Why Apple TV is a cord-cutter’s gateway drug

“From the ‘not surprising, still interesting’ file: People who link their TV to the Web to the Internet say they’re more likely to stop paying for TV,” Peter Kafka reports for AllThingsD.

“This comes from a TDG Research survey,” Kafka reports, “and the top line is pretty straightforward: Broadband users with “connected TVs” — that is, anything from a “smart TV” to a TV with an Apple TV or Roku, or even a TV connected to a laptop with a cable — say they are twice as likely to cut the cord as broadband users who don’t connect their TV to the Internet.”

Kafka writes, “TDG says they spend an average of $91 a month for pay TV versus $84 for non-connected subscribers.”

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  1. With Apple TV, I have not stopped paying for TV.

    What I have stopped is paying for crap that I’m not interested in watching. I pay for what I watch and I get it commercial-free.

  2. I am a cable cutter. My TV is connected to the Internet by Apple TV and tats all I have. Hasn’t been a detriment so far. The only thing I miss is live football CFL & NFL, I’m in Canada where CFL is only on cable and haven’t been able to get US stations on my little antenna for NFL.

  3. Sorry, but unless I’m grossly mistaken, Apple TV isn’t ready for prime time. Does it contain a comprehensive listing of everything I could be watching? Does it have a dead-simple way for me to record and play back video content, and have it available on multiple TVs throughout my house?

    Personally, I can’t WAIT to cut the cord, but until there’s a solution that comes close to what DirecTV offers, I can’t make the jump. Now if Apple could create a single program guide that incorporates what I can get through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and from individual network sites, I can cut the cord. Until then, it’s just as much vaporware as the HyperLoop…

    1. Think it was yesterday that I read on here that Applejust bought a company that made a TV app that lists Hulu, Netflix and other programs.
      So guessing what your wanting is in the works.

    2. That’s the excuse someone gives when the drive around in a circle for 20 minutes wasting time and probably gas money to get a front parking spot at Walmart. Take a few minutes, from your couch no less, to scroll through iTunes, Netflix, hulu, crunchy roll, all kinds of viewing apps, saving hundreds of dollars. God forbid you work too hard looking for stuff to watch, that much exertion might make you not want to watch TV ever again.

  4. Americas obsession with cable has always puzzled me. Especially if you watch old TV shows it seems like it was some kid of obsession and the whole country was affected. Like this TV guide thing… At least in the 80’s and 90’s. That is just so stupid and so foreign for the rest of outside the US.

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