Apple battles U.S. government over scope of e-books injunction

“The United States offered to ease the terms of a proposed civil injunction against Apple Inc for conspiring to raise e-book prices, but the company said the revised proposal is still designed to ‘inflict punishment’ and must be rejected,” Reuters reports.

“Apple says the government is overreaching by insisting that it hire an external monitor, let e-book retailers add hyperlinks to their own websites in their e-book apps without charge, and face limits on how it negotiates for other content including movies, music and TV shows.,” Reuters reports. “In a court filing, the U.S. Department of Justice, joined by 33 U.S. states and territories, suggested halving the length of its previously proposed injunction to five years from 10, with leave to seek as many as five one-year extensions if needed.”

Reuters reports, “In a separate court filing, Apple said the proposal for an external monitor ‘exceeds the bounds of even criminal price-fixing cases,’ and reflects an effort ‘to use this civil injunction to inflict punishment, which is impermissible.’ The company said its own proposed remedies are stringent enough, and enable it to remain ‘one of the world’s most innovative companies, while acting consistently with both the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws.’ Apple has said it is appealing from Cote’s July 10 ruling.”

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    1. The Obama administration is by far the worst presidency in my 41 years of life, he ranks as one of the worst presidents of US history. The DOJ is just one aspect of this horrendous administration, but the sad part is the public doesn’t really even care and can’t see a president past how they appear on TV. He’s a good looking guy but what a disaster.

      1. I take it you were in a coma or something during the Reagan and Bush Jr. years. I’ve got PLENTY of bones to pick with the Obama administration, but give me a break. We’ve had WAY worse presidents in your lifetime.

      2. Though his record is more like a moderate Republican (despite running under Democratic party) the Obama admins inherited quite a pile from the Bush admin. The real issue is with the right-wing teabags in the House and Senator Gridlock from Kentucky and the silliness of the record number of right-wing filibusters. The Prez can only propose, Congress disposes…

  1. Apple, why not play by their own corrupt rules. Start selling every book there is for $5. When Amazon starts to sell them at that lower price lower the price again until Amazon has to sell at such a loss that they then realize that the publishers must set the price.

    Better still pump $10 Billion into a subsidiary of Apple that looks just like Amazon. Call it Damn-azon. Let them compete and see how long Amazon lasts.

    1. Dump just $1 billion into an endowment for a non-profit Library type organization that lends/rents and sells e-books on the iTunes store for the price of royalties. Undercut Amazon and the Government by taking money out of the picture. And sell them on Android, too. Cheap books for everyone.

  2. I LOVE the fact it isn’t enough for Judge Kook to falsely convict Apple but the expectation they must grovel in her court though they know what they did and were not trying to do, the collusion thing with other publishers. So it’s galling being innocent and found guilty and then expected to embrace a single judge’s verdict and espouse to the world just how “guilty” you are. This shows justice is off the rails and veering toward the insane. Plenty of people have been exonerated after being tried and falsely found guilty so it’s disingenuous to have anyone embrace a bad verdict. Courts have to also recognize their own potential fallibility and misread of evidence. I still find it amazing they are accommodating an Amazon book monopoly instead. Like I said, insane.

  3. Guess the judge doesn’t understands that the Apple closed system is for security. What happens when you buy a book from Abe Books and turns out you bought a virus, Trojan, malware, …..

  4. This troubles me… “The company said its own proposed remedies are stringent enough,…”

    Say what?

    If you say you did nothing wrong, did nothing wrong, and intend to appeal based on the notion you did nothing wrong… then just why and what exactly are you “proposing stringent remedies” for?

      1. This judge is being a douche.

        Imagine a judge that keeps an open mind on everything and gives a fair and balanced trial… there would be no reason to be pissed off in that case. That kind of judge would be pleased to receive information from both concerned parties without preconceived notions fed to them prior as is the case here.

    1. If the judge was a flight attendant and APPLE was a passenger……the flight attendant might say you are not getting on the plane unless you agree to wear a straight jacket. Apple might ask why…since he has done nothing wrong and has already gone through security. The flight attendant might then say, “OK, no straight jacket, just handcuffs”. Apple, might then be compelled to suggest a second body search even though he has done nothing wrong.

      See how that works? Even though Apple did nothing wrong, it could still be compelled into suggesting a solution to the problem.

  5. That kind of proposition from the DOJ/GOV is basically cutting Apple right on the jugular vein. The DOJ/Judge and US Gov should he ashamed of themselves for targeting a true American success story while allowing another to monopolize the market without blinking an eye. Shame on you DOJ, Judge and US GOV!

  6. Ah yes “the governments said the Cupertino, California-based company’s continuing refusal to admit it did anything wrong warranted tough medicine.”

    Indeed I hope that when this is tossed out on appeal that this judge gets a dose of tough medicine.
    The power and control freak needs a bit of tough medicine herself.

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