RUMOR: T-Mobile USA schedules employee blackout dates for September 20-22; next-gen iPhones launch weekend?

“I’m hearing whispers T-Mobile is planning blackout dates between September 20th and 22nd,” David Beren reports for TmoNews.

“Like all good rumors, we should take this with the standard ‘subject to change’ warning but my sources suggest this could be iPhone-related,” Beren reports. “Their confidence is supported by the rumor mill already highlighting September 20th as a potential launch day for the next-generation iPhone 5S/5C.”

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  1. For about a month AT&T has had vacation blocked starting on the twelfth of September. The only reason there has been extended retail and customer service call center vacation blocked has been for iPhone launches!

  2. Of all the carriers, T-Mobile? I say that based on people’s past posts that they like T-Mo’s customer service but that their coverage is far from desirable… Or has that changed?

    1. Their customer service is awesome… especially if you stuck with them without their having an iPhone…

      As for coverage… it depends right? In my part of the world, i get coverage for pretty much everywhere i go that isnt in some basement or elevator.

    1. No… but wouldnt it be awesome if Apple started doing free concerts in stadiums if you bought an iPhone that day? And the only way it was free was you kept your iPhone for at least a year… if not you get a nice bill for your concert tix

    1. Who really cares what day its released… unless one needed to replace their phone that day and decided the 5S would be that phone…

      I rather wait for the “6”… altho the 5″whatever” will kick butt.

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