Apple’s 5th-generation iPad to take after thin, light iPad mini

“The same touch-panel technology that made the iPad mini thin and light will likely feature in the next iPad, which is currently being produced by Apple Inc.’s Asian suppliers, according to people with knowledge of the matter,” Juro Osawa and Lorraine Luk report for The Wall Street Journal.

“The iPad mini, according to a teardown report by research firm IHS iSuppli, uses a film-based touch panel, which is thinner and lighter than the glass-based touch panel that the current full-size model uses,” Osawa and Luk report. “Following the iPad mini’s success, Apple plans to use the film-based touch panel in its next regular-size iPad, the people said.”

Osawa and Luk report, “Because Apple is the world’s largest vendor of tablet computers, what technologies it uses to produce iPads could have a significant impact on component suppliers. More demand for film-based touch panels is good news for manufacturers of PET films that are used to produce such panels. Japan’s Nitto Denko Corp, a major global supplier of the films, has earmarked Y90 billion for capital investment for its current fiscal year through March 2014, its largest-ever capital expenditure and up 80% from about Y50 billion it spent last fiscal year. Nitto Denko said it will use a chunk of that investment to double its output capacity for the films by the end of this fiscal year, expecting robust demand.”

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  1. Unfortunately a mildly upgraded iPad 5 with a thinner bezel, or a predictable iPad mini with retina display, or a mildly tweaked iPhone 5S will not be enough to save a post-Steve Jobs Apple. These are not even evolutionary.

      1. That is precisely the problem. Apple can’t- I mean, besides a larger screen (which the iPhone needs to compete with the Galaxy) Apple doesn’t have a new product market. They haven’t released a “revolutionary” television- and it is debatable whether that would work since people don’t upgrade their TV sets often and content providers hold influence over Apple. Again- without knowing it- you proved my very point, dumbass.

        1. Who says they need a new product market for one? just because they released the iphone and ipad within a few years of one another, you think they are suppose to create something new all the time? Ford, Chrysley, and Chevrolet have been creating the same crap for decades, and besides the 2008 auto bailout, they didn’t stray far from their profits. And People want a tv, they want a watch, they want all kinds of crap. apple never said they wanted to make it…and why make something you want them to make? apples motto isn’t to go by what the consumers say they want, its what the creators of the products say they will want. The only reason galaxy is anywhere close to competing with apple is because one company finally caught up to what apple was doing and put it on a bigger screen. and i am sure millions bought into it. its awesome that apple finally has competition, it keeps them on their toes. but a statement like “updated products wont save apple,” is just not true. These products are just starting to see their full potential…and you want apple to go ahead and create a new product which would overshadow the ones they update?

    1. I see…it is hopeless! I suppose that Apple should just give up right now?

      It seemed fairly hopeless in the mid-1990s and Apple came back from the brink to kick total ass against all odds and with nearly everyone counting the company out. After all, Microsoft had “won” the PC wars. And, now, when Apple is the preeminent consumer electronics company with several lines of top-selling devices, a growing iOS ecosystem, and roughly $150B in cash and securities, you believe that Apple cannot be saved? Which one of the myriad anonymous trolls that infest this forum are you? You must realize by now that your efforts are futile. You will be assimilated.

  2. I like Apple products. But I’m not blinded from logic and obviousness like the fanboys that parrot the same assertions here. Apple’s stock price reflects what I am saying. They can’t, and aren’t sustaining their profit growth that they had for a while.

    1. Of course Apple cannot sustain the profit growth that the company enjoyed a few years ago. That is simple math. That is not news, nor is it a reason to panic.

      AAPL is at $467 and rising after a fairly extended break in major product announcements/releases. Apple is heading into another huge product release season. We can (and generally do) disagree with you without being fanboys. Your inane parroting of the negative Apple press does not make you enlightened or logical. You are adding nothing new to the drivel that is posted elsewhere on the net.

      Damn you are so wise… Please, go ahead and short AAPL or buy Google or whatever. Just leave.

    2. Oh pun-lease it’s ok to troll (or astroturf if you are one (of the the many) paid googol or samesung shills) we welcome the target practice;-)
      (though, to make it sporting you will need to step it up a notch or two)
      But please, don’t insult our (collective) intelligence. You quite obviously don’t “like Apple” or it’s products. You are (again quite obviously) an apple hater (whether that is a vocation or an avocation doesn’t really matter)

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