Champagne gold iPhone 5S? Gold is making a comeback; now is the perfect time

“Back in 2010, 3G device sales in North America outpaced China and India by 185 million vs. 114 million. That’s when the collective taste of American consumers still mattered a lot. But in 2013, China and India will outpace North America by 256 million vs. 215 million,” Tero Kuittinen writes for BGR. “[The] smartphone market is now defined by Asian tastes. And since they love yellow gold in China, that is a good color for a phone, regardless of whether or not it’s deemed tacky by Americans.”

“This is precisely the right moment to put out a garish yellow gold phone — the zeitgeist is shifting. The 1980s don’t look so bad with the current unemployment and wage growth statistics,” Kuittinen writes. “Apple sometimes has the knack of taking a nascent trend and banking it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It won’t be garish. Champagne gold done right is not garish — and we know from the white iPhone 4 debacle that Apple, when being run correctly, will do it right or not at all.

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  1. Tastes in colors change with the times, but black in business has never yet been considered inappropriate (unlike white or other distinct colors). That being said, I’ll probably get a champagne iP5s.

  2. Ane the new iPhone will be available in slate, silver… and champagne!!
    — No thanks, it’s a little tacky. And the phone is an ‘incremental upgrade’ over my iPhone 5, so I’ll be sticking with my silver or slate 5 until the next real big thing arrives. And I’ll save money!

    Now introducing the iWatch (features, features, specs) available in slate, silver, and champagne.
    — Oooh the champagne watch is super sexy!! I’m getting one. But now my phone doesn’t match. Hello new iPhone!

    Wait… what?!? Aw, man. Curse you Apple!

  3. Samsung had this idea first; Asia is their domain, after all.

    Coming September 9th: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active One Mini Note X Ultra in exclusive Urea Gold polycarbonate !

  4. Think of the gaudy displays of what not in certain areas of Beverly Hills (if you’ve ever been there) or Glendale. Giant gold statues on the front lawns (not real gold, probably just gold plated), but it is beauty to those people. Eye of the beholder and all.

    Think of this guy:

    1. And “they”have moved into Burbank also. Not bad enough that they trashed Glendale now they have to come over the border. Some of the homes that they remodel take up the entire lot. Which normally is not very big in Burbank. Statues of lions and even a moat. Honest.

  5. A ton of women are going to buy that iPhone. Mark my words. I have friends, I can picture them with that iPhone. One in particular made me understand how much fashion matters to some people. She was really ticked when the 4s came out bitching about it not being visibly different than the 4. I explained the differences in detail, but it didn’t mater. She said very calmly, “This isn’t about processor speed, this is about fashion. If people can’t tell I have the newest iPhone, it doesn’t matter to me.”

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