Apple seeks sales ban on Samsung mobile devices in U.S. ITC, court cases

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit is due to decide whether to ban over two dozen Samsung mobile devices after a jury last year found that the South Korean knockoff artist infringed upon a number of Apple patents.

In the case, the jury ordered guilty Samsung to pay over $1 billion in damages, an amount that a judge reduced to $599 million, and from which Apple Inc. has yet to see a penny.

Also today, at the United States International Trade Commission (ITC), officials are set to decide whether to uphold their preliminary finding that slavish copier Samsung blatantly infringed upon Apple’s patented intellectual property. If the ITC affirms their initial verdict, it could order an import ban on Samsung’s infringing devices.


    1. It seems to me that it’s well past time that handset makers and Google stopped infringing on Apple patent designs so blatantly.

      Remember back when Apple sued Daewoo and eMachines for their trade dress infringement on the iMac with their E-Power and eOne? Apple filed both lawsuits by August of 1999. In March of 2000, Apple won both cases and a worldwide ban of the infringing products. That’s seven months…

      Apple counter-sued Motorola in October 2010 and sued Samsung in the spring of 2011. That’s over 2 years…

      I understand we are talking about different products and the inclusion of hokey BS countersuits, but WTF? The trade dress infringement seems just as clear cut as the last time rival companies attempted to rip off Apple. Only this time the patent infringers are being allowed to make a profit at Apple’s expense while the courts unreasonably drag things out. Lucy Koh should be investigated.

  1. In some ways I hope this does not go through. Not because Samsung doesn’t deserve it, but because the negative backlash from the Appleuser-yet-to-be consumers could hurt Apple.

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