Samsung Galaxy Gear watch looks rushed, misses the mark

“The ‘Samsung Unpacked’ event should have been named ‘Samsung Unraveling,'” Rachel King writes for ZDNet.

“That’s because, based on today’s unveiling of the tech giant’s anticipated entry into the burgeoning smartwatch market, it’s clear that Samsung has dropped the ball,” King writes. “It’s also evident that Samsung doesn’t understand the wearable technology market yet either… A smartwatch (or any piece of wearable tech for that matter) shouldn’t be released just to act as an accessory to a smartphone or tablet — it should fill a void all on its own by being more mobile, cheaper, or a combination of both. The Galaxy Gear doesn’t come close to answering any of that. (Let’s not even get into how disappointing the overall clunky design is.)”

Samsung's Galaxy Gear watch accessory
Samsung’s Galaxy Gear watch accessory

King writes, “In the end, my only conclusion is that Samsung just wanted to beat Apple to the punch here. Rumors have been swirling around for months that Apple is developing what has been referred to in the media as an ‘iWatch’… But Apple hasn’t even confirmed that it is working on a smartwatch yet — and there’s no rush to do so now either.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Samsung Galaxy Gear stupidwatch.

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    1. I’m in Cupertino, and most of the reaction I’m seeing around here is just “what? Do they think anyone’s going to buy that?”

      Samsung’s trying to beat Apple to the punch with some kind of thing on the wrist. Unfortunately for them, they have no idea at all what Apple’s up to.


    2. Apple should make a game of it. Keep floating product rumors to see what crazy things they can get Samsung to produce. They could have an office pool with bonuses for the whackiest items.

    3. A really good example why ALL companies need to focus on making great products first, not beating a competitor to market. Also, confirmation that Samsung can’t innovate on its own!

      1. MacFraud, you might have a valid point, if it wasn’t for the fact that there isn’t a single person who is in any way envious of this piece of junk. It’s the equivalent of the high school jock suddenly being shown to have a really tiny dick, and all the school nerds giggling and sniggering at him, while he’s completely oblivious to it. The fact you can’t understand that shows just how mind-buggeringly stupid you actually are.

  1. This item doesn’t pass the snicker test. I’d rather see an instrument that is tied to things medical. In addition to a chronometer, a pedometer, perhaps Maps—something that measures BP, blood sugar, pulse, etc. I’m sure medical technology experts could think of a host of uses for a wearable instrument. That would open up a new field for a wristband—or at least new to me.

  2. I still can’t imagine ever wearing a watch. I hate watches and personally can’t imagine people spending a couple hundred or more on something people won’t want to wear. If Aplle isn’t just creating rumors to get other manufactures excited to make them waste their R&D dollars, I hope Apple creates something that’s out of the box, that people will actually want to wear.

  3. I am actually really looking forward to the Apple watch. I love watches when they are done right. Liquid metal with ceramic and forged by lasers.

    …..and of course integrated with Apple technology.

    1. Even though the watch in the vid is attractive and just down right neat, I still wouldn’t want one because I don’t like hardware strapped to my wrist.

      Your mileage may vary.

      For me the ONLY way Apple (or anyone else) could get me to drop $ on hardware strapped to my wrist would be to make something insanely great, unique and provide functionality that I can’t get from another device.

  4. Samsung rushed to release smart-watch because it didn’t want to be labeled a copy-cater. However, they will be redesigned when Apple release its smart-watch. Once a copy-cater is always a copy-cater.

  5. Samsung think that Apple will unveil iWatch this Sept. So they rushed it… and brainwash the cheap fAndroids that they did it first.

    This is what will happens to Samsung without Apple.

  6. Imagine that you are a Mother or Father and your 4-year old says, “Let’s play leapfrog”. Now imagine the parent is Apple and Samsung is the child, how easy will it be to leapfrog their new tech…

    Apple doesn’t have to be first, they enter a market only if they can make it better and bend it and align it to their paradigm.

    At least, they used to under Steve, we shall see how well they do it with Cook and Co.

  7. Are we sure this is not just a rumor or something:) These are truly ugly. Why would you wear one. You might as well paint the big L on your head LOSER. I a geek has would look better. Scary. Maybe they could sell to kids for 49.99

    1. Those are real. They were announced and publicly presented September 4th. There are several marketing videos at YouTube if you search for “samsung galaxy gear smartwatch IFA 2013”. Twit.TV also recorded the presentation with commentary.

  8. I’m loving the fact that Apple is “letting” Samsung release a watch first. Chances are that this will prove that Samsung can not innovate, only copy. My first impression is that the
    Samsung watch looks like the older Nano.

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