Apple’s iPhone 5C is all about building share for 16:9 screen

“Will the ‘cheaper’ iPhone really be all that cheap? If not, what is the real motivation for splitting Apple traditionally unitary product line? Older-model iPhones have been the defacto ‘cheap’ iPhones in the developing world,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes.

“What is the benefit of addressing that market directly?” Kosner asks. “Increasing the market share for the taller proportion of the iPhone 5′s screen, expressed as two numbers: 16 by 9.”

Kosner writes, “The really important point about the 5C, I think, is that it will give Apple a way to defragment its user base and consolidate more and more of its app customers within the new 16:9 format of the iPhone 5… iOS developers are moving aggressively into updating their apps for iOS 7 and building new ones to take advantage of its capabilities. Getting as large a share as possible of the global market on the 16:9 format is a key step in preserving the coherence of the audience for those apps. And the sanity of developers!”

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    1. Never. Whenever it has to do with Apple, it’s always about Apple losing market share at something. Sony and Pebble have smart-watches and I’ve never heard anything about which one has most market share. I didn’t even think there was a competition for smart-watches. The first headline I see about the imminent introduction of Samsung’s smart-watch and it said “Apple iWatch to lose market share to Samsung.” These people are seriously retarded when it comes to market share.

  1. As they ramp up production, the parts get cheaper. I don’t think they can make the 5 inexpensive enough to sell at the same prices they do with the 4. The 5C makes sense from a lot of different points, but I’d have to say a 16×9 screen is pretty far down the list. Apple has been pushing devs to make their UI responsive for a while now (and make a completely separate iPad UI – Apple wants you to look at iPhone/iPad as 2 different beasts). This will become more important with whatever comes next – car screens, apple tv (please open up that SDK!!!!), watch, whatever. Xcode storyboards make it stupid simple to build for whatever size you need. Kosner has no clue.

  2. Apple has split their product line before, remember the iBook and the PowerBook? I don’t see a problem with having a cheaper phone provided that it actually has a mission to fulfill. The real question will be what is missing from that phone. I see it as an option for the Facebookers and the other social media types. I think it may very well may be the iPhone 4S without the 30 pin connector.

  3. Just gives them more flexibility hey can be latest where they need to be but can save where they don’t have to be which isn’t so flexible when you are relying on what was the cream of technology a year of so back and which may not have come down in price subsequently or at least as much as required. Plus that old bug bear ‘perception’ of having a new phone rather than one perceived as being outdated.

  4. The IphoneC is for cheap. The components will be similar to current Iphone 5 and 4s. The goal is mass produced and cheap. Apple wants to keep their margins and the need for a true Iphone Mini will now to to fruition. Apple knows they needed a product they could finally get in China to the masses. The only way they can seriously grow and maintain the margins they desire is to create a phone with lesser components. The Iphone C likely means three things Color, Cheap, China. Also it will allow Iphone lines to consolidate to the 4 inch screen without increasing cost in the Iphone 4/4s price range. I expect they will keep a 4s like phone as a lot of people still like the tiny size. The Iphone 5 I expect is going bye bye , replaced by the IphoneC. Iphone 5S will be top of the line. Again this is all about margins and volume, plastic phones are easier to make in mass. There won’t be shortages on Iphone C when its released.

  5. Meanwhile Microsoft uses 4:3 for its tablets and phones. The streak that they have of being on the wrong side of history is incredible. It’s like they’re trying to f-up.

        1. Yeah, ok, I’ll do the work for you:
          iPad: 2048×1536 = 4:3
          Mini; 1024×736 = 4:3
          iPhone5: 1136×640 is 16:9, making it the only apple device at that rez, at least that’s what the calculator on my 3:2 iPhone4 says.

  6. Think different for a minute. The C may not be the low end, but the high end. C for composite. I believe Apple has a few patents on composite, or carbon fiber manufacturing processes. It may not be cheep plastic. This could allow for the new WiFi ac and NFC. It would be very durable, and lite. Possibly water proof / resistant. Having the same guts as the 5S would make it easier to manufacture. This could allow Apple to take a giant leap over Android and Win8 phones.

    Ditching the 4 and 4S and having three 5 models makes scents . They only have to sell the Lighting adapter. This would encourage developers to make their apps 16:9 and Retina. Not only would look great on the phone, they would look good on an iPad.

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