Ashton Kutcher on the thrill (and risk) of playing Steve Jobs

“Entrepreneurs are used to feeling like it’s ‘me against the world.’ Disbelief, doubt, skepticism, criticism — entrepreneurs face it all,” Jeff Haden writes for Inc. “So does a guy who dares to play Steve Jobs.”

“Ashton Kutcher is an actor and producer and an investor in companies like Spotify, Airbnb, Foursquare, and Uber through the A-Grade VC fund he co-founded,” Haden writes. “And he’s also playing Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, ‘JOBS.'”

Haden writes, “I talked to Kutcher about the thrill (and the risk) of portraying an iconic, often-beloved figure, what he learned about entrepreneurship from playing Steve Jobs, and some of the qualities every entrepreneur needs to be successful. Spoiler alert (always wanted to say that): He’s really smart.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. A very enjoyable read. I’ve always found Kutcher fascinating in his interviews, because you realize he’s not just the oversexed lunkhead that Michael Kelso was on That ’70s Show, or any of the other none-too-bright characters he’s portrayed over the years. The guy has depth to him.

    However, just because he has depth doesn’t mean he’s cut out for a role like this. I’ve seen mixed reactions to the film, and I’m hesitant to pay money to see it so I can judge for myself.

    1. He and ex wife, Demi, gave a anti Iraq war speech at a college… I’m fine with that, you know intelligent opposing viewpoints and all that First Amendment stuff, although, if Obama were president, Ashton and Demi would have been called racists by disagreeing with the president’s position, but I digress. Ashton’s opening statement confirms… He’s a lunkhead! Sure, an industry that overpays overhyped “talent” can make the absurd among us insanely rich, but he’s still a lunkhead nonetheless… A rich lunkhead. And now he and other Hollywood types have the money to support those in politics that create laws that will never effect them! Only in America.

  2. In the article Ashton Kutcher states:

    “When you build a great, innovative product, your shareholders will be happy. Steve didn’t try to please shareholders; he tried to please consumers and knew that would, in time, please shareholders.”

    The vultures were at bay and common sense was valued, back then. Good read.

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