Apple schedules Chinese event for just hours after U.S. special event

“Apple Inc has invited Chinese journalists to an event in Beijing on Sept. 11, just hours after it is widely expected to unveil its newest iPhone models in the United States, Chinese media reported on Wednesday,” Reuters reports.

“The event would mark the first time that the company has held near-simultaneous briefings in the United States and in China, the world’s biggest mobile phone market,” Reuters reports. “The event has fuelled speculation that Apple may announce a long-awaited deal with China Mobile Ltd, which is the world’s biggest mobile phone company by customers and the only one of China’s big carriers that does not have an agreement with the U.S. tech giant.”

Reuters reports, “Some analysts, however, said Apple was likely to unveil a new product at the event and cut the months-long waiting time Chinese consumers have had for the latest iPhone. ‘I think the primary purpose of the event will be for a new product launch,’ said Sandy Shen, a research director with consultancy Gartner in Shanghai. ‘Though an announcement with China Mobile is possible… I won’t hold my breath.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: After more than enough calm, brace yourselves for a helluva storm!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Carl H.” for the heads up.]


  1. What if the C in the 5C is for China instead of Color? They get their own iPhone? No problem then with the cheaper phone taking sales from the flagship while greatly improving the bottom line.

    1. The C could of course be ‘China’ but I want to have this thing in the US as well.. It’s cheaper, but having a fractured product lineup like that is lame.

      Just like the original 4S meaning could be interpreted in a few different ways, so can this.


      It works.

  2. I’m getting tired of hearing of how Xiaomi’s Android smartphones are going to put Apple out of business in China. Maybe Apple can gain a little ground back and shut up some of the annoying pundits who have nothing better to do than to report about how Apple is continually losing Chinese market share to Android. Apple making a deal with China Mobile would be a breath of fresh air. It would be nice to imagine Apple selling about 5 million iPhones in China for the next few quarters.

  3. Apple will be announcing a brand new high-end iPhone in four colors via U.S. + other products. In China, Apple will release both a high-end iPhone four colors and a mid-end iPhone in seven colors + add Japan & China biggest carriers on board.

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