Apple seeds iOS 7 beta 6

Aple today “released the sixth beta version of iOS 7 to developers for testing purposes,” Jordan Golson reports for MacRumors.

“The update is available as an over-the-air update to existing beta testers and it can also be downloaded via Apple’s Developer Center,” Golson reports. “The odd timing of this release — Apple traditionally releases new iOS betas to developers on Monday mornings — along with its small size, only 13.5MB on an iPhone 5, suggests that it could be some kind of urgent bug fix.”

Golson reports, “Apple notes on the iOS Developer Center that the release fixes an ‘issue with iTunes in the Cloud, where some purchases may download or play unexpected items.'”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Stop the icon cry baby BS. It’s a patch, thank you very much.

    I doubt you see any mobile OS update this frequently and on a dime… Any other system you would have to live with a crapy bug for ages until the next dot release or never see an update again.

    It goes to show you, how mature iOS is. It has such granularity.

    I played with an Android phone, as a garbage through away. For it’s entire life, there was never ever an update. Also there’s no real way to back up the thing and preserve any kind of configuration. A total waste of time. What do you expect for a piece of plastic, that costs $60 unlocked?

    Apple has done us right, they give us updates regularly for almost the entire useful device history, patches, backups that not only preserve data, but also personal settings, icon placement, folders. Everything.

    It’s perfect my friends.

    1. Totally Gollum, how many of those bitching about iOS7 actually have it. We are up t the 6th beta now and it developed at lot. Basing your judgment on out of date screenshots ?

      Have patience, these are the same people who gave the iPhone in the first place. So far, I’m impressed

    2. No tears and no fears, Golum. We see it differently.

      Some of us simply do not like the look of the most anemic, flat, unappealing icon design out of Cupertino since the 1984 Macintosh. Pastels? Thin fonts only someone that has never worn glasses, or cheaters, can read? Esoteric icons you have to study art to figure out (props to the thin words underneath or we would lost until familiarity morphs into second nature).

      But I will defend the first icon design effort on the basis SJ was on to something groundbreaking and Apple worked their magic given the birth of GUI tech — this time around — no excuses.

      When the final version is released from behind enemy lines you will certainly hear carpet bombs and shrill cries of me-too-look-like Android and Windows flat design .

      Everything else you have outlined in the new OS, absolutely Apple is on top of their game! Hope that helps. Only issue is the skinny look. Runway models, my apologies.

      Constructive criticism, folks. Relax. We have all been there including us old grizzled tavern farts … 😉

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