Analyst: New iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C will be the most successful product launches ever in the history of Apple

“Trip Chowdhry, the Managing Director of Equity Research at Global Equities Research, is convinced that [iPhone 5C] will set a new record for the company,” Louis Bedigian reports for Benzinga.

“‘The new iPhones will be massively successful,’ Chowdhry told Benzinga this morning. ‘This will be the most successful product launch ever in the history of Apple,'” Bedigian reports. “These are surprising words from Chowdhry, who has been very critical of Apple’s managers. He frequently criticizes Apple for failing to deliver new and innovative products on a regular basis.”

Bedigian reports, “Chowdhry said that Apple needs to have a “complete innovation equation in place” and that it is time for CEO Tim Cook to move on to other work. ‘He’s an operational guy,’ said Chowdhry. ‘I’m not saying he’s a bad guy. He should be heading up operations.’ …Chowdhry also believes that Jobs, the upcoming movie about the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, will evoke positive emotions toward Apple and its products.””

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      1. His involvement is good today but not necessarily long term. He is to say it mildly, very disruptive. He claims to be an advocate for the shareholder but that’s just a cover. Nothing wrong with making money and that’s what Carl is in it for. That’s why we all invest. But he has a track record of leaving companies in worse shape after he leaves than when he first got involved. You can bet that the folks in Cupertino were not glad to hear from Carl.

      1. One rule of thumb that I’ve used… when the stock doubles sell half your shares. That way you can’t lose (unless you count the money you didn’t make as this puppy goes through the roof). 🙂

  1. The trajectory seems to be the same as the iPod when Apple introduced the mini/shuffle/nano. Take a great product and start working up variations. Those variations eclipse the original. Here’s hoping!

  2. Bedigian had better be correct. The world has waited long enough. Too long, actually. Apple need not have waited for BB10, WinMob8, and Android 4.3 before releasing its next generation of iPhone models. That’s plural, with an ‘S’. Apple has all the resources it needs to be as nimble today as it was when it took over the mobile audio world with a comprehensive family of iPods, what takes so !@#$%^& long to see the new products, Cook?

    1. I disagree. Apple has been wildly successful precisely because their product refresh cycle was NEVER shorter than a year (with the one single exception, in 2005, when 2nd gen iPod mini was discontinued barely eight months after launch, being replaced by the iPod nano.

      The only reason iPhone is so iconic and coveted is because people know all the models (because there were only six of them in six years). There is no way Apple can make profits as it does if they were to accelerate that refresh cycle.

      Expanding the product offering, that might be a better idea. Rather than selling two- or three-year old handsets (iPhone 4, still sold by Apple, as well as carriers) came out in 2010!), it may be more attractive to the consumers to have a “new” model at the retail price of that old iPhone 4 (~ $450).

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