Apple confirms in-store iPhone trade-in program

“Apple confirmed that it is launching an in-store trade-in program nationwide through CNBC’s Jon Fortt,” Chuck Jones reports for Forbes.

“One of the benefits of an in-store program is that it should incrementally increase store traffic which is always a good situation as it increases the likelihood that the person will buy something,” Jones writes. “While some people will prefer to use the web to sell their iPhone there will be others that will want to go into a store to make sure it doesn’t get lost or pick up a new iPhone immediately.”

Jones writes, “The overall impact from Apple’s and other companies trade-in programs should incrementally help new iPhone sales as it will provide a way to monetize someone’s current iPhone and make it less expensive to upgrade.”

Much more – including comparisons of iPhone trade-in options and companies – in the full article here.

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  1. Ok, so I just got an account so I could voice my thoughts to all you who want to listen. I personally don’t like Apples trade-in program. They are just trying to make users buy there own products.

    Before Steve died, Apples marketing was a “pull” approach. People “desired” products so they sold themselves. It was either their design, or “apple-genius” that made people want the products, but not it seems to be different. Correct me if i’m wrong, but it seems Apple is using more of a “pull” approach to marketing and trying to get people using their products in different ways that I don’t think are necessarily helpful for the company.

    For example, they now have there own iPhone trade-in program, which is great, however you ONLY get in-store credit, so technically you “HAVE” to buy a Apple product or something in the store that they approve of. There is no more “choice” involved I feel like. They also might offer you a little more so you feel “oblicated” to go with them appoosed to another buyback comapany. These are all tactics to “make” their users buy their products.

    They also are stifling other’s businesses by becoming a “apple-control-freak” summarized it nicely when they said “Well you wont be able to unless you sell your iPhone elsewhere!” Its just another indication that Apple wants control!!!

    I have been seeing the prices that they are offering and they are clearly equal if not above those other buyback companies that have come into the realm like Gazelle.

    But now we are all going to feel slightly “coerced” by the Cupertino stores to “buy” and “trade-in” giving Apple ALL the complete control on the sales and distribution of its Apple IOS devices. Is this something you really want?

    NOT ME!

    1. The main problem here, Paul, is that you’re kind of a fucking idiot. You know—full retard and all. The fact that Apple is offering a program doesn’t end any other program. So if there is another program you like better, use that program. If you like your phone and don’t need a new one, don’t trade it in.

      Apparently you lack even the most modest of abilities to control the voices in your head, or to ignore the advice they give you, and you are afraid they will add “Trade in your phone at Apple, Paul” to the usual commands they are giving you, such as, “Jump out the window, Paul” and “Masturbate furiously in front of the pre-school, Paul.” None of those things are Apple’s problem.

      One question I do have is this: I bought AppleCare plus on my 4S and it has a scratch on the screen that is deep enough that it can be felt in addition to seen. Does anyone know the condition chart Apple is using for the trade in, and given the above defect would I be better off “dropping” my iPhone this week and taking it in for a $50 replacement?

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