RBC Capital ups Apple target to $525 from $475

“Analysts at RBC Capital on Thursday lifted their price target on Apple Inc. to $525 from $475, citing chatter about a possible larger buyback program and the expected new iPhone launch in September,” Sara Sjolin reports for MarketWatch

Additionally, they said the expected mid-September launch of the iPhone 5S and 5C could also drive share prices higher,” Sjolin reports. “RBC kept its outperform rating on Apple.”

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  1. Brilliant! AAPL is currently $23.50 higher than they’re guesstimate of $475, so now’s the time to raise their guess where the top will be. I wonder where they’ll move it when it crashes through $550?

  2. These mum fuckers will lower aapl target price after 10th September as iPhone 5c will affect iPhone profit margin .
    And the fingerprint scanner faces production difficulty which lower the iPhone sales estimate .
    And fewer than expected of oeople lining outside Apple store on the iPhone launch date means the iPhone demand is weaker than expected . Sales disappointed as Apple only sells 10 million iPhone 5s in 3 days when the market expects Apple can sell 15 million iPhone .

    What else ? Parts order reduced coming up ……

  3. The list is endless and an easy way to get hits on your site.

    The recurring theme is that Apple succeed with a product, stock gets pumped up, market believes the success cannot last, stock gets dragged down.

    As we have seen many times before, the market discounts Apple’s ability to grow a business after it’s initial success. Take the iPhone. Large gains were made in the smartphone segment by Apple and literally destroyed Nokia’s and RIM’s grip on the market. Copycat products come on the market and take market (but not profit) share. Now we are seeing continued growth in iPhone sales as the market matures and the more selective customers chose the iPhone over lower quality products.
    Guess what the same will happen to the iPad in 1-2 years and the stock will fluctuate as the market goes from fear over loss of market share to realization that Apple hold the profitable part of the market.

    1. In a rigged market it really doesn’t matter what Apple does or how many innovations it comes out with. It will never be enough of something. Not enough market share, not enough profit margins, not enough innovation. I don’t think there’s a company on earth that isn’t dogged by some rivals but there’s always the claim that Apple has too much competition and that rivals will always catch up to them. All Apple can really do is just continue selling products, raking in revenue and profits. It is a wealthy company and will continue to be that way, but as for the share price, I doubt it will ever reflect Apple’s true value.

      I look at a company like Priceline with a market cap of $48 billion and revenue of $5 billion a year and I wonder how can the stock be possibly worth $930 a share. What exactly are investors paying for? Apple makes about that much money just from from iTunes every year and yet all of Apple’s revenue combined isn’t even worth $500 a share. I just don’t have a clue how share price value is figured.

      1. Also with Priceline. What is the upside investors see? More sales of the same thing? They have tons of competion. I personally never use their service vs kayak others. Apple has infinite space to grow. With investors it’s perception. And of late Wall Street does not have faith in Tim cook. Should they? Apple barely advertises and seems to the public complacent about their com

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