Biased CNN plays the ‘Apple is failing’ card again

“Apparently, there isn’t much real news left in the world,” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “Why else would CNN present an ill-reasoned opinion piece as a front-page news story?”

“Oh, right. Because another ‘Apple is in serious trouble’ story is always good for a few clicks,” Segall writes. “With the scent of CNN’s recent Apple-doubting articles still in the air, this link was listed among the news headlines yesterday: Apple’s innovation problem is real.”

“Unfortunately, the only reality one can take from this article is that two writers can write a more vapid article than one,” Segall writes. “Julianne Pepitone and Adrian Covert gave it their all, starting with the caption under the main photo: ‘Apple is rumored to be working on a smartwatch and an “iTV,” but they’re niche products when compared to the iPhone and iPad.'”

Segall writes, “The writers distill it down to the essence for us: ‘The problem for Apple is that the markets it’s about to jump into are all unproven.’ Indeed. Just as it was a terrible problem when Apple jumped into the horribly unproven markets for music players, smartphones and tablets.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully the CNN hit-whores aren’t taking direct payments from South Korea to publish anti-Apple FUD, but it wouldn’t surprise us if they were. A failing network whose ratings are routinely doubled, tripled, or worse by certain competitors, does what it has to do in order to survive, we guess.


  1. “Hopefully the CNN hit-whores aren’t taking direct payments from South Korea to publish anti-Apple FUD”

    I’ll fix that for you.

    “Hopefully the MDN hit-whores aren’t taking direct payments from Fox NEWS to publish pro-conservitive FUD”

      1. I’m certainly not against the BIAS MDN has. It’s pretty much right out there. But hey, the kettle can’t call the cauldron black and expect no one to notice.

      1. And now CNN has brought back the toxic ghost of “Crossfire” featuring the Living Fart known as Newt Gingrich. And hired the repugnant Zimmerman lawyer. Their credibility is now officially off life support. The media gets Apple about as well as Consumer reports does.

      2. I’ve long suspected that Limbaugh is the man behind the curtain at MDN. I think he loves Apple enough to fund the site as a little hobby. Why else would MDN place huge, Limbaugh photos anytime they reference his radio show and go on and on about how successful it is? They don’t with anybody else.

    1. CNN – The wart on TV listings world wide.

      Can’t wait to shovel dirt on their grave.
      They are one of the worst “News” networks ever but they are one of the best “Propaganda” machines these days and the viewership shows it.

    1. In the past communism was described as a political and economic system that you could only participate in. Today it’s just a word used to smear those that speak and print stories based on facts.

      Meanwhile the real “capitalists” are actively taking away people’s rights as in voting rights, abortion rights and labeling the poor as greedy lazy bastards so they can take way their benefits and give them to the rich just as Jesus preached.

      1. Full quote:

        “Meanwhile the real “capitalists” are actively taking away people’s rights as in voting rights, abortion rights and labeling the poor as greedy lazy bastards so they can take way their benefits and give them to the rich just as Jesus “preached.”

        Altered snippets to make a point:

        “… real “capitalists” are actively taking away people’s rights as in voting rights …”

        Are you referring to walking around money, buying food money, free car ride/busing money, felons and dead people voting numerous times over and over? VOTER ID LAWS once and for all will put a STOP to this illegal nonsense! But of course, D’s would get less votes every election cycle and support couched in the media minority propaganda angle as denying the most vulnerable their rights. Media once again, throws reality and fairness under the bus.

        “… real “capitalists” are actively taking away people’s abortion rights …”

        That depends on how you define abortion rights and gauge your faith in polls. With advances in computer technology we have learned lately fetuses can feel pain much earlier than previously thought. I strongly disagree this has only been coming exclusively from the so called “capitalists.” Poll after poll has shown a national shift in average voter thinking based on science and the majority of Americans oppose late term abortions for many years now. Awh, you did not know that … You really need to broaden your independent news sources and think all sides.

        “… real “capitalists” are actively taking away people’s benefits and give them to the rich just as Jesus preached.”

        I don’t know what Jesus preached on the subject. I do know the poverty numbers in the USA, the people on welfare benefits, the number of people not paying federal income taxes, the consistent high unemployment numbers dating back to 2008 and folks giving up looking for work are not counted to make someone feel good. Yet, ALL RECORD NEGATIVE NUMBERS.

        Benefits go to the rich instead? OK, prove it! Maybe one of them rich folks drove their Hummer to the welfare office and bought a lobster lunch for their case worker and a case of beer for the rest … Puh-leeze!

        1. Notice I placed “capitalist” in quotes “ “. Leaders of the republican party, ie Beck, Rush and fox news speak of “capitalism” as though it were a person or a God.

          There is no voter fraud going on. If and when some discrepancy is found, is due to poor record keeping at the city level. The states controlled by republicans have found about less than 0.5% over many years if not decades at best if anything at all. These voter ID laws are just a ploy to reduce the voting ranks of one political party. That in of itself is voter fraud.

          One doctor that happens to be anti-abortion and claims that a fetus feels pain right after inception or a few weeks after is not science, rather personal opinion based on personal beliefs, more so religious beliefs. The ridiculous provisions made on existing abortion clinics are a totalitarian over reach of republican governments. These clinics provide more than abortion services. The moment the mother gives birth and needs help because her job doesn’t pay a living wage, the republicans say sorry but we can’t help you or your child.

          Another ditto head that believes that Obama inherited 4.8% unemployment and a booming economy instead of the economic Armageddon that is was when Obama came into office. The republicans want to privatize SS and Medicare as well as cut all social programs which by the way many of their constituents use so that the funds not used can be used for tax cuts for the rich. Take from the poor and give to the rich is what the republicans will have you believe all the while claiming to be the party of God. Which God I wonder; certainly not that of the Christian bible.

          1. I’m a lifelong Independent voter and look at all sides. You clearly do not and no amount of non-partisan facts will sway your hatred for Republicans or independents. Certainly, your personal freedom.

            I’ll throw a couple facts at the wall but doubt they will stick.

            Voter fraud occurs every election since the ballot box was invented. Enforcement, intelligent mechanisms to monitor and enforce standards are always at the whims of flawed humanity and technology. Including LACK of laws like Voter ID. Even ONE illegitimate vote is too many.

            Obama inherited a recession that was a direct result of the housing reform laws passed by Clinton. Time magazine in this week’s issue a recognized columnist penned the same, surprising for a Democrat publication. Read the paper version, so no article link.

            Abortion is settled law. That said, the killing clinics make big profits and doubt they are run by Republicans, yet subsidized in some cases by taxpayers. The poster child for abortion killings for profit is the recent trial of black Democrat Gosnell:


            Not exactly national news brought to you by the
            The Pro-Abortion media. One AP article buried deep and forgotten the next day is the modus Operandi when one of their own (belief system) gone bad.

            Flip side of that coin: When a Republican goes bad the media coverage is wall to wall and could last years. Partially I fault those who buy the media BS thinking as 100% credible. I emphatically fault lazy minds, if they have one not on dogma or dope, not to question media authority and their SELECT credibility ways …

  2. If CNN’s ratings are less than Fox News, I reckon it’s because they do less of the sure-fire click-whoring than fox does (in my opinion, but I have watched many hours of both). “Nancy pelosi hates freedom” is a great sentence to drive a wedge and get people to their respective sides without saying anything substantive, much like “Apple can’t innovate”. In both cases, it removes areas of gray for only black and white, and in both cases it offers nothing new or actionable to the viewer/reader. It serves only to make people keep reading/watching because their agreement or disagreement is absolute. Shame on them both. The news in the US is an empty shell of its former self, with only a handful of actual investigative reporters/bureaus that put the story ahead of ad metrics. Pro Publica is an example of good investigative reporting, unfortunately, it’s the only one that currently comes to mind.

    1. CNN’s and Fox ratings are brought to you by the viewers. Comparing networks the majority of the audience agrees with one or the other. Bottom line: Bias. The Right bias RULES. Left bias, not so much anymore. Hence, the plummeting decline of the newspaper industry that will never reverse itself …

  3. Don’t forget Glenn Beck started on CNN. They also have had stories including the Benghazi attacks spreading wild rumors that you traditionally only hear on fox news, Beck and Rush. CNN is slowly becoming fox news. Maybe Beck may soon be able to buy a network; CNN.

    1. Beck “started” in radio at least two decades before he was on CNN; he just started his *TV* career on CNN.

      As for the “buy a network” suggestion, you should read the news as he already has one. TheBlaze was first a subscription-based network. Subscriptions topped 300,000, and the network is now carried on Dish Network.

      1. Well now i can account for 300,000 idiots in the world, and Dish can have the channel, I’ll stick to Directv.

        Anyone listening to this man’s drivel, and considering it, should have a lobotomy.

        1. Well, I have a bottle in front of me …

          Absolute partisan statements of hyper-disdain for an alternative view can miss and neglect the occasional insightful gem truth from the enemy camp.

          Believe it, or not.

      2. Well, I do read the news and dBeck was sure broken up about being denied a chance to purchase Current TV on cable because of who he is. He, Beck has also asked his followers to boycott cable and dish networks that won’t carry his show. I guess dablase was his last resort.

  4. Like I said before, take all the hits at Apple you like and see what it does for you. They’ll just buyback their shares on the dips and continue to make money hand over fist.

  5. Really. FUD is all there is to talk about? Such a waist of effort.

    Things we know are going to happen this year the can be written about:
    • New Mac Pro will be shipping soon and Made in the USA
    • New Apple server farms coming on line here and in China
    • The largest smart phone suppliers in both Japan and China will be selling iPhones
    • New iOS with new features
    • New bio-identification on Apple products and devices
    • New media options available from iTunes
    • etc.

    There are a lot of other maybe or “Just one more thing”(s) that are possible too. But instead, we get FUD. Steve Ballmer is the captain of the SS Microsoft Titanic. Would it not be great to have anyone from Apple steering the massive ship as it gets ready to take over more markets and more market share. Apple’s troops are ready but lack the directional guidance of a leader.

    Still being “patient” Tim.

  6. “Hopefully [sic] the MDN hit-whores aren’t taking direct payments from Cupertino to publish anti-everything-non-Apple FUD, but it wouldn’t surprise us if they were.”

    See how easy it is to make yourselves look like arrogant pricks? The world is short on respect, and MDN slamming anyone that interferes with its narrow fanboy narrative only underscores this fact. Try objective rebuttal instead of mud-slinging, MDN, and maybe more people will take you seriously. Not even the most rabid MDN follower would consider CNN a click-whore compared to MDN, and on anything remotely related to consumer electronics, only a blind fanboy would ever consider MDN anything BUT biased — sometimes reasonably, but often horridly myopically.

    I respect Apple more than almost any company on the planet, but MDN just undermines common reason far too often.

    1. By its very name, CNN purports to be a *news* network. MDN is a sector news aggregator focused on Apple and specifically catering to Mac fans.

      MDN does go to excess on occasion. Sometimes it is intended for humor and sometimes it is just plain dickishness. But, despite the faults of MDN, the excesses of some of the forum participants are far more disagreeable.

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