Microsoft plans September 23 Surface tablet event

“Microsoft on Monday sent out invitations to a September 23 event at which it is expected to unveil new Surface tablets to challenge iPads and Android devices dominating the market,” AFP reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Big dumb monkey.

“The event to be held in New York comes as the US technology giant struggles to remain relevant as Internet age lifestyles shift from traditional computers to smartphones and tablets,” AFP reports. “Email invitations to the ‘Surface NYC event’ revealed little more than time and place details displayed over a graphic image of a Surface tablet and matching keyboard.”

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, a cryptic invite (however botched and non-cryptic it may be). How’d they think of that?

In related news, Microsoft plans to light a match 13 days after the next star goes supernova.

AFP reports, “Microsoft last month knocked $100 off the price of high-end versions of its Surface tablet, which is competing against Apple’s iPad.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Competing” in the same way Zune competed with iPod, only less so.

AFP reports, “The promotion came on the heels of shabby tablet sales that resulted in Microsoft taking a $900 million charge against fourth quarter earnings, which closed at the end of June.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rumors out of China say Ballmer will unveil the next-gen Surface tablet while simultaneously delivering the entire 2 million unit annual order directly into a Redmond landfill in order to eliminate all suspense, lock in another billion-dollar write-off for this tax year, and, by holding onto his onstage demo unit, create a one-of-a-kind eBay opportunity for himself in a quest to help fund his forced early “retirement.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jubei” for the heads up.]

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  1. Yeah… They’ll be announcing that the Surface will now be FREE! “How much would you expect to pay for this device? $400? $500? You get it absolutely free! But wait, there’s more! If you order now…”

        1. True that. Steve Ballmer is a success. He shepherded Microsoft through its last years, preserving its franchise software river of money.

          No one expected that river to change course. Riprap on the Mississippi hadn’t been able to preserve New Orleans, either. Nor dikes in Holland, or breakwaters outside Venice or Kamaishi.

          Global warming is happening, never mind the cause. Adapt or perish. Microsoft awoke from their bear-like hibernation briefly, alarmed by the sharp crack of the Ross Ice Shelf breaking off in Antarctica. They rolled over and went back to sleep.

          Windows forever. The dream of an unwitting, dying, indolent giant.

          1. It isn’t called global warming anymore. Its called climate change because, ya know, its the Earth isn’t warming anymore and hasn’t been for a decade. They like to adapt the myth to suit reality that, get this… climate CHANGES over time.

            1. You beat me to that comment! That is the 100% entire reason Ballmer exists at MS.
              We need a Tech movie version of “It’s a Wonderful Life” where we see Steve Ballmer contemplating suicide on the edge of a bridge, distraught that he’s getting ousted from Microsoft before he was ready to retire. An angel appears to him and we find out what Steve Ballmer’s life really would have been like when we go back in time and see his dorm assignment changed at the last minute by a hurried Harvard student housing staff member…

            2. Being a salesman in the early days with Microsoft meant flogging the PC makers, where they had only one choice and their exclusive contract only let them ship Windows.

              ANY salesman could have looked as good as Balmer … except he had that special relationship with Gates.

              Microsoft was basically an accidental success. CPM became DOS and instead of IBM buying it, they let MS keep it and just licensed. Stupid dumb luck and Gates’ father’s great contract work and advice made MS.

              In fact Gates’ father may have been the only reason MS controlled DOS.

  2. I suspect Ballmer’s mostly been lighting that match to his substantial volumetric farts more than anything constructive to while away the hours until retirement. Human Blowtorch. Surface will take yet another dive in the Animal House tradition of “Thank you sir may I have another??!” “WHACK!”

    1. Two things,

      1. Google is the enemy of Apple and has been for a few years now. Let’s all stop wasting our time bitching about MS. Google and their astro-turfers and paid bloggers have done as much, if not more damage than MS. They’re done. Put a fork in them.

      2. I consolidated it into one point. Sorry, see above.

      1. For a little while now, Microsoft has been the genial but creepy uncle that stared at you at family gatherings. Google has been the geeky cousin that pasted photos of you on his bedroom wall. I’ll take my chances with the uncle.

    2. Really? Cornell University pushes Dells like there is no tomorrow, if you’re staff and bitch you’re not as productive using Windoz, the IT gives you shit and denies you anything but a Dell. Of course we have that new Bill & Melinda Gates Hall that the administration has to pay back in PC sales. Between being forced to use Dells running Windoz 7 or older running things that we are told work best in old Explorer apps or outdated Firefox versions, and forced to use wonky alumni built software like PeopleSoft and Workday to run the place, we can’t get anything done efficiently here.

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