Is the Apple TV growing on you?

“While a figure of 13 million sales for a single product would be a huge deal for most tech companies, to Apple, that number, tallied over the six-year life of the Apple TV, means it’s still just a hobby,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “True, more than half of those sales occurred in the past year, which means that it is becoming a very popular hobby.”

“Apple remains coy about the Apple TV end game. Some choose to predict there will be a full-fledged TV set of some sort, focusing on Apple technologies and seamless integration of all your devices. Well, at least the devices that have the Apple logo on them. It remains to be seen how such a gadget would integrate with a Blu-ray player, DVR, gaming console, or a surround sound audio system,” Steinberg writes. “However, it’s clear that Apple TV is slowing getting better, at least when it comes to content offerings.”

Steinberg writes, “So this week, Apple added five more dedicated channels that include Vevo, a music video site, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Weather Channel, and Smithsonian Channel. All right, maybe not so compelling. But in June, Apple pushed out HBO Go, WatchESPN, Sky News, CrunchyRoll and Quelle. Add to that the previous offerings, including Hulu Plus, Netflix, some sports channels, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr and the Wall Street Journal. What’s more, the new apps, or channels, generally don’t require downloading a software update. They just appear the next time you access your Apple TV.”

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  1. All these services packed into that tiny box, and with the display size of the iMac, I’m willing to bet they could pull off a TV set just as thin as the iMac’s thinnest points but flat on the back instead of having the fat bump. That would be so sexy from every angle, and a beautiful showpiece. It’s already good enough to cancel mindless cable, and still getting better.

  2. Man, I love my Apple TV. I wouldn’t swap it for that craptastic Chromecast. Not even if Google paid me $99 to replace my Apple TV. I love how Apple thought of the remote control’s design in that you can feel by touch alone which button does what. And the lack of buttons festooning the control is another blessing of Apple minimalism.

    With the added Smithsonian channel, I get an education thrown in for free. What more could I ask for? Fantastic little device.

    1. I really like my TV as well.

      I have a PS3 downstairs that I might sell/trade for a second TV. The PS3 can do more, but the TV is much nicer to use for what I use it for. Netflix and accessing my media library.

  3. I’m off to deliver and install two AppleTVs to a law firm this morning. They will be located in the conference rooms. The lawyers often prepare presentations for display via MacBook Pros or iOS devices. Now the presentations will be viewable on 52″ flat screens.

    1. I did kinda the same thing TM for my daughter’s presentation at her bank…but she used her iPad through tv via the Keynote app. Came off flawlessly…of course the superb graphics were designed by yours truly.

  4. I hate to say it but adding Amazon Prime would be nice too. I do get that built into my office Panasonic plasma (my video editing monitor). This is why Apple TV with downloadable apps will be killer. I’m sure it’s coming. With the current cost of 4K/Ultra HD I can’t see Apple coming out with their own TV for at least another year or two. Frankly I hope Apple keeps Apple TV as just an add-on, capable of 4K or HD.

  5. The AppleTV is fantastic. It’s a no-brainer for the price. I use it mostly for Netflix. The new apps are good, although HBOGO sometimes does not play the selected show.
    The interface is good but with the addition of new apps the main interface is getting busy. Apple may be refining this for iOS7.
    Where Apple are going with TV is unknown. A lot with depend on the content. Partnering with TV manufacturers to put AppleTV into displays is a possibility. It could be a way to get millions of units embedded and have Apple control the interface.

    1. Ditto. Three in my house – living room, bedroom, home theater. There’s also an Airport Express in my office.

      With Apple TV, iTunes, and iRule, I have three zones of audio/video, and another zone of audio-only, with all the equipment controlled from my iPhone or iPad.

      It wasn’t that many years ago, this level of functionality would have cost as much as a car. Now it’s far cheaper, DIYers can install it, and it’s actually far more functional than the old systems.

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