Apple files for ‘Live Listen’ trademark

“On August 12, 2013, the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple’s latest trademark application for ‘Live Listen,'” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“With Apple’s iPhone event quickly approaching, Apple may be hinting that there’s another aspect to iTunes Radio that may be announced during their keynote,” Purcher reports. “Apple’s trademark filing lists two International Classes covering such matters as radio transmitters, docking stations and assistive listening.”

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  1. Could also be related to the Qualcomm chipset feature of low-power continuous voice activation, which is used in the Moto X for voice control (activated by saying “OK Google Now”)

    1. Theoretically, could, but this feature does not necessary need Qualcomm. Not many people know, but actually almost all phones can have thier microphones working even it they are off (though, obviously, not “seriously off”, when you shutdown the device or take out the battery).

      And since SoC is running in slow cycles anyway, it can be triggered to “wake up” by different types of signals; it depends on low level software.

      I am not sure that Apple will promote this “spying feature” even if they will implement it, as Motorola did. So this trademark is most probably related to iTunes Music/iRadio.

      1. Yes even if it is a voice feature I doubt Apple will use it like Motorola does. It was just an example, for context.

        Motorola’s implementation is a joke, you can wake up anyone’s Moto X, even a room full of them by saying “OK Google Now”.

          1. I’m glad I’m not the only person out here who gets tired of people who start sentences with so. Pretty much a twentysomething thing I guess. Quite annoying. Okay, really fucking annoying.

            1. I would add to the list those who raise the pitch of their voice at the end of every sentence they utter. It sounds like everything they say is a question.

  2. This is the “feature” highlighting the NSA “always on” availability. You never have to wear a bulky wire again, just go to Settings and turn on Live Listen.

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