Irate French wine snobs warn Apple not to release ‘champagne’ iPhone 5S

“You may have heard that Apple’s considering unveiling a gold-colored iPhone early next month,” Brian Fung reports for The Washington Post. “Well, so have a bunch of irate Frenchmen, it turns out.”

“The problem isn’t that the iPhone will be gold, per se. Rather, it’s that the device could be called a light shade of ‘champagne,'” Fung reports. “And now a trade association for French wines is preemptively warning Apple against doing so.”

Fung reports, “‘We can’t say that a ‘champagne’ colour exists,’ said Charles Goamaere, legal director for the Interprofessional Committee for Champagne Wine, in an interview with French media this week. Therefore, any company wanting to use the name ‘Champagne’ would be doing so [only] to attract all the benefits that surround [the label.]’ Goamere’s trade group is among the biggest defenders of the champagne brand. If you’re a sparkling wine producer located outside of the Champagne region of France, you have to call your beverage something else.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s a color, not a drink or foodstuff.

If there’s still an issue, Apple should buy the rights to use “Champagne,” then license it back to the French sparkling wine producers of the Champagne region with a perpetual, exclusive license.

And isn’t “a bunch of irate Frenchmen” superfluous?*

*Just kidding: We love the French (mostly)!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


    1. Perhaps they’d enjoy some cheese with their whine?

      Anyhoo, It’s fairly well known that you can’t use the Champagne name if you’re creating fizzy water outside that region.

      I love that they’re up in arms though about something that hasn’t even been announced yet and could go by quite a few other names as far as color descriptors go.

      1. Maybe California and the US should demand that France give back the grape vines rootstock we sent them to rescue their wine industry when the phylloxera aphid destroyed all of their vineyards??! Perhaps they might think twice before demanding we not use Champagne to designate a color? Did they get their pantaloons in a wad about Lawrence Welk’s Champagne Music?

    2. F*ck ’em! Call it “California Sparkling Wine”!

      Keeping with the California/Mavericks theme!

      The Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys make me laugh sometimes…

          1. Funnily enough, that’s what the French say too. Maybe you do have lots in common after all.

            As for the iPhone, call the colour Shampagne. Sort of gets the point across.

          2. That’s actually “we could NOT care less,” as in “since we don’t care at all, it would not be possible to care any less.” Yes, people around the world laughs at us Americans, until it’s time for something to be defended, or paid for, or rescued. It’s interesting that those countries that call upon us LEAST for that kind of stuff are the ones who laugh at us the least (e.g., UK, Canada, Israel).

    3. I have seen items marketed as being champagne colored. I think that champagne was used in the color description for a Honda vehicle back in the mid-2000s. It is Apple who would be raising the value of that name by associating it with the iPhone.

    1. My mom had a 1969 “Champaign Gold” Ford Mustang. Are the French going to start complaining about all the burgundy red colored stuff that inundates the world? It’s a color mon amis. Oh, by the way, Earth called. It is complaining about all the people using the word “Sky” to describe their blue color.

  1. Every desperate fool wants a piece of apples cash…
    Now these idiots.. Setting the grounds..
    Wonder why they never objected to so many car companies using that color designation!

    1. That would only work of course on civilized societies that recognize the white flag, so it would be a total waste of time on the United States who have clearly demonstrated their total disregard for the white flag and won’t hesitate to massacre innocent women and children, even though they did have the white flag raised.

      1. Innocent my ass. The “innocent women” bear and raise the “innocent children” who grow up to be murdering terrorists. Fuck the women and fuck the children. Oh yeah, and fuck the French.

        1. So I guess you wouldn’t mind if we just massacred thousands of American mothers too? They all can’t be innocent since some of their kids might become criminals too, right?

          Sometimes I wonder if people just post this stuff for the shock value or do they really think this way? Scary thought, huh?

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