Jobs. What a difference in passion and dedication! Apple needs no bureaucrat as CEO but a visionary leader.

    I saw some of Steve Jobs’ presentations last night again, and not that he had a revolutionary product each time, but he showed anything what was new with a real passion and dedication, and he made clear why this is useful for customers. Not a distortion reality field, to say that would be much too simple, but a passion for the products and a clear vision, at least in most cases. And also he was able to self-irony and self-critics, see what he said about Mobile Me and other stuff what was not so great.

    With Tim everything always is only great, great, great. That’s so stupid when you see where Apple could have been if they had left less room for the competitors. Apple invents the modern smartphone, and Samsung now takes nearly half of the profit, that’s terrible. We have to blame Apple for that, not the mostly unfair lawsuits when it comes to Apples patents and inventions, and also not the competitors. Apple was in the best position at the beginning, and they lost for their own mistakes to rest on its laurels.

    1. What, do want to fucking resurrect Steve Jobs?

      He was unique.

      Who the fuck would you have at the helm of Apple? An asshole like Ballmer? Name one person in this world who is just like Steve Jobs, or STFU and deal with it.

      Jeezus, the goddamned whiners!

        1. No he didn’t really have any point at all (other than steve was a one of a kind genius. He was just a silly apple hating troll hanging out in his parents house surfing mac news sites making stupid comments.

          And isn’t it interesting while Steve was alive you all called him a just a marketeer and said that his only talent was peddling ordinary junk to mindless “cult members” using his “reality distortion field”
          Yet now that we have lost him, he has become an irreplaceable genius of product design in your mind. Whatever…
          So, you hang out on Apple (a company you hate) news sites and post nonsense. Im sorry dude, that is just pathetic.

      1. The problem with Tim is he is changing the wrong things.
        Steve was a marketing genius as well as a visionary.
        He put in place a number of tried and true marketing techniques. 1 keep your company in the news (Free marketing) he did this by spreading out announcements IE we usually got a new or revised product each 1/4 Now we are waiting nearly a year to get a couple of iPhones.

  3. I think this is kind of lame. He’s thrilled by the team’s collaboration to develop the 5s and 5c. Oh yeah we’re also debuting iOS 7. Wtf? He starts by addressing everyone awkwardly as “Team:” then later says that they’ve had lots of teams doing things. Are they a team or many teams? And why does it just sound like a press release? If this is an inside memo show some heart. Stop talking marketingspeak.

    Sorry, but I think this is lame. Cool to write your employees. Lame execution.

    1. This was obviously a piece written by the marketing department. I doubt Tim did more than read this and sign off on it. It’s an obvious recap and promo for the videos meant to “leak” to press. I think it is lame.

  4. My old Iphone4 is broke, I want to buy a new Iphone. but I can’t cause Iphone 5s sucks and expensive. Ios 7 is most stupid IOS. What happened to Apple. I want my Steve back. Tim Cook FY

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